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When you need digital images for high-quality output, you simply cannot use images that can get pixelated or blurred when scaled to different sizes. Raster, JPEG, or PNG file formats usually do not provide the desired results when image sharpness is indispensable. Vectorization of an image makes sure that it maintains the true curves and crispness, even when the image is blown up infinitely. By converting images to vector graphics, designers are able to easily move, scale, rotate, stretch, skew, or fill colors or backgrounds as needed, without any loss of image quality

Flatworld Solutions is one such creative service providing company who can help you with all your image vectorization requests. We have a skilled team of image editors and creative designers who can help you with all your requirements within a quick turnaround time.

Achieve Maximum Print Quality with Flatworld's Image to Vector Conversion Services

Flatworld Solutions has the skills and the technology needed to convert any kind of image into a vector format. We have been providing illustration and creative services for over 20 years and have the expertise to help you get the best results from your designs. Our image to vector conversion services have been utilized by thousands of our clients for the purpose of: billboard or banner printing, vehicle wrap printing, vinyl printing, extra-large format printing, cut-outs for advertising and events, marketing materials, logo printing, t-shirt printing, architectural drawings, CAD drawings, jewelry designing, and much more. Many graphic designers, advertising agencies, web designers, artists, and digital printing companies trust Flatworld Solutions to convert images to vector graphics.

We utilize a mix of automated and manual vectorization techniques using the most advanced tools available in the market today. We manually trace every image to make sure that superior quality is maintained during the vectorization process.

  1. Flatworld's Image to Vector Conversion Services

    Having been in the industry for over a decade now, we have the required skills and experience to provide a series of services. We offer a range of services to convert images to vector graphics. These include -

    1. Raster Image to Vector Conversion

      Raster files are often used for printing purposes and hence, graphics and images are saved in that format. But these files are not suitable for alterations, as any change in dimensions can result in a pixelated image. During our raster image to vector conversion, we manually trace every pixel that is a part of that image while retaining maximum graphic quality.

    2. Bitmap to Vector Conversion

      Bitmap images are most commonly found in the digital world but they are not suitable when it comes to printing. We have vast experience of working with very low-resolution bitmap images, artworks, illustrations, designs, paintings, etc. and converting them into high-quality expandable vector images.

    3. JPEG to Vector Conversion

      JPEG or JPG format is widely used format for storing images and most of our clients come to us for JPG to vector conversion. When JPEG images are needed for commercial purpose or for printing and publishing, they might not generate the best results. With our JPEG to vector conversion services, our clients are assured of superior output each time

    4. Scanned Images to Vector Conversion

      When documents or images are scanned they become inept for printing. They need to be transformed into vector format in order to achieve high-quality print output. We take any kind of scanned images and convert the whole or the elements of the file into vector graphics

    5. Sketches to Vector Conversion
      Artists, graphic designers, jewelry designers, architects often create sketches that need vectorization. We can help you generate sharp, colorful, and highly editable vector images from your sketches.
    6. Logo to Vector Conversion
      Logos, clipart, cartoons need to be converted into vector format images with a transparent background so that they can be used easily for printing and other digital uses. We ensure that the crispness of the logos and exact colors are maintained while converting them into vector format
    7. Photo to Vector Conversion
      Designers often need real-world photos to be converted into vector format so that they can use it for graphic illustration purposes. We can convert photos into vector format and provide you with either a line drawing or complete colored picture with various image effects
    8. Bulk Image to Vector Conversions
      Media agencies, advertising agencies, and design companies often come to us when they need bulk quantities of images to be vectorized quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

    File Formats We Work On

    We readily take files in any resolution/DPI, size or format and convert them into powerful vector images. You can send us images in BMP, JPEG, IMG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PCX, PICT, PNG, or even Word format. Our experts will convert them into accurate, editable, and printable vector files and provide them to you in formats of your choice like PDF, EPS, AI, SVG, CDR, etc. We can also provide printable versions of your artworks in the size and resolution of your choice

Why Choose Flatworld for Outsourcing Image to Vector Conversion Services?

We are a leading provider of creative design services to global clients for over a decade now. Some of the reasons for you to choose us include -

Tools We Leverage

We first analyze your image and then detect the most appropriate tool for vectorizing it. After selecting the tool, our experts manually trace each pixel, shape, and curve in true colors to generate superior quality results. Some of the popular tools we use for vector conversion include -

Adobe IllustratorCorelDrawEasy TraceFREEHAND MX

Outsource Image to Vector Conversion Services to Us

With Flatworld Solutions, you get a team of experienced illustrators who understand your requirements and ensure that you receive high-quality results on time and within budget. Having been in the industry for so long, we have gained enough experience to cater to any of the clients' needs. We make use of some of the latest tools and technologies and ensure that we deliver only the best results. Read the case study to learn how Flatworld Solutions Provided Vector Artworks to Minnesota Sticker Manufacturer. Contact us to get pixel perfect vector images each time.

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