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Microcassette Transcription Services

Get reliable & accurate microcassette transcription services at cost-effective rates transcribed by experienced transcriptionists with vast domain experience

Are you looking for hassle-free microcassette transcription services? Do you have microcassettes for which you would like to get the audio transcribed to text? If so, then you might want to outsource microcassette transcription services to a reliable and experienced microcassette transcription services provider. Flatworld Solutions is a microcassette transcription services providing company that provides high-quality audio transcription for your microcassettes.

As a microcassette transcriber, we have a highly-skilled and experienced team of transcriptionists and proof-readers that provide high-quality transcription services. We follow a stringent microcassette transcription process to ensure that all our output is of the highest-accuracy and as error-free as possible.

There are still many fragile microcassettes out there even in this digital age. We are an experienced microcassette transcription company and have all the necessary equipment, audio experts, and software to handle all your microcassettes with the utmost care.

Microcassette Transcription Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions provides a complete range of microcassette transcription services for clients all around the world. We are a one-stop-shop for all your microcassette transcription needs. We ensure that we always provide only the best, most accurate, and reliable services to our clients.

Our microcassette transcription services include -

  1. Verbatim Microcassette Transcription

    Verbatim Microcassette Transcription

    We provide transcription services that transcribe the audio on the recording verbatim including things like uhs, ums, stutters, and false starts. Everything that is present in the audio is produced verbatim in text format.

  2. Microcassette Time Code Insertion

    Microcassette Time Code Insertion

    Sometimes clients request that we add time codes to the transcripts. This helps to better locate when specific things are said. For time code insertion services, clients need to tell us how often they would like the time code to be inserted. Based on this, we will add the necessary time codes.

  3. Microcassette Grammar Check

    Microcassette Grammar Check

    We provide grammar-check services for the transcription we provide. If a client requests for this service, we go ahead and check the transcript for grammatical errors and correct them. In this way, the transcript becomes completely grammatically correct.

  4. Static and Noise Reduction

    Static and Noise Reduction

    Recordings on microcassettes are usually beset with loud background noise and static. Our static and noise reduction service reduces the static and noise in the recording and makes the audio much clearer. Clients can opt for this service and receive an audio file that has been cleaned up and in which the audio is as clear as possible. For this, we use sophisticated audio processing technology.

Features of Our Microcassette Transcription Services


2 - 24 Hours Turnaround Time

We provide extremely quick turnaround times and are always implementing processes to make the transcription process smoother and more efficient.


50+ Transcribers

We have over 50 dedicated transcribers that are motivated and trained to address all your needs. Our team is also trained regularly on industry best practices and things like diction and culture.


500+ Satisfied Clients

We have serviced numerous clients over the years of our operation. Many clients also contact us repeatedly because they are very satisfied with our work.


30 - 40% Cost Savings

Our high-quality microcassette transcription services provide our clients with significant cost-savings as compared to if they got the transcription done locally. Our access to a quality workforce that charges lesser rates allows us to provide very good value for money to all our clients.


10+ Years of Experience

We have over 10 years of experience with providing high-quality transcription services to a global clientele. Our years of experience provide us with added technical knowledge and skills to be able to provide high-quality services to our clients.


99% Accuracy

We take accuracy very seriously here at Flatworld Solutions and aim to provide our clients with a minimum accuracy of 99%. Our transcriptions are so accurate that customers keep coming back to us to get more work done.


Quick Scale-up or down Options

We have the resources and ability to scale up or scale down the headcount depending on our clients' unique requirements. We always have reserve capacity to ensure that we can deploy additional resources as and when the situation demands it.

Microcassette Transcription Process We Follow

We follow a very stringent microcassette transcription process here at Flatworld Solutions. Our team, which is composed of microcassette transcribers, software engineers, general transcription experts, dedicated support staff, and linguistic experts, are committed to providing only the very highest quality output to our clients. We primarily follow three steps to ensure the accuracy of all our transcriptions. These are -


01. Obtaining Files from Client

In the first step we receive the microcassette from the client. We engage with the client to understand the requirement in detail. Once we receive the microcassette, we take all steps necessary to handle the microcassette with extreme care.


02. Digitalization Before Recording

Before recording, we first make a digital copy of the recording on the microcassette by copying it to a CD or other digital formats. In this way, we work on the digital copy and don't use the microcassette itself for the audio transcription. As a result, there is less wear and tear on the microcassette, since it is only used once. If required, we can also provide you with the digital version of the microcassette. We also ensure that all the microcassettes we work on are carefully taken care of and returned intact to the respective owners.


03. Noise and Static Reduction

It's not surprising that many times, the recording on a microcassette is quite feeble and has a lot of static or noise in the background. We use sophisticated audio software to carefully remove static and noise from the digital version of the tape in order to increase or enhance the audio quality. This further helps us provide highly-accurate audio transcription.


04. Conversion of Audio to Text

In this step, our transcribers convert the audio into text by manually following and converting each word in the audio into text.


04. Establishing Accuracy

When, at times, we need to further establish the accuracy of specific unclear words in the audio, we seek help from our clients. Directly establishing the accuracy of certain unclear words or phrases in the recording helps us increase the accuracy of our transcriptions and we are better able to understand the jargons, slangs, or code words that may only be decipherable by the intended audience. Our aim is to be as accurate with the transcription as possible.


06. Final Clean-up

Our transcribers and quality analysts perform a final clean-up of the transcription before the transcribed files are sent to the client.

Why Choose Flatworld Solutions for Microcassette Transcription?

There are several reasons for choosing Flatworld Solutions as your microcassette transcription services provider. Some of our key differentiators are -

  1. Affordable Pricing Options

    Our pricing structure is highly affordable and transparent. We also provide all our clients with customized and flexible pricing structures to ensure that our rates suit our clients' requirements perfectly.

  2. Free Trial

    Our confidence in our ability to provide high-quality transcription services allows us to provide all our clients with a free trial. With our free trial, you can gauge the competency of our transcribers and only get work done when you are satisfied.

  3. Data Security

    We take security of our clients' files and data very seriously. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification ensures that all data is securely stored and professionally handled. You can rest assured that we take all steps to protect your data.

  4. World-class Infrastructure

    We provide all our employees access to world class infrastructure, including international-level office spaces. Our employees use the latest and best transcription technology as well as state-of-the-art listening equipment to provide you with superior transcription services.

  5. High-quality Services

    We leverage the latest tools and technologies to provide our clients with only the highest-quality transcription services. We are also ISO-certified which further goes to demonstrate our commitment and capability to provide top-quality services.

  6. Global Delivery Centers

    We operate out of multiple locations from all over the world and are able to leverage time-zone advantages to provide our clients with quicker turnaround times.

  7. Single Point of Contact

    When you work with us, a dedicated project manager is assigned to your case. This project manager serves as the single point of contact to address all your queries.

  8. Experienced Transcribing Team

    FWS has a team of highly-qualified and experienced transcribers that can cater to any of your transcribing needs. Our transcribers have worked on multiple transcription projects for a global clientele and are well versed with picking up nuances in speech and accents.

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The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student in Australia
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Outsource Microcassette Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions, a leading microcassette transcription services provider, is the correct choice for you if you are seeking high-quality audio transcripts from your microcassettes at cost-effective rates. Our team of highly-experienced and -skilled transcribers leverage the latest tools and technologies to provide very-high-quality services.

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