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The Client

The client, based in Utah, USA, is a leading telecommunication company that makes phone applications for people with hearing loss who have a hard time using a phone. The company has created an interface in landline phones as well as in iPhones and iPads so that words spoken by the person on the other end is displayed on the interface, enabling those with hearing loss to understand the words being spoken.

Speech recognition engineers at the company working behind the scene to create a code for the applications so that the computer program captures the voice of the speech recognition engineers and converts the words to text instantly on the phone's interface. The person with this special telephone or app also has a scroll option so that he/she can read the full conversation. Transcription plays a vital role here because the text is compared to the audio, studied by experts, and outputted as an errorless live transcription, significantly improving the ability of those with hearing loss to successfully use phones.

Client's Requirements

The client approached us to handle their voice transcription requirement. They wanted us to transcribe the audio of people using special phones or apps to enable those with hearing loss to successfully use their phones.

Client's Challenges

The project faced several challenges -

  • The client wanted the project to be delivered at cost-effective prices.
  • The client wanted high accuracy and quality of work.
  • The client wanted timely delivery of work.
  • The client wanted a partner that was both reliable and trust-worthy.
  • The client wanted high-quality billing, duty reports, and invoicing.

FWS' Solution

We successfully addressed all client's challenges -

  • We provided a highly cost-effective price to the client.
  • We provided very high accuracy and quality of work. The work we provided was never short of excellent
  • The work was delivered well within the promised deadline.
  • We made sure that we were positioned as the client's trusted partner.
  • Effortless billing and reports were provided, and we are completing 1-year of operations without the client having any issues with our services.

The Results

The project was highly successful in terms of accuracy, turnaround time, pricing, referrals, and long-term business relationships, among others. Our client effectively serves its customers worldwide because of our trusted transcription work and the satisfaction of the client's customers has resulted in our client becoming a trusted name among its customers.

There are many transcription providers that our client could have gone to after trying us, but they did not. This is because of the quality of work that we provide. We deliver what clients expect and our services have never fallen short of excellent. The client is still engaging us to provide high-quality services and has been doing so for over a year. Clearly, the client is highly satisfied.

Outsource Voice Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions, the Leading Transcription Company

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition companies trust our transcription quality. Speech recognition apps are not easy to use, and their interface should display errorless text that has been converted from speech. Our voice transcription experts are highly-experienced in providing high-quality voice transcription solutions and can provide you with accurate results within short turnaround times.

If you are looking for high-quality and cost-effectivevoice transcription services, do get in touch with us.

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