Real Estate Drone Video Editing Services

It is important for real estate brokers and agencies to have appealing photos and videos in their websites in order to capture the attention of potential buyers. It is essential to edit your raw footage in order to get a refined and attractive video that can capture buyers' attention. By outsourcing your video editing requirements offshore, you can reduce your in-house cost and receive video editing services at affordable prices.

Drone Videography for Your Real Estate Sales

Drone videography is one of the newest and most effective trends in real estate marketing and advertising. With aerial videography, real estate brokers and agents capture stunning video that gives prospective buyers and renters a chance to get a realistic visualization of the property as if they were already there.

Yet this type of aerial videography is often rough in appearance, and in some cases may not be of the quality that you want. Read a well-researched article on 10 tips to enhance your drone videography skills. Real estate drone video editing services form Flatworld Solutions aim at editing your raw drone footages so that you can have the perfect aerial video needed to make a successful impression in front of your clients.

Real Estate Drone Video Editing Services We Offer

Our team has access to the latest software licenses for video editing, and has the capabilities and infrastructure necessary to make sure your video is edited exactly as you want it. Our real estate drone video editing services include:

  • Sequencing the Shots - We'll take the raw footage and make sure that the sequencing makes sense to attract buyers
  • Removing Unwanted Footage - With so much video data, we'll go through each piece and make sure that all of the excess, unnecessary footage is removed, with only the best footage remaining
  • Stabilizing Aerial Footage - Drone videos can be shaky at times. We'll make sure that it is perfectly stabilized, so that each shot looks smooth, clean, and professional
  • Video Noise Removal - Not all drones offer high quality video. We'll go through the drone video to edit out the noise and create a cleaner appearance, including removal of defective pixels and other issues that may affect the video quality
  • Color Adjustments and Corrections - We can make your video brighter and more lively, or edit color as needed to show the quality of the property
  • Adding Special Effects - If you want subtitles, music and sounds, or other video editing effects, we'll make sure they are added exactly to your specifications

With a team that has years of video editing experience and regular training, we're confident that whatever real estate drone video edits you need to the video will be made possible by our team here at Flatworld Solutions.

Why Flatworld Solutions?

Flatworld Solutions has been offering affordable and high-quality video editing services for over a decade. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a highly skilled team of drone video editing and real estate video editing experts, each of whom is trained on the most up-to-date editing and imaging software.

We cater our service to real estate agents, brokers, and those in the field, with clients all over the world. We have a thorough understanding of what it takes to attract potential buyers, and can turn any raw footage into a spectacular video.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Video Drone Editing to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is the leading choice for real estate agents, brokers, and more that are interested in drone video editing. Our team makes the entire video editing process easy. Simply send us your video in any format through either and FTP, VPN, or cloud based file transfer system (we can help you determine the best option for you), and our team will immediately go to work, editing according to the specifications we discussed during the planning process.

Once completed, the file will be converted into the format of your choosing, and you and your team can post it anywhere you please. We offer our clients following advantages that make us a better choice than the competition:

  • Expert Video Editors - Our video editors make it our goal to understand the exact nature of our client's requirements to every detail, and have experience with advanced video editing software that allows us to make even complex edits to your aerial video
  • Exceptional Infrastructure - Our teams are given high resolution monitors, both Mac and PC access, high speed internet, and more. We also have a management system in place that keeps everyone on task, with multiple checks for accuracy
  • Superior Quality Service - We adhere to ISO standards with strict oversight and quality checks throughout the process by a trained Quality Assurance team. We also do not consider the project completed until you have approved it to your standards
  • Latest Software - All software uses the latest version, legally acquired and frequently updated. If any new software comes out that we think we will be useful for our team, we add it to our computers and train our team on it. Current real estate drone video editing software includes Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius Pro, and Final Cut Pro
  • Data Security - We consider data security to be one of our highest priorities. We use only FTP or VPN for file transfers, perform backups of all the data, and give high priority to organization that allow us to monitor data security all day, every day - including holidays
  • Swift Turnaround - Often we can complete your project in less than 48 hours, and will always meet your preferred delivery time. We'll also be upfront about our estimates, and make sure that the timeframe matches your expectations

Outsource Your Unique Drone Video Editing Requirements to Experts

Flatworld Solutions is ready to be your partner in your real estate video and image editing needs, and our experience with drone video allows us to offer a service that few companies can offer. With our affordable pricing and customization options, there is no better partner for your real estate video needs.

Read our case study to learn how we achieved 98% accuracy while editing drone-captured videos for a European real estate client.

If you want to learn more about this service, and other services we offer real estate agents, brokers, and more, contact us today, and find out all about our affordable pricing structure and cost effective solutions.

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Real Estate Drone Video Editing Services FAQs

  • How much does drone footage cost in real estate?

    If you hire a professional to take real estate drone photography for you, you will most likely pay between $300 and $1,000, not including the editing.

  • What is the best drone for real estate?

    One of the best and most trusted drones for taking real estate footage is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.