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Most of us see brochures as unbound booklet quietly tucked away in racks and shelves of swanky office space waiting to be discovered. It holds succinct information about the company, product, services, or campaigns. But how to design a stunning brochure? Good brochure designs can come in many fancy folds and sizes to not just draw the attention of the passer-by, but also entice them to pick one and go through its content. On the contrary, a poorly designed brochure is like an awkward eye contact that most people prefer to avoid.

Some say that brochure is a thing of the past, now that everything is digitalized - reality says otherwise. A well-designed brochure is a proponent that supports lead-nurturing strategy. For example, when marketers meet influential members in tradeshows, the only way to stay on top of their mind is by handing out informative brochures. In doing so, it becomes easier to gain insights into each other's company, services, or products. In this article, we have listed the top tips to design a great brochure.

Top 10 Design Tips for Creating Brochures

The brochure counts as an effective persuasive tool when you part ways with people you've met in the business meeting. It helps them recall what your business is all about and may even impel to act. The qualities of a good brochure include strong authoritative voice, credible information, and educative content in the right mix. A good graphic design can further elevate a company's posture. Hence, we present some top tips to create a brochure design that will help bring the attention to your business.

  1. Ask More Questions to Know the Objective

    Questions to know objective

    Before you embark on brochure design, ask your clients a set of questions to get insights on what they want to convey through brochures. It helps to identify base objectives that will have to be reflected in the brochure content. Most clients have one common cause for wanting a new brochure - the last one didn't work. If client fishes out a list of needs, focus on capturing specific goals rather than trying to accommodate everything in the brochure.

  2. Do Not Go Overboard with Fonts

    Font overboard

    Remember not to over embellish the presentation with many fonts thrown in a typographic riot. This is one of the key brochure design tips. A brochure can appeal to masses if heading, subheading, and body share a similar font. Designers often face client requests for bespoke headline fonts that is previously unused. Occasionally clients take it upon themselves to decide the font. Here, the objective is to sync design with already established corporate identity.

  3. Choose the Right Paper Type to Materialize an Idea

    Right Paper Type to Materialize Idea

    The choice of paper is important because paper quality can impact the look and feel of each brochure. Ask your clients about their preference on paper. Some top characteristics that define paper types are thickness, opacity, and coating. If clients need durable brochures, an uncoated paper will do the job.

  4. Create a Copy to Avoid Unnecessary Rework

    Copy to Avoid Unnecessary Rework

    It is important to create a copy before upping the print volume. The importance of creating a great copy is sometimes overlooked by designers and clients alike. It's a bad practice! In advanced stages, it is essential to experiment with the copy to see if content and presentation complement one another. A copy of the brochure will go a long way to eliminate unnecessary rework on projects. It traps error that otherwise would have passed unnoticed.

  5. Designs Must Focus on End Users

    Designs Must Focus on End Users

    A brochure's journey from the design stage to marketing stage must be well thought out. In this way, some answers can be easily found. End users are most hungry for knowledge but are averse to information overload. It is important to find answers to these key questions - Is the brochure a response to a website query? Is it a giveaway at tradeshows? What will be the recipient's first impression? Is it user-friendly? By targeting audience with the right amount of information, a brochure will have fulfilled its role. So always keep end users in focus while designing a brochure.

  6. Typography and Metaphorical Content are Crowd Pullers

    Typography and Metaphorical Content

    Your brochure needs to look and feel different to get more eyeballs, right? We disagree! Simplicity is key to getting the best value. Use of clichéd statements and jargons is no longer a prevalent practice. One of the top creative tips for brochure design includes an experiment with typography cover and using metaphorical statements can do wonders in marketing because it offers a refreshing feel to end users.

  7. Conceptualize the Raw Data Using Pen and Paper

    Conceptualize the Raw Data

    One of many ways to create brochure designs is to use pen and paper to bring out the raw designs straightaway from the memory. Conceptualize features you want to see in your offerings. Build more ideas by interacting with people rather than spending weeks at a stretch only to produce a handful of concepts with a high probability of being rejected.

  8. Discard Inessential Design Elements

    Discard Inessential Design Elements

    In desperate attempts to make brochure more visible, designers tend to go overboard with outlandish designs. For instance, many designers have made regretful decisions by using identical fonts across a spectrum of projects. The onus is on those who conceptualize to understand what is essential and why certain font type is not ideal for the headline

  9. Designs Must Reflect the Purpose

    Designs Must Reflect the Purpose

    Brochure designs should ideally reflect client's business functions. Designers must keep in mind what each business does and come up with designs accordingly. In this way, it becomes easier for people to determine the right value and to know what actions can be taken. When brochure designs are inconsistent with client's business, the scope for end users to misinterpret what businesses do is much greater.

  10. Quality Image Leads to Better Experience

    Quality Image Leads to Better Experience

    A good brochure will deepen readers understanding with a right mix of text and image content. It fleshes informative value and provides a pleasurable experience to users who flick through different sections of the brochure. Stock photography is a great alternative to paid product photo shoot if the latter cannot be afforded. But ensure that no clichéd images are used because nobody likes to see the unreal grin of employees with headsets.

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