Media Transcription Services

Media Transcription Services

Get quick and highly accurate media transcription services to support your business requirements from our professional transcribers

The role of the media industry in today's world cannot be emphasized enough. Studies show that there has been a steep rise in the consumption of audio/ visual media content. This is one of the significant reasons professional transcription services have become a crucial part of the media industry and a crucial requirement for most top-performing businesses.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the technical know-how to understand the unique requirements of businesses and take pride in offering accurate, quick, and effective transcription solutions to our clients. Our team is well-trained and adequately equipped to deliver outcomes that meet customers' demands with unmatched benefits. Additionally, we maintain high-quality standards by implementing rigorous quality checks at each level to comply with the requirements of industry standards.

Media Transcription Solutions We Offer

Read on to find out how our media transcription solutions can offer you great assistance in delivering quality outcomes to your clients.

  1. Podcast Transcription Services

    Podcast Transcription Services

    Expand your client's subscriber base by incorporating our podcast transcription solutions to help them streamline editing tasks and enhance content value.

  2. Subtitling and Closed Captioning Services

    Subtitling and Closed Captioning Services

    Partner with our subtitling and closed captioning solutions to offer accurate, time-synchronized subtitles and captions for different video content.

  3. Time-Stamping Services

    Time-Stamping Services

    By collaborating with an experienced media transcription services company like ours, you can ensure highly reliable time-stamping solutions for your clients that can assist them in improving their company's competitiveness in the market.

  4. Verbatim Transcription Services

    Verbatim Transcription Services

    Access accurate, world-class, and specialized verbatim transcription services provided by experts to offer reliable solutions to your clients.

  5. Intelligent Verbatim Transcription Services

    Intelligent Verbatim Transcription Services

    Ensure accurate transformation of recorded speech into texts while editing our fillers and repetitions with intelligent verbatim transcription solutions.

Flatworld Solutions and the Media

The variety of media items that Flatworld Solutions handles -

Why Choose Us as your Media Transcription Service Provider?

Listed below are a few reasons why collaborating with a media transcription company like ours can serve you great help -

  • Multiple File Formats

    Our team is well-equipped with the right resources and training to deliver transcription solutions in all formats, including MP3, DSS, MOV, WAV, Mpeg4, MP4, AIFF, WMA, and RA.

  • Data Security & Privacy

    Our team conforms to vigilant in-house data security measures to deliver high-quality media transcription services to its customers.

  • Latest Infrastructure and Resources

    With trained and experienced transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors, our team is well-equipped with the right resources to enhance the output and efficiency of all our clients.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We aim to deliver round-the-clock services to cater to an international clientele worldwide to ensure offering a quick solution.

  • Cost-Effective

    Our cost-effective prices with no compromise on quality help us deliver beyond-satisfaction transcription outcomes to our clients, ensuring long-term relationships.

Additional Services We Offer

Transcription Services

Leverage the expertise of our professional transcribers to ensure smooth and hassle-free video/ audio transcription for your clients.

Business Transcription Services

Regardless of your business's requirement, take the assistance of our professionals to convert audio/ video speeches (live or recorded) into written or electronic text format for your clients.

Transcription Services

Obtain quick, accurate, and professional audio transcription solutions from our most experienced transcribers to ensure quality deliverables to your clients.

Medical Transcription Services

Improve the quality and accessibility of medical transcripts, manage seasonal staffing fluctuations, and boost patient care with our professional medical transcription solutions.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Transcription Services to a London-based Production House

We Provided Transcription Services to a London-based Production House

A leading production house based in London was looking for a reliable and cost-effective transcription service provider. Our team provided them with highly cost-effective services.

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FWS Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Leading Telecommunications Company

We Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Leading Telecommunications Company

A leading telecommunications provider was looking for high-quality voice transcription services. Our team provided accurate services and exceeded the client's expectations.

Read more

Outsource Media Transcription Services to Us


Let me re-emphasize that I am highly satisfied with the way you manage the operation and conduct the work. I look forward to continuing this fruitful working relationship.

Spokesperson, Leading University in US More Testimonials »

Regardless of the dynamic nature of the media industry, the several ways to access media remain the same for most businesses. People continue to consume media in a wide array of formats and types. This is where media transcription services come to the rescue in offering more alternatives to engage the audience. Take the assistance of our experienced professionals in providing reliable and accurate transcription solutions to your clients. Listed below are a few benefits that you can derive by leveraging our media transcription services -

  • Enhance competitive advantage.
  • Re-focus on core business operations.
  • Mitigate risks.
  • Quick Turnaround time.

While creating audio or video files can be fun, transcribing them is tedious and exhausting. Outsource media transcription services to a company like ours to take the burden off your shoulders and ensure quality outcomes by partnering with a media transcription service company like ours.


Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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