Animatic & Previsualization Services

Nowadays, animatics and previsualization techniques are being frequently used to understand the creative potential of a project; be it a movie, a TV spot, advertisement, etc. Previsualization is an effective tool for set planning as well as figuring out the filming angles, and simplifies the overall shooting process for both the director and the cameraman, while enabling them to save costs by avoiding reshoots.

At Flatworld solutions, our Animatic & Previsualization Services have been extensively used by our clients to preview scenes of live-action films as well as advertisements during the pre-production stage. We have been able to solidify our position as an industry leader by creating effective visuals for Hollywood productions, Advertising agencies, Event management companies, video game publishers etc.

Flatworld's Animatic Services

At FWS, our previsualization experts specialize in storyboards, illustrations, comp arts, etc., and their extensive experience ensures you can test and make any last minute modifications to your production before the final take. Our services include -

  1. Illustrated Animatics

    Creative Design

    Our 2D Animatics services and previz techniques allow you to plan and conceptualize hand-drawn illustrations in the form of a storyboard. Our animatics professionals meticulously scan and import the hand-drawn illustrations into relevant software such as Final Cut Pro, whereupon time-stamps, sound effects and even dialogue recordings are added as per the client's request.

    With our help, your director, editor and the crew receive a common reference point to work from, while accurately timing the illustrated animation to your desired sound effects, and deciding the duration of each cut. Based upon your requirement, we can also superimpose illustrated characters on moving, 3D backgrounds for a sense of scale while creating the animatic.

  2. Photomatic Previsualization

    Creative Design

    If you are looking for advertising test spots, celebrity spots, etc., our Photomatics services can help you superimpose digital photographs of figures and actors with animation on custom-developed digital backgrounds. The end result is a good looking, affordable, a fully working draft that can then be approved for the final commercial.

    With an extensive experience in Storyboarding services, our team can easily source stock images or shoot fresh ones in order to create the animatic as per your specifications. Our photo composite animations are highly photorealistic, and can help you build intricate films normally beyond regular test film budgets.

  3. Animatics for 3D Animation

    Creative Design

    With the exponential increase in the use of CGI in movies, television, and even commercials, 3D animatics and previsualization are now considered even more important since most of the CGI generated content present in the final film frames often don't exist during principal photography.

    Our 3D animatic experts offer a flexible, time-saving approach to 3D animation and are experts at software such as MotionBuilder, Autodesk Maya, etc. which help them create professional animatics in a 360 degree 3D environment. If you have a requirement for accurate and life-like facial and motion capturing, as well as creating photorealistic backgrounds, we can help.

Benefits of Outsourcing Animatic & Previsualization Services to Flatworld Solutions

Our animatics services allows directors to experiment with various staging, camera placement, and lighting options, while taking care of all post-editing and stage direction tasks while saving costs. By outsourcing to us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Ability to conserve resources and time during initial conceptualization of your production
  • Discover and find workarounds for potential challenges before equipment load-in
  • Custom semi and full automatic previsualization services which are tailored to your needs
  • Receive a natural looking render of your artistic vision, while communicating effectively with the crew members before the final production begins
  • A high-quality output with strict adherence to ISO quality standards ensures you never have to worry about animatic production standards
  • Use of high-end software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, etc. ensure a polished final render
  • A one stop shop for all your animation and storyboarding needs ensure all work is completed in-house and within the required turnaround times
  • More time to make necessary modifications while our experienced animation professionals take care of staging, blocking, timing, voiceover syncing, and the overall flow of the animation

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For over 20 years, Flatworld Solutions has made a name for itself by providing world-class animation services for big-budget Hollywood productions, national advertising campaigns and even small-scale TV spots for local and municipal elections. Our passion for delivering only the best possible result for our clients have resulted in more than 18,000+ happy customers.

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