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Visual marketing has been used by marketers for a long time now, and many companies use this technique for their product marketing requirements. Thus, increasing number of graphic designers are being hired today to cater to this massive demand. It is important that graphic designers of today are capable of creating designs which are new and trendy. It is also a key to be skilled in some of the latest graphic designing tools and technologies in order to stay ahead of their competitors.

In spite of the massive demand, the work of a graphic designer is not easy. They have to come up new and innovative designs for their work on a daily basis. But often times, graphic designers are faced with situations where they are unable to think of any kind of new design ideas, owing to excess workload or similar work patterns. In such situations, it is always good to go through some of the many resources available online for inspiration. This helps in getting the thought process started and inspiring the designers to think of better designs.

Top 50 Graphic Design Resources That are Sure to Inspire Designers

Graphic designers are always on the lookout to develop new designs which can be incorporated in their work. It is not always easy to sit down and think of a new design day in and day out. To make things easy, we have listed some of the best graphic design resources and top websites for designers which can provide adequate inspiration to create magnificent designs -

  1. GraphicBurger

    This is one of the top sites for designers who are looking for an inspiration in their work, and is one of the largest websites for design freebies. One can also download UI kits, mockups, backgrounds, text effects, etc.

  2. Fribbble

    This is a website for curated design freebies from one of the biggest online community for designers called Dribbble.

  3. Premium Pixels

    This website has a large collection of free design resources for graphic designers, right from icons to mockups and various other useful templates.

  4. Sketchapp TV

    This resource website provides a huge collection Sketch 3 design resources for designers. There is an option to choose from free as well as premium UX and UI resources.

  5. Freebiesbug

    This is a web design blog which curates some of the best high-quality design resources for designers.

  6. Pixeden

    The main focus of this graphic design resource website is on icons, prints, vectors, and other graphic resources.

  7. Pixel Buddha

    This graphic design website has a huge collection of premium and free design resources.

  8. Brusheezy

    This website has a collection of Photoshop patterns, brushes, and textures. Also resources such as print mockups, fonts, etc. are available as well.

  9. Blue Graphic

    This website provides graphic designers with a large collection of free icons, flags, maps, logos, etc.

  10. Pixels Market

    This design website shares freebies on a daily basis. People can also find free cover photos for your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  11. Icon Deposit

    All the icons in this website are designed and submitted by some of the top designers of the world.

  12. Zippy Pixels

    This website has a large collection of premium design content but also has a section where designs are available for free.

  13. UI Space

    This is one of the best places for designers and design enthusiasts and has a huge collection of free designs.

  14. PSD Repo

    This is another popular design website which is sure to inspire graphic designers across the globe with a huge collection of PSD files and other Photoshop resources.

  15. Designer Mill

    This is a design website which is a great platform for designers to share and get feedback on their designs.

  16. Subtle Patterns

    This website has a large amount of resources in the form of design patterns and textures for both beginner and professional designers.

  17. 365PSD

    This website has an extensive collection of freebie designs which includes mockups, icons, UI kits, logos, buttons, etc.

  18. Free Design Resources

    This is one of the most valuable resource websites and has a large collection of design resources with over 5 million downloads.

  19. Ten Paces and Draw

    This is one of the top sites for graphic designs and is a platform for illustrators to collaborate with others. It also features some fun weekly design challenges to keep your talents sharp.

  20. Wireframe is a platform which allows designers across the globe to create simple wireframes for mobile apps and websites.

  21. Agile Designers

    This website is updated with design resources on a daily basis. This includes design freebies, tutorials, etc. for designers around the world to use and develop.

  22. WordPress Remote

    This tool helps designers to keep track of multiple WordPress websites from one place.

  23. SlabText

    This is a jQuery website which helps designers to create responsive headlines. The text used will automatically fit into changing viewport sizes, thereby allowing for better flexibility.

  24. Behance

    This is one of the most influential websites for designers in the world today. Designers use this website to design and share their work, illustrations, and photography, amongst other creative sources.

  25. It's Nice That

    This is a unique design blog which shares news and updates of the online art world. This can be very beneficial to designers who are looking for new and trendy designs but don't know where to search.

  26. Design Sponge

    This website is a graphic design resource which mainly focuses on interior designs, crafts, and inspires people from different fields and design backgrounds.

  27. NOTCOT

    This is another unique website which shares some of the unconventional designs and concepts for designers to be inspired from.

  28. Designspiration

    This website is similar to Pinterest and allows designers to create a profile and share their work with the designing community.

  29. Swissmiss

    This is a website run by Swiss designers which focuses on clever and innovative designs for designers from across the globe to be inspired from.

  30. Inspiration Grid

    This is one of the more technologically-inspired websites which showcases works from top designers, photographers and illustrators in a beautiful web design.

  31. How Design

    This platform mainly deals with design education. This resource has a large collection of tutorials, business tips, and career guides.

  32. FormFiftyFive

    This website is run by a community of designers and coders and is of great help to amateur designers with its photo essays and interviews, amongst other helpful tools.

  33. The Design Blog

    Run by a famous graphic designer, this resource website showcases some of the latest design trends which are sure to inspire upcoming designers.

  34. Little Big Details

    This design resource blog is very helpful for designers. This mainly focuses on digital design flourishes that can help to make your designs great.

  35. Hi-Fructose

    This is an online magazine website which focuses on sharing works by famous designers and inspires new designers to create great designs.

  36. Paper

    This is a design resource center which is made for the iPad and lets you draw, write, and mix colors in your designs.

  37. CoderWall

    This is a one stop shop for designers who want to develop and share coding knowledge, get feedback, and get answers to their programming answers.

  38. Lost Type Co-op

    This is a design website which lists a large number of fonts which can be used by designers in their work and also inspire them to create new ones.


    This is one of the most popular graphic design resource website. It showcases the works of designers in the field of contemporary art.

  40. Juxtapoz

    This is an online magazine which shares some of the best paintings, street art, photographs, etc. from talents across the globe.

  41. Dribbble

    This is one of the most popular design community's and promotes, shares, and discovers new work from designers across the globe.


    This design website allows one to share artwork and animations from around the world. This is sure to ignite the creative side of you.

  43. Pitch Design Union

    Created by a well-known designer to showcase her own work, today this website shares insightful news and updates for the designing community worldwide.

  44. Abduzeedo

    This design website shares the best works of designers and also articles about photography, design, digital interfaces, architecture, etc.

  45. Graphics Fuel

    This is a design blog which displays a variety of design resources which are available to designers for free, allowing them to freely use them in their own creations.

  46. PSD Freebies

    This website has a huge collection of free design resources which include icons, logos, mockups, print and web templates, etc.

  47. Bittbox

    This is another popular free design resource website which provides a large set of resources for design including brushes, vectors, tutorials, etc.

  48. You The Designer

    This is a popular design website which shares articles on design and photography and can prove to be extremely beneficial for designers.

  49. Web Designer Wall

    This is a very well-known website which is a must have for all designers across the globe, especially web designers.

  50. Design Float

    This is one of the most popular websites among designers, and is famous for its quirky, interesting design. Many designers use this website daily to keep in touch with the latest in the design community, share and download resources, etc.

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