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Closed Captioning Services

We provide high-quality, time-synchronized closed captioning services for all video formats in the quickest turnaround time at prices starting at 8 cents/word

Closed captioning services offer more than just subtitles or translations of the spoken video content. It gives a visual aid to the videos by configuring time-sensitive text to the sounds and the dialogues, enabling people to understand the video content in its entirety by reading. It is, especially groundbreaking for people with hearing impairments and other special abilities like autism. Unlike, open captions, closed captions are not burnt-in the videos and can be turned off if not required.

Flatworld Solutions has a team of trained and qualified transcriptionists, encoders, linguistics, and other specialists who provide our global clientele with high-quality, verbatim, multi-language, and accurate closed captioning services. Flatworld leverages the varied benefits of integrating closed captions in your videos, helping them rank better on search engines that can dramatically increase your video views. Apart from this, it helps in widening the reach of your videos. We have sub-specialized teams for handling closed captioning projects in varied sectors like broadcasting, online video marketing, healthcare, education, webcast video, etc.

Our Closed Captioning Services

Being a trusted closed captioning service provider, we offer our clients fully-integrated as well as standalone or customized closed captioning solutions at budget-friendly rates with the fastest turnarounds in the market. Our services include -

  1. Broadcasting Videos Captioning

    Our team provides closed captioning services for both pre-recorded as well as live broadcast videos for your television content like programs, news, movies, sports, etc.

  2. DVD or Blu-Ray Subtitles

    Our specialists can create crisp, relevant, and accurate closed subtitle files for your DVD or Blu-Ray videos.

  3. Webcast Captions

    Like broadcasting, the experts at Flatworld also offer captions for live/recorded webcasts in the required format. We offer SDH as well as caption format translations for VoD channels like Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon, iTunes, iPlayer, YouTube, etc.

  4. Name-tagging Services

    Along with subtitles and captions, we also provide name-tagging solutions for all kinds of videos. It includes adding proper names of the featuring people, name of the song, music, play, etc., replacing any slang or abusive words with appropriate terms, etc.

  5. On-screen Video and Caption Positioning

    It is necessary to check whether the closed caption file is well-synchronized with the video and appears as intended on the screen. The position of the captions, its time-synergy, and its font size, etc., are all thoroughly quality checked by our team.

  6. Verbatim and Multi-language Captioning

    Our team of specialized linguists and other verbatim coders help in providing top-notch translations of video content in other languages. We offer closed captioning in over 30+ languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, German, etc.

  7. Technical Glossaries

    Our team can create a technical glossary including keywords, vocabulary words and their meanings, and special instructions that can be preloaded on a file-by-file basis or may be applied to an entire folder, as requested by the client.

  8. Proofreading of Captions

    Our team runs through a stringent quality check of grammar, line-breaks, any verbatim errors, translation mistakes, etc., to ensure the accuracy of our closed captioning services.

  9. FCC-compliant Captions

    We ensure adherence to industry best practices and standards for our closed caption solutions. Ensuring adherence and accessibility to FCC and ADA compliant CC guidelines, Flatworld offers the multi-format conversion for smooth multi-channel distribution.

  10. Closed Captioning Consultation

    As a reputed closed captioning services company, we extend our expertise to our clients and assist them in comprehending their captioning needs and offering the most favorable solutions for the same.

Our Closed Captioning Process

Our 6-tier quality process ensures that we only offer accurate and top-notch closed captioning services to our clients -


01. Requirement Gathering

The client shares all their needs with our team, helping us understand their expectations and defining work frames


02. File Upload

We then request the client to transfer or upload all the video files for closed captioning


03. Captioning Start

Our team of expert transcriptionists gets to work and starts compiling the closed captions


04. Quality Assurance

The senior quality specialist thoroughly checks the relevance, accuracy, and time-sensitiveness of the closed captions and identifies discrepancies, if any


05. Feedback

The files are sent to the client for approval and any feedback or changes are looked into and resolved


06. Final Delivery

The finalized project is then sent to the client using secured channels

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Hire Flatworld To Outsource Closed Captioning Services?

We give you not one or two but multiple reasons why Flatworld should be your ultimate closed captioning service provider. Some reasons to work with us include -

  • Affordable Prices

    You will be pleasantly surprised with the budget-friendly rates that we put on the supreme quality of the services that we offer. We have flexible pricing models too that can be customized as per your specific needs.

  • A Huge Team of Experienced Professionals

    We have a multi-country team of highly qualified and proficient transcriptionists, linguistics, encoders, and other experts, that dedicatedly work to offer you superlative services.

  • Quickest TAT on Demand

    You can request rush or super-rush closed captioning services and can be assured that we will deliver you high-quality closed captions even in the tightest timelines.

  • Confidentiality

    We handle data with utmost care and safety and levy all mandatory safety checkpoints to protect the client's information.

  • Rich Industry Experience

    Being an ISO-certified closed captioning services providing company, Flatworld is the most suitable partner for all your transcription and caption needs with a vast experience of 20 years experience in the field.

  • Time-zone Advantage

    We have our development centers across the world allowing us to be at your service all round the clock, 365 days a year.

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At Flatworld, we strive to achieve excellence in every project we do and ensure that we offer standardized, ISO, FCC, and ADA-compliant closed captioning services to our clients. We offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry without any compromise on the quality and accuracy of the closed captions. With the aid of a vast, experienced, and technically sound team, we can scale-up our operations for bulk work management.

If you are looking to outsource your captioning project, speak to our expert transcriptionist today.

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