American Car Dealership Firm's Premises Recreated into an Interactive Walkthrough

Case Study on Interactive Walkthrough for a Car Dealer

Flatworld Solutions successfully created an interactive walkthrough got one of the leading American car dealership firms for their premises.

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by one of the leading car dealerships in the United States. They were looking to create a walkthrough for their premises, which the customers could use to "walk through" the property without visiting it. The walkthrough had to be ready to be featured on the website, and any other digital marketing platforms that the dealership would use in the future.

The car dealership firm found Flatworld Solutions through its corporate website. They elected us for their needs due to our past experience in creating walkthroughs and our reasonable costs.

The Problem

Although the client had already created videos and drone shots that the Flatworld Solutions team was able to review, the project required a considerable number of tasks that needed a very high level of expertise in walkthrough development. These included -

  • Collating the shots together to create a proper walkthrough
  • Filling any gaps in the video sequences
  • Creating 3D models of the fillers to integrate with the video

It required working with 4 different sets of raw materials - regular videos, drone videos, 3D models, and still images - all of which had to be stitched together in a proper way.

In addition to the scope of the work, the style also introduced many challenges. Lighting was also an issue, due to multiple angles and the media that were used. Perspectives and consistency also required ample expertise with this type of work.

The Solution

The Flatworld Solutions team assigned several highly skilled and experienced resources to work on this task. The team reviewed multiple hours of video footage, and stitched it together to achieve a proper flow. They remodeled some portions as required and matched the backgrounds for a seamless transition with the rest of the presentation.

The background of the drone footage and regular video were also erased, and a new background was introduced, which was created using Maya. The team completed stitching together the rest of the media and gave it to our quality control team which made sure that there were no factual errors or issues.

The Result

The client reported that they were highly satisfied with the results delivered by the Flatworld Solutions team. They found the pricing to be cost- effective and also reported that the final results improved the customer experience. The company was also impressed by the team's creativity, and felt that the final results had the smoothness and details they were expecting. As a result, they became a long-term client of Flatworld Solutions.

Avail World-class Interactive Walkthroughs at Flatworld

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So, if you are looking out for a skilled outsourcing company who can help you develop timely, low-cost, and high-quality walkthroughs, then please contact Flatworld Solutions team today.

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