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If you are looking for professional audio editing services at a cost-competitive price, outsource audio cutting services to Flatworld Solutions. We are a pioneer in outsourcing and have expertise in the field of audio editing.

When you outsource to Flatworld Solutions you can be assured of accurate transcription. Just send us your audio files and get access to the best in audio editing services.

Why outsource digital audio editing solutions?

Outsourcing audio editing solutions would be one of the least thought about in any organization, but it pays to outsource services like audio editing and audio cutting, because of the following reasons:

  • High cost involved in procuring the equipments
  • Time needed to professionally edit a small tape
  • Getting access to quality audio editing services

Why outsource digital audio editing services to Flatworld Solution?

  • 3 hours of an audio track can be delivered in just 24 hours. Note, the TAT strictly depends on the duration of the raw footage
  • State of the art equipments
  • High-end infrastructure
  • Latest cutting edge software, such as, Samplitude, Audacity, Goldwave, Digidesign Pro Tools LE, Adobe Audition and Sony Sound Forge
  • Multiple levels of quality check
  • Competitive pricing

Audio editing solutions offered at Flatworld Solutions?

We offer a complete range of digital audio editing services -

  1. Format Conversion

    • MP3
    • Wave
    • Windows Media
    • Real Media
    • I Tunes
  2. Podcast Editing Services

    We provide a comprehensive range of podcast editing services, including one-on-one interview editing, round table, and panel discussion editing, fiction and non-fiction narrative editing, hybrid and multi-host format editing, solo commentary editing, and seminar and workshop editing.

  3. Ad Jingle Creation Services

    We provide contemporary and high-quality ad jingle creation services that help you create a lasting impression in the minds of your audience. We can provide lyrics, music composition, audio mixing, audio mastering, and audio editing to help you create just the ad jingle you need.

  4. Corporate Audio Editing Services

    We provide exceptional quality audio editing services to a global clientele. We use the latest audio editing tools and technologies to provide our services, which includes editing of meeting recordings, training events, and conferences. We also provide high-quality audio conversion services.

  5. Music Editing and Mixing Services

    We offer a full spectrum of professional music editing and mixing services that are designed to provide you with exceptional music audio while at the same time saving you time and money. Our services include developing background music, audio mixing, show programming, providing audio enhancements, and music mastering.

  6. Radio Program Editing

    Get access to the highest quality radio program editing by choosing our professional-grade radio program editing services. We have significant experience and expertise in working with broadcast studios and radio stations around the world to help them create exceptional-quality radio programs. Our services include program production, voice management, sound effects addition, and music arrangement, among others.

  7. Basic editing

    • Remove mistakes
    • Track shortening
    • Fade ins/outs
    • Removing transient noises
  8. Altering

    • Add intro/outro titling to your video
    • Your presentation or any piece of music can be altered to fit with visuals such as flash
    • We can add loopable elements as per your requirements
  9. Speed

    • Audio alteration solutions to fit to a visual time frame
    • Slow/speed up the music as per the situation
  10. Mixing

    • Musical programs
    • Combining sound effects
    • Adding background ambiences
  11. Rearrangement

    You name it and we can do it, from adding a section of the music or shortening the solos to dismantling and reassembling audio.

  12. Video editing services

    By using our video editing services, your amateur video will be given a more professional touch. The video editing solutions include:

    • Creating transitions
    • Adding effects
    • Adding/editing Titles
    • Format conversions
    • Color correction
  13. We at Flatworld Solutions fully understand that many of our potential global customers for audio editing services may not have large budgets to work with. We are committed to making our services affordable without compromising on quality. Get in touch with us for all your audio editing service, and we promise you a hassle-free outsourcing relationship.

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