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The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a company working in the healthcare field. This company provides a variety of health and wellness services, including testing, hospital services, mental health treatments, women's health and medicine, surgical care, and more.

The client had completed focus group research into their services. There were three audio files. One file had only English speakers, while two files had a mix of English and Spanish speakers. The client was looking for a partner that could not only transcribe the audio from the three files, but also translate them in both languages, so that all three files would be available in both English and Spanish.

Based on the recommendation of their long-time partner, the client selected Flatworld Solutions to outsource their transcription services.

The Challenges

The project required both transcribed and translated text, with each file of a significant length with many different voices, inflections, and speaking styles. Each file had 13 to 15 speakers. The length of each file was:

  • Focus Group 1: 50 minutes 45 seconds
  • Focus Group 2: 49 minutes 40 seconds
  • Focus Group 3: 35 minutes 34 seconds

The combination of length, different voices (which had to each be labeled as the specific individual they were attributed to), and transcription of the same file between two distinct languages proved to be a significant undertaking.

The Solution

Two resources were assigned to work exclusively on this project. Flatworld Solutions took steps to ensure that both resources were well-versed in Spanish and English. Flatworld Solutions first took steps to translate the audio into both English and Spanish. Once translated, the team then transcribed the audio files.

After the transcription was completed, the transcripts went through multiple quality checks by our Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure accuracy.

The Results

The team at Flatworld Solutions completed the project in just 5 days, beating the client's expectations. The team was able to complete the project with an accuracy rate of 98%, meeting the client's quality benchmark. The client was highly satisfied with Flatworld Solutions' speed and performance, thus becoming a long-term client on future projects and recommending us to another colleague.

Contact us for Accurate Multilingual Transcriptions

Flatworld Solutions has been offering wide range of transcription services to global clients in different languages and meeting their specialized audio transcription requirements. We have employed highly experienced and professional transcriptionists to provide accurate and highly secure transcriptions in multiple file formats at a short turnaround time. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner, can help. Contact us today to learn more about our transcription capabilities.

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