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The Game Changes!OCT 3rd
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Real Estate Video Editing for a Netherlands-based Client

Case Study on Real Estate Video Editing

Flatworld Solutions exceeded client's expectations by providing real estate video editing services with an accuracy level of more than 90%.

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a real estate company in the Netherlands. The client had 15 separate real estate video files of different views of a property. They were looking for a partner who could edit those 15 different files to create one single 10-minute video that accurately introduced people to the property.

They were looking for a company which could provide high quality video editing that would attract customers, with a design element to it that would make it appear that the videos were professionally created. Our team's rapid response to client questions, along with our experience in the field, encouraged the client to work with Flatworld Solutions.

The Challenge

This project required solutions to many different challenges. The first challenge was the quality of the videos. The videos were shot by hand, with a shaky camera and had lighting issues, all of which affected the quality of the video, and was to be addressed before the video could be cut and edited.

In addition, the client had some challenges providing details about what they required and how they envisioned the video to be. This required some guessing, and the end result did involve several discussions with the client about what they expected out of the project.

The Solution

We began with samples to determine if we were on the correct path with the project, and these samples received instant approval from the client. We then assigned one highly trained video editor to work on this project. The video editor downloaded the files via a secure FTP server.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, the video editor ensured that all unwanted footages were removed. He also stabilized the video and corrected the lighting to ensure that the properties are highlighted in the best possible manner.

The Results

Flatworld Solutions completed the project with an accuracy level of 90%, which exceeded the client's benchmark. Since then, the client has begun sending roughly 10 to 15 videos per month for editing. Flatworld Solutions was able to build long-term relationship with a recurring client and assist them with selling and exhibiting real estate.

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Professionally Edited Real Estate Videos

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer customized video editing services for clients belonging to diverse industry verticals. Real estate drone video editing is one of our latest video editing offering for realtors. Our services are delivered by industry leading video editors and color grading specialists within the promised time as per the exact client specifications.

Outsource your real estate video editing services to Flatworld Solutions now and receive high quality video editing services at affordable prices.

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