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Be it writing a book, academic thesis, or generating content for a blog; grammatical errors and textual mistakes always find a way through. It is hard for even the most experienced writers to accurately notice all the tiny errors within a document while working on it. Such inconsistencies in grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. not only reduce the overall effectiveness of the book, but also adversely affect the writer's image.

At Flatworld Solutions, our professional proofreading services allow you to put forward your ideas in perfect English, ensuring all grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are removed from the final draft before you submit your article or book for publishing.

Our Professional Proofreading Services

At Flatworld Solutions, our goal is to deliver comprehensive and thorough proofreading and editing service for clients to add genuine value to their books, blogs, thesis, etc. Our quality guarantee further ensures that all proofread content by our expert editors and proofreaders will pass the scrutiny of major publishing houses and university boards. We provide following key proofreading services -

Website Proofreading

Be it an e-commerce web store, or a successful blog, a website is your first chance of creating a positive impression on your readers. The content on your website must be grammatically correct and error free. With the help of our proofreading services, you can not only eliminate spelling, grammar and other typographical mistakes, but also ensure all HTML markups for title and other attributes are error-free. If required, we can also check your meta tags as well.

Academic Proofreading Services

We offer academic proofreading services to students as well as academic professionals. If you are working on an important project, research thesis, conference paper or other academic documents, getting preoccupied with more important tasks leaves you with less time to focus on grammar and language, allowing errors to creep into your written documents. Time-tied, as you are, you may not always be able to correct them before your presentation. We have years of experience in proofreading academic documents and can proofread documents in short turnaround times to ensure you do not miss any deadlines.

Book Proofreading Services

Our book proofreading services have helped countless writers all over the world correct their manuscripts and successfully publish error-free books. Our expert proofreaders go through your manuscript with a fine comb, addressing formatting issues, spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation etc., ensuring that the originality, and the flow of the book is not hampered.

Apart the above mentioned services, we also provide proofreading services for the following -

  • Job Applications
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Job Advertisements
  • Essays
  • Manuals
  • Educational Books
  • Reference Books
  • Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Research Papers
  • Autobiographies and Biographies
  • Article Newsletters
  • Document Translation

Why Outsource, When You Are a Language Expert Yourself?

We observe your documents under a magnifying glass, picking and pricking at any errors that may have been too small for your eyes to notice. It is generally hard, and in many cases, also impossible to scrutinize your own documents in a way as a third-person can. When you spend a considerable amount of time framing your content, your mind gets wired into reading the content, the way you want it to read, and not the way it is actually present on the page.

As a professional online proofreading service provider, we have the experience and expertise to recognize formative and stylistic errors in a large variety of document types. We can give your documents, irrespective of what tone they bear, a polished finishing, thereby enhancing the quality of your content. Our services are not only affordable, but are delivered within fast turnaround times, ensuring perfection and precision at every stage of the proofreading process.

FWS - Bolstering Your Creativity with Impeccable Proofreading Services

Inadequately formulated sentences, woeful grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can distract even the most committed of readers, disturbing their immersion as well as decreasing their motivation to carry on reading. By employing our professional proofreading services, you can focus all your energy and attention on writing spontaneously, without worrying about unnoticed errors hindering the flow of your book.

Be it a book manuscript, academic thesis, magazine article or blog content, our highly accurate proofreading services ensure a high quality final document you can be proud of. Contact us now and benefit from our online proofreading service.

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