Outsource Subpoenas Transcription Services

Subpoenas Transcription Services

Need subpoena transcription or supplemental documentation to support research and reference? We will take care of it

Are you putting off critical subpoenas transcriptions aside because of the dearth of expert resources and tools? If yes, you must consider Flatworld Solutions' expertise in transcription and outsource subpoenas transcription services. Since a subpoena is an integral part of legal proceedings, its transcription will serve you in case you want to refer it. Also, since its usability is across the legal line of work, you cannot take subpoenas transcription lightly.

Since the last one and a half decade, FWS has provided subpoenas transcription services to over a thousand international legal entities, including investigators, lawyers, courts, private investigator, etc. Thus, once you decide to collaborate with us, you can avail our resources to churn out transcript documents at an incredible pace with over 99% accuracy.

Subpoenas Transcription Services We Offer

By choosing our offshore subpoenas transcription services, you will be supported by a team of world-class transcription experts who can work on a wide range of subpoena transcription services designed to meet your specific needs. A few of the many subpoena transcription solutions that we offer are -

Lawyer/Attorney-at-law Subpoenas Transcription

1. Lawyer/Attorney-at-law Subpoenas Transcription
We provide subpoenas transcription for lawyer summons, whether delivered on the behalf of a lawyer or if the court proceedings require someone's presence.

Witness Subpoenas Transcription

2. Witness Subpoenas Transcription
For writ issued by courts or government body (having the authority to do so), which requires the imminent appearance of witnesses, we can transcribe the subpoenas quickly so that the court proceedings go as intended and the summon can be used for reference.

Court Clerk Issued Subpoenas Transcription

3. Court Clerk Issued Subpoenas Transcription
In the case of the subpoena issued by the court clerk, requiring individual or body to appear on a particular date, we can provide subpoenas transcription in no time. This will ensure that no setbacks happen, and you have a reference document at your disposal.

Transcription Samples

Take a look at our extensive portfolio of transcription service samples to know more about the quality and accuracy of our services -




First Speaker: To tell you basically what this is about is when I was watching Harvey Mackay at one of Harv Eker's things, he said he just finished the Boston marathon and you know, the guy is 76 and I went holy crap, you know, that is amazing. He looked so fit and he is so quick minded and so on I thought, all of a sudden it occurred to me I bet the way you eat, you know, is different. I bet you don't just eat a bunch of garbage and that started this thought. So, the basic three questions will be and I am recording it for you as well if I transcribe these for the book, but then I write about it and what has really been neat about it is that what started out as three same questions to everybody, everybody had kind of a different angle on it and I realized that they were creating the chapters for this book and of course Marci Shimoff read me right [???], I am not doing something where I did all the work and you are just transcribing it, but if you actually write in the book, I will do it. So I made her that promise and it was a hard promise, but it was a good one to make because it made me think more, you know.

Second Speaker: Got you.

First Speaker: So, what I would do is I basically introduce you and then you can add anything that you think is important to that introduction and let me get my history up here because I have you on here. So, how is Robby doing?

Second Speaker: Good, hangin' in there.

First Speaker: Yeah, did you guys have a nice holiday?

Second Speaker: Well, we actually kind of had a [???] holiday, her father who is very old got sick and ended up passing away.

First Speaker: Oh I am sorry to hear that.

Second Speaker: But, you know, stuff happens, what are you going to do?

First Speaker: So I am going to - is your best website, at the end I am going to ask you, you know, about your website and stuff, is rickfrishman.com the best one to go to or -

Second Speaker: Yeah probably just for most stuff that is probably the best way to go yeah.

First Speaker: You had a really good bio on one of your websites.

Second Speaker: It is up there, there is one, you know, in most of them. I also have rickfrishmanblog.com, you know.

First Speaker: Let me check that out, okay so the -

Second Speaker: There is a bio on that one, but it is also a bio on just rickfrishman.com.

First Speaker: There we go about Rick, yeah.

Second Speaker: Sure.

First Speaker: So you know, one of the things that I will bring up is, you know, you always talk about how you have the biggest Rolodex and I thought that was a really cool angle too because part of success is who you know and you know, I think that is important. I don't know what your angle is going to be on this, but you know, the questions will be do you think that that hypothesis is true that, you know, food affects your ability to succeed on some level and then if you -

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Second Speaker: Right, it is true.

First Speaker: So, that's kind of the angle, but...

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
16 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Subpoenas Transcription Process We Follow

As a leading subpoenas transcription service providing company, we have the necessary resource's capability and experience to provide high-quality transcription service in the shortest possible time. We do this by using a systematic subpoena transcription process. The important steps include -

Demand Analysis  

01. Demand Analysis

Our legal transcription team will analyze your requirements, check for the audio, and give a delivery timeline


02. Subpoena Transcription

After analyzing your exact requirements, we will start making use of the most appropriate tool to work on your record

Quality Check  

03. Quality Check

After completing the transcription process, our quality control specialist(s) will check the transcribed records for every possible error, misinterpretation, irregularity, etc. If any gaps or issue come up, the QA team will take the suitable action

Final Delivery  

04. Final Delivery

Once the QA team validates and pass off the transcribed files, we will deliver it to you via FTP over a secure server

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Choosing FWS for Subpoena Transcription Services

Our team has honed its subpoena transcription skills by working on various tools and software. We have provided subpoena transcription services for 20 years. Look at the benefits you can get by collaborating with FWS.

  • Affordable Subpoena Transcription Services

    By partnering with us, you can avail the flexible pricing models for all your legal transcription service requirements. The pricing of a service is based on several factors, which includes, the scale of the project, number of transcriptionists involved, project duration, etc.

  • Data Security

    We take the privacy and confidentiality of our clients very seriously. That is why, we have antivirus software, VPNs, installed in each of our systems. We regularly train our employees and have strict work ethics, including zero tolerance on NDAs, authenticated systems, secure server, etc.

  • Transcription from Multiple File Formats

    We can transcribe several types of audio files, including distorted uncompressed files, open and propriety file formats. Some exclusive formats for which we can provide our services include DSS, MPEG-1 audio layer, WAV, MOV, AIFF, Mpeg4, WMA, RA, etc.

  • 100% Secure Information Framework

    As a proud bearer of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certification, FWS has set up a stringent network of compliant resources, including systems, personnel, and tools, which work in tandem as per the ISMS guidelines.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    Our team has access to the state-of-the-art tools, systems, and incredible arrangements of modern infrastructure facilities. This helps them work in a safe and holistic environment. Thus, after choosing us to outsource subpoena transcription service, you can free up your legal transcription requirements and expect accurate, reliable, and fast service.

  • 24/7 availability

    We work 24/7/365 days, thus, irrespective of the location and time, you can contact us. Our support staff will do everything possible to resolve your queries or issues.

  • Experienced Transcription Team

    One key thing that separates us from other providers is our experienced team of skilled transcriptionists. We have over 300 transcriptionists, 500 call center executives, and an experienced management team with two decades of experience. So, you can expect nothing but professional, on-time, and quality service from us.

  • 99% Accuracy

    Accuracy is critical to subpoena transcription as it can be a critical piece of evidence and reference material for future purposes. With over 99% accuracy, we have beaten our competitors and have gained a strong presence in the global transcription industry.

  • Economies of Scale

    If you want to scale up the services in case you are happy with our deliverables or have plentiful of audio files, then, you can count on us. We have the apt number of capable resources and wherewithal to spike our services anytime.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Audio Transcription for an Australian Student

Audio Transcription for an Australian Student

An Australian student was looking for a quick and reliable audio transcription service provider. Our team at FWS provided the client with cost-effective transcription services.

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FWS Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counseling Sessions to an Irish Client

Flatworld Solutions Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counseling Sessions to an Irish Client

Flatworld was contacted by an Irish client who wanted several hours of mock counseling was transcribed in 72 hours with a high rate of accuracy.

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Outsource Subpoenas Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions


As a first-year law student, I would like to say how impressed I am with the legal transcription services provided by Flatworld Solutions. I have been using their services since the beginning of the year (2010) on a regular weekly basis.

Law Student,
Melbourne in Australia
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As a prominent subpoena transcription service provider, FWS excels in legal transcription services and many other transcription services. We provide unmatched quality, customized support service, industry's best turnaround time, and many more. With over 20 years of service experience in the transcription industry, we have served over 500 global clients and have a presence across five different time zones, including the US, Europe, Middle-east, etc.

Leverage our multi-disciplinary expertise in the legal transcription, especially subpoena transcription to get maximum accuracy at the unbeatable deadline. We also adhere to federal, legal, and other confidentiality agreements to make sure that you get maximum satisfaction. Get in touch with us to know more about our subpoena transcription services.


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