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A proofreader, most commonly associated with a publishing house, magazine or newspaper, checks the work submitted by the editorial team for errors in grammar, punctuation and consistency. However, proofreading is also required in a transcription firm, although the work is a bit different.

What Actually Is The Role Of A Transcription Proofreader?

In a transcription company, the transcription proofreader is part of the QA team and works at different levels to ensure that the final document sent to the client achieves close to 98% accuracy. Transcriptionists are simultaneously typing and listening to an audio file while transcribing, which leaves the room for mistakes. Moreover, transcription is done at a rather fast pace, which it makes it prone to errors. The role of the proofreader is to be the second set of eyes and ears before a document reaches to the client, so as to maintain high accuracy levels.

Similar to medical proofreading, the transcription proofreader doesn't go through the text of completed transcript while proofreading. Instead, he/she will listen to the same audio that transcriptionist has listened, and to find out errors. In addition, the proofreader is also responsible for formatting the document according to the client's specifications. This includes using specific fonts, adding specific headers, adding or removing page numbers etc.

In short, proofreading services include:

  • Checking for grammatical and textual errors
  • Filling in any words or phrases missed by the transcriptionists
  • Formatting document according to the client's specifications
  • Performing final quality check on the document
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Why Is Transcription Proofreading Important in Business?

Business transcription companies mostly work with digitally recorded audio of people speaking in meetings, interviews, conferences, presentations, company announcements, etc., which is later converted into written text for future references.

There are various factors responsible for the accuracy of a transcript, like:

  • Audio quality
  • Background or external noise
  • Voice clarity of speakers
  • Speakers muttering, whispering or speaking in hushed tones
  • Accents or MTI of speakers
  • More than one speakers speaking at a time
  • Unusual names of people and places
  • Use of scientific or medical terms, etc.

Few errors are bound to happen if someone is typing at a high speed, that's the reason why errors are left behind even by experienced transcriptionists. These mistakes come to light while transcription proofreading is done, and that's why transcriptionist's role is so important. This is where a transcript proofreader's role becomes an absolute necessity, as transcription proofreader is the one who ensures accuracy of a transcript before it is send to the clients.

Flatworld Solutions - The Transcription People You Can Rely On

Flatworld Solutions has been offering high-quality transcription solutions for over a decade. We have maintained our reputation for high accuracy rates in transcription, which is largely a result of vigorous quality checks done by our proofreaders. While many transcription companies choose to save costs and overall transcription time by neglecting the services of a proofreader and undermining transcription editing process, we understand that it's the presence of transcript proofreaders that sets us apart from the pedigree.

Contact us if you strive for accuracy in business transcription services, as much as we do.

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