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How much does it cost to edit podcasts? It costs you several hours of your time leading to unnecessary delays to your deadlines. Do you aspire to deliver quality content to your audience but do not have the bandwidth to weed out every unwanted sneeze or pause? Let someone else add your ID3 tags and bumpers, adjust the multi-cum effects, and write the show notes.

Outsourcing podcasting editing services could be a big boost to your workflow. It leaves you more time for producing podcasts and distributing them through the right channels. Partner with a global outsourcing service provider to save up to 60% on costs. Leverage the time zone advantage to jump up your turnaround time. Ensure profitability by avoiding expenditure on infrastructure and software subscriptions. Contact us today to find out about our flexible pricing modules. Choose between our FTEs, part-time executives, or hourly billing process to further maximize cost optimization.

Our Professional Podcast Editing Services

Our 100% accurate podcast editing solutions are specifically designed for our clients across the USA and Europe. By outsourcing to remote and financially viable locations, our clients can exploit more cost-containment opportunities. Our services include -

Audio Podcast Editing Services

Audio Podcast Editing Services

We enhance the quality, clarity, and overall production value of podcast episodes. Our services include removing background noise, adjusting audio levels, adding intros/outros, and optimizing the overall sound quality.

Video Podcast Editing Services

Video Podcast Editing Services

Our video podcast editing services involve editing and refining video content for podcast episodes. We trim and merge videos, add captions, and enhance visuals while ensuring seamless transitions.

Interview Podcast Editing Services

Interview Podcast Editing Services

We focus on editing and refining podcast episodes that involve interviews with guests. We remove the unwanted parts, improve the audio quality, adjust the pacing, and add background music or effects.

Panel Podcast Editing Services

Panel Podcast Editing Services

Our panel podcast editing services involve editing and refining podcast episodes that feature multiple hosts or participants discussing various topics. We help create dynamic and cohesive discussions, facilitating effective communication, audience retention, and a professional podcasting experience.

Narrative Podcast Editing Services

Narrative Podcast Editing Services

Our services include sequencing, adding sound effects, adjusting pacing, and ensuring a cohesive narrative flow. It benefits our clients by creating compelling and immersive storytelling experiences, capturing listeners' attention, and effectively conveying narratives or brand stories.

Multi-Host Podcast Editing Services

Multi-Host Podcast Editing Services

Multi-host podcast editing services involve editing and refining podcast episodes that feature multiple hosts or co-hosts. We balance audio levels, remove overlapping dialogues, improve the overall sound quality, and add intro/outro segments.

Commentary Podcast Editing Services

Commentary Podcast Editing Services

We help enhance the audio clarity, remove unwanted segments, add relevant references, and improve the overall coherence. Our commentary podcast editing helps our clients deliver insightful and thought-provoking discussions, establish industry expertise, and engage listeners with valuable commentary.

Enterprise Podcasting Services

Enterprise Podcasting Services

Our enterprise podcasting services encompass comprehensive podcast production and management solutions tailored for businesses. It includes services like content planning, scriptwriting, recording, editing, distribution, and analytics.

Specialized Podcast Editing Services We Offer

By leveraging our specialized podcast editing services, businesses can create professional and captivating podcast episodes, engage their audience, and establish a strong brand presence in the podcasting landscape. Our offerings include -


Full Production Editing

Our full production editing services span the entire content creation process. Our experts and consultants insert themselves into the podcast planning and scheduling services. We promote your podcasts to find the right guests, help write your questions or monologues, and edit the final file.


Technical Editing

We handle the postproduction pieces including audio editing and video editing. We take care of voiceovers, show notes, and transcriptions too. Our technical editors do not get involved in the content creation process.


Setup and Launch

At this level, we help you set up a podcast from scratch. We create the cover art for your podcast, configure your RSS feed, and submit your shows to podcast directories. If required, we can also help you create the content for your podcasts.

Our Podcast Editing Services Process Flow


Receiving Files in the Analog Format

We accept analog or digital files containing the recorded podcast.


Cleaning the Analogue Tapes

The file will be analyzed and subjected to preliminary cleansing to get it to a workable state.


Audio Editing

If the files are not digitized, we will convert them into digital format and edit them using proprietary audio tools.


Soundtrack Pro

We use soundtrack pro to analyze the edited audio closely and to remove unwanted details.


Quality Check

The edited podcast files get evaluated by audio engineers and quality control experts.


Final Format

We export the file in 32-bit AIFF format at 44.1 kHz to ensure an HQ output. We deliver the final files in the audio in the format of your choice.


Confidential Sharing

The edited files are shared securely via SFTP so you can download them easily.

Why Choose Us as Your Podcast Editing Company?

We use cutting-edge EQ and other processing tools to bring out the best in your podcasts. We have a rich domain experience catering to clients across industries and time zones. The key indicators of our services include -

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

We use Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Edius Pro, and other online video editing software to deliver transformative results.

Get access to high-quality audio solutions with our professional-grade services that include everything from basic editing to advanced alterations.

From animated story cards to 3D previz services, we offer a variety of solutions to global clients. Contact us to improve the customer experience at every step.

Our motion graphics design artists turn your ideas into compelling visuals and help you economize time, resources, and top-notch infrastructure.

Client Success Stories


Audio Speaker Catalog Designed

Our expert designers helped create a high-quality catalog for Audio speakers for a Hong Kong-based client.

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Wedding Video Editing Performed for an Australian Client

Flatworld professionally edited a large number of wedding videos for a leading Australian client.

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Success Stories

Outsource Podcast Editing Services to Flatworld Solutions

Over two decades, our podcast outsourcing services have helped clients increase operational efficiency by offloading time-consuming tasks to our experts. Our editors ensure that episodes are edited and published promptly, without any compromises on quality. The benefits of partnering with us include -


Up to 60% cost savings


12-24 hour turnaround time


Access to specialized experts


Zero investment in infrastructure


Rapid scalability

We offer a wide range of services to global clients. Call us now for a free trial.

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Once you have decided to outsource your requirement, choosing a service provider is simple. Ideally, you should go for a global outsourcing partner for two reasons: benefit from time zone advantage and offshore to cost-effective locations. Secondly, check the company's credentials, years of industry experience, client testimonials, and other details.

There are numerous benefits to choosing a globally reputed podcast editing services company. Such companies are reliable, and owing to multiple delivery centers, they offer quicker TATs. Other benefits of outsourcing include maximum cost savings and higher scalability.

Podcast editing pricing depends on several factors. Do you want full-range editing or quick technical detailing? Are you partnering with a local or global service provider? Does your service provider offer various pricing models to suit your business needs? Call up your service provider and request a free quote to get an exact idea!

As a company, we have 22 years of experience catering to clients across the USA and Europe. Every editor in our team has at least 2+ years of experience, specifically with podcast editing!

Avail best-in-class services at affordable rates

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Service distributorship and Marketing partner roles are available in select countries. If you have a local sales team or are a person of influence in key areas of outsourcing, it's time to engage fruitfully to ensure long term financial benefits. Currently business partnerships are open for Photo Editing, Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, 2D and 3D Animation, Video Editing, CAD Engineering Design and Virtual Walkthroughs.

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