Case Study on Audio Speaker Catalog Design

Audio Speaker Catalog Design Case Study

Flatworld Solutions successfully designed a catalog of audio speakers for a Hong Kong-based client in just 24 hours!

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a Hong Kong based company which offered a complete suite of sourcing and branding services, including brand licensing, prototyping, product design, mass production, and more. The company had a client of their own who dealt with the manufacture of audio speakers. The aforementioned client had an immediate requirement for designers and creative experts who could assist in designing a catalog for their speakers, which would also include the following features:

  • A New Logo
  • Packaging Design
  • Custom Catalog Design

The catalog was their most important requirement, but as a part of the project, they also required expert logo designing and packaging to complement their brand. The company was looking for a partner that could not only complete the catalog design, but could do so within 24 hours.

The Challenge

With only 24 hours to complete the catalog design, time was in short supply. In addition, language barriers between the client and our designers required extra time to analyze all of the project requirements. The client had trouble explaining the project to Flatworld Solutions in its entirety, opening the door for potential missing instructions.

Flatworld Solutions had only an image frame to use as a reference for the catalog.

The Solution

Upon careful consideration, we decided to dedicate three resources to the project. The team then sent out a full list of details and requirements that could ensure 100% accuracy for the catalog, while also providing relevant instructions and explanations for each requirement. The client responded with all of the requirements that Flatworld Solutions needed to move forward on, whereupon the team decided to proceed ahead with the project.

The Results

Using some of the most well-known design software, including CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop, Flatworld Solutions was able to successfully complete the project within the requested 24 hour timeframe. We achieved an overall accuracy of 96% - well within the client's benchmark. They were also pleased with both the logo design and the product packaging design.

Overall, the client was extremely satisfied with the quality of work provided by our team, and immediately assigned more work to us. They remain a partner of our company till today, and occasionally refer other clients as well.

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At Flatworld, we set ourselves apart from the rest by providing design services which actually help to push your message and your brand across in the best possible light. All our designs are unique, and their originality ensures better recollection amongst your clients.

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