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The Client's Project Requirement

Flatworld Solutions was approached by a highly successful Arizona based organization with 16 years of experience in the Prepress design industry. They have garnered a reputation for themselves by providing extensive printing and design related services to a large number of businesses, and are one of the few companies offering exhaustive illustration conversions from CorelDraw to Adobe illustrator.

The client was on the lookout for an outsourcing partner who could help them with their niche Prepress artwork design requirement; namely, designing artworks which were ready to be printed using dedicated software such as PlanetPress and PrintShopMail. These software, although prevalent in Europe, are less popular in USA, as a result of which they were unable to find a suitable partner.

They zeroed in on FWS as their preferred outsourcing partner after discussing the project requirements with us, once we confirmed our expertise in the software they were using in-house. This, combined with our reasonable prices, ensured they signed the project agreement with us.

Project Challenges and the Flatworld Solution

Before we started working on the project, we had to ensure that the FTE resource dedicated to the project had a complete understanding of the client's processes, as well as the software being used by them. Also, he has to ensure that the turnaround time for the project was very less.

As a result, we set up a tightly integrated training schedule which lasted around a week. Every day, for 2 hours, the FTE resource had compliance training according to the client's requirements, while ensuring he had a thorough knowledge of both PrintShopMail & its updated version Planet Press.

Project Outcome

Since the inception of the project, we have been able to handle a large number of requests put forward by the client's Marketing and Sales departments, delivering error-free, as-requested files on a timely basis. The client's team uploads project files to a dedicated remote server at the end of day, which is then returned back to them the morning after as a polished, final project.

The client is extremely satisfied with the way we have handled the project till date, and intends to hire a few more resources from us based upon demand.

Make Flatworld Solutions Your Ideal Partner for Prepress Design Services

At Flatworld, our value proposition lies in our ability to customize prepress solutions based upon unique client requirements. From artwork edits, to quality checking, and preparing print-ready files, you can be assured of on-time delivery, every single time.

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