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Animation Transcription Services

Get flawless transcriptions to your animations at a highly affordable price by choosing FWS as your transcription service partner

The animation industry is currently one of the most technologically-innovative industries in the world. In 2018, the global animation industry was valued at 259 billion U.S. dollars, while being prevalent in the most obscure industries one could think of. For a cutting-edge industry like this, transcription still plays an important role as it played even 10 years back. This is because like most other industries, the animation industry too has to rely on backend tasks including transcription to get the work done and put the final complete animated film on show.

Are you running a small independent studio or a large Hollywood business? Then you would definitely require the help of our animation transcription services to work on different facets of your work process such as storyboard creation, animation translation, etc. Our experienced team of transcriptionists can help you get the most out of our varied services while helping you complete your output faster and cut down on costs.

Animation Transcription Services We Offer

Our animation transcription services have been used by clients across the globe, and one of the main reasons they keep coming back is because of the streamlined nature of our processes which guarantees more than 99% accuracy. Our services consist of -

  1. Animation Storyboard Transcription Services

    Animation Storyboard Transcription Services

    Storyboards are exceptionally useful for animators to set the stage of the video and play the entire sequence before fully animating it. We can transcribe your storyboards accurately or even extract the same from a series of different animated films to create a transcript of a spliced storyboard. Based upon your requirements, we can time code the transcript as well as add general notes for scenes that particularly interest you.

  2. Storytelling Transcription Services

    Storytelling Transcription Services

    Our comprehensive storytelling transcription services can help you manage global team reviews better while ensuring all the collaborators included in the animation are on the same page as far as the requirements are considered. We work on recorded conversation scripts or the entire animation video as per your needs while ensuring every part is meticulously transcribed and delivered in a format of your own choosing. By delivering in multiple formats, we ensure you do not have to worry about system parity, as the transcript can be easily shared with your team and downloaded and printed for ease of use.

  3. Animation Subtitling and Caption

    Animation Subtitling Caption

    One of the mainstays of our transcription services is our ability to create highly accurate subtitles or captions for animation videos which allow you to break new ground and reach out to a new global audience. With our ability to provide caption in multiple languages including English, German, Chinese, etc. we can help you reach new content viewership numbers which were not possible before.

Our Team of Expert Transcriptionists

In our quest to become one of the world's top animation transcription service providers, we have built a team consisting of transcriptionists and editors who have hands-on experience and knowledge in the field of transcription. Our staff consists of native speakers in multiple languages who are university educated and understand the importance of high-quality animation transcripts. With a global client base and 20 years of experience, we have built the most customer-friendly and professional animation transcription for your business and can work with multiple accents, technical jargon, multiple speakers, etc. without losing our focus on quality.

Our team can work on multiple facets of transcription, including -

  • Animation Dictation
  • One To One Interviews
  • Lectures On Animation
  • Animated Presentations
  • Animated Seminars
  • Focus Group Reviews For Animation Videos
  • Round Table Meetings

Flatworld's Animation Transcription Process

Our streamlined animation transcription for your business has been fine-tuned over many years and includes very few steps minus any significant bloat to ensure lean project delivery. We can also customize the process to suit an express need of yours, while still delivering on a timely basis. Our process consists of the following steps -

File Transfer  

01. File Transfer

The project starts off with the signing of SLAs to ensure both sides understand and sign-off on the project capabilities, scope, and deliverables. Thereafter we provide you access to a secure, high-speed FTP server where you can upload all the files that need to be transcribed. You can also choose to transfer these files via any other means if it suits your requirement and security concern.

Transcriptionists Begins  

02. Transcription Begins

A team of expert transcriptionists is assigned to your project along with a dedicated project manager who serves as a single PoC for your requirements. The team ensures all your requirements are met with while transcribing the files.

Quality Check  

03. 3-stage QA Check

During every stage of the transcription process, we have a team of proofreaders assigned to go through the transcripts and check for any human errors. As each QC check happens simultaneously for multiple files in the process, we save time while still ensuring complete correctness and adhering to our efficiency template.

Final Delivery  

04. File Delivery

Once we are satisfied with the final output, we compile all the transcripts in a format which suits your requirements and upload it to the FTP server for you to download. At this stage, we also entertain slight modifications and are more than happy to undertake revisions which are part of the initial SLA.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
16 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Animation Transcription Services to FWS?

Transcription requires patience and skill, and not every company has the expertise to transcribe files in the way you wanted. With our custom solutions and proactive approach, we are an animation transcription company which puts the requirements of our clients first. Some of the many reasons why partnering with us can help you alleviate your transcription troubles include -

  • Speedy Project Delivery

    As a premier animation transcription service provider, we have over 10 delivery centers around the globe ready to work on your animation transcription projects. By choosing where your project finds a home, we ensure you gain access to speedier deliverables, as we can leverage the time-zone advantage to work on the project while you sleep. Our usual TAT for general animation transcription projects is 12-24 hours.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Having worked with clients across the spectrum of the animation industry, we understand how customizable pricing can help you gain a lot without spending too much. Our transparent pricing structure has something for everyone, making us one of the best transcription service providers to work with.

  • Security and Confidentiality

    We understand the confidential nature of our business, and we ensure the entire team signs NDAs and follows any other confidentiality requirements that you might have in order to ensure complete peace of mind. Our security measures extend to our fully secure workstations and ISO-certified processes for better stability.

  • Over 99% Accuracy

    Our focus on accuracy as a hallmark of our animation transcription services has allowed us to retain clients for more than 5+ years. By enabling a strict QC process and a staged-checking procedure, we are able to stick to our initial quality guarantee for even the toughest of projects.

  • All Your Requirements under one Umbrella

    As your preferred transcription service provider, we can also help you in your tertiary requirements for the animated product, whether it be dubbing it into multiple languages, translating the transcript into other languages, etc. This ensures all your requirements are met with in-house while upholding similar levels of quality.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you choose us as your transcription service partner, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact for all your needs. This manager will keep you updated about the latest project developments and solve any issues that you may have.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure needed to deliver quality animation transcription services. We leverage the best and the latest transcription tools and technologies, have uninterrupted network connections, and world-class office spaces spread across the globe.

  • Easily Scalable

    We have the required skills, talent, and resources to easily ramp up the service requirements. As and when the client needs it, we can easily increase the number of resources employed for the project with ease.

  • 24/7 Support

    Being one of the best media transcription service providers in the world, we believe in providing our clients with round-the-clock support. All our team members including sales teams, project managers, call center executives, etc. will be available at all times.

Client Success Stories

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The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student in Australia
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