Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services

Meeting Minutes Transcription Services

Get precise and reliable transcripts of your critical meetings. Do not miss out on a single detail with our comprehensive and accurate meeting minutes transcription services

Are you losing productivity and time by creating transcripts for meeting minutes on your own?

Minutes of meeting transcription is an essential task for businesses that want to document and preserve discussions, decisions, and actions taken during meetings. Accurate transcripts help the participants of the meeting remain accountable and the stakeholders with critical information. However, transcription is a time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone task. For accurate and reliable transcripts, a business can benefit from professional transcription services.

Refocus on decision-making and other critical tasks with our professional meeting minutes transcription solutions. We can take general or recorded notes of your meetings by leveraging our extensive resources, which include advanced technology and skilled transcribers. We can verify and manage transcriptions for your business with maximum efficiency so that you can spend your time on core functions.

Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services We Offer

We can provide dedicated minutes of meeting transcriptionists who can accomplish any transcription task in a quick and efficient manner. Our professional minutes of meeting transcription solutions include -

  1. Verbatim Transcription Services

    Verbatim Transcription Services

    We provide highly accurate word-for-word transcription of meetings or conversations, including filler words, repetitions, and non-verbal sounds such as pauses.

  2. Time-Stamped Transcription Services

    Time Stamped Transcription Services

    Our services for legal proceedings, interviews, or focus group discussions include a timestamp for every speaker change or significant point in the conversation.

  3. Summary or Notes Transcription Services

    Summary or Notes Transcription Services

    Get a quick overview of important meetings since we provide a condensed version of the meeting, highlighting the key points and main takeaways.

  4. Multilingual Transcription Services

    Multilingual Transcription Services

    Organizations that operate in multiple languages can leverage our services to ensure accurate transcription and all participants can understand the content.

  5. Meeting Overview Transcription

    Meeting Overview Transcription

    As a part of our comprehensive minutes of meeting services, we provide a brief summary of the meeting, such as the purpose, attendees, main topics discussed, and more.

  6. Calendar Transcription

    Calendar Transcription

    For businesses that need to keep track of their schedules and appointments, our services assist them by transcribing meeting schedules, including dates, times, and locations.

  7. Action Point Transcription

    Action Point Transcription

    We will accurately transcribe action points for specific proposals that require action in the meeting for easy follow-up. We will provide transcripts in itemized format to speed up decision-making.

  8. Assignment Transcription

    Assignment Transcription

    Our transcriptionists will professionally carry out transcription to create a textual document of assignments that can be easily referenced.

  9. Transcription of Ad-hoc Topics

    Transcription of Ad-hoc Topics

    When meetings stray into unplanned discussions, we transcribe the impromptu discussions and subjects for follow-up in the subsequent meetings.

  10. Transcription of Agenda

    Transcription of Agenda

    To keep the meeting participants organized and on track, we can transcribe the meeting agenda, including the topics to be discussed and the order in which they will be covered.

Minutes of Meeting Transcription Process We Follow

We carry out minutes of meeting transcription with transparency so that you can understand how we will handle your transcription from start to finish. Our meeting minutes transcription process is as follows -


01. Upload Files on FTP

You can send the recorded content of the meeting minutes in any format via SFTP or VPN to avoid the risk of data loss.


02. Downloading Files and Assigning Roles

The files will be downloaded at our end, and the assignment will be mapped to a qualified transcriptionist.


03. Minutes of Meeting Transcription

Our transcriptionists will use transcribing tools to avoid errors in transcribed files.


04. Editing the Transcribed Files

The transcribed files will be proofed for accuracy and compliance with the client's SLA. We will thoroughly check the syntax, context, and grammar.


05. Uploading Processed Files

The files that clear the quality evaluation are approved for dispatch and it will be sent via SFTP so you can download the data securely.

Transcription Samples

Delve into our transcription portfolio -





Glad to see things are going well and business is starting to pick up. Andrea told me about your outstanding numbers on Tuesday. Keep up the good work. Now to other business, I am going to suggest a payment schedule for the outstanding monies that is due. One, can you pay the balance of the license agreement as soon as possible? Two, I suggest we setup or you suggest, what you can pay on the back royalties, would you feel comfortable with paying every two weeks? Every month, I will like to catch up and maintain current royalties. So, if we can start the current royalties and maintain them every two weeks as all stores are required to do, I would appreciate it. Let me know if this works for you.


Why Choose Us As Your Meeting Minutes Transcription Company?

We are a reputed meeting minutes transcription company whose expertise in business transcription services has produced 6000+ happy clients. We focus on providing a gratifying experience in addition to our transcription service. Here are other reasons why choosing our services can be a great value add for your business -

  • Certified Minutes of Meeting Transcription Company

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 minutes of meeting transcription company with a strong global footprint. We have seen extensive growth in just 20 years and have a presence in 4+ continents worldwide.

  • Data Security

    We have a strong data management policy that deters mismanagement of data and its unauthorized access. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 compliant and have professionals who are signatories of NDA.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We understand the impact of using substandard minutes of meeting transcription. Not only does bad transcriptions negatively impact your decision-making efficiency, but it can also cost you thousands of dollars and a bad reputation. Therefore, we emphasize QA checks to ensure transcripts are accurate.

  • Short Turnaround

    The turnaround time for minutes of meeting transcription is short and we can assure delivery of transcripts within a reasonable time.

  • Scalability

    Scaling your requirement is quick and efficient with us. We can accommodate your need for scaling and ensure that the process is seamless.

  • Single-point of Contact

    We assign a single point of contact who can dedicatedly assist you and work side-by-side to clarify your concerns and ensure 100% satisfaction.

  • Experienced Team of Transcriptionists, Proofing Experts, and Project Leads

    Our transcriptionists are professionals with decades of experience in transcription projects involving data in various formats.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We house a powerful infrastructure that is capable of handling projects irrespective of the complexity. We have a range of software and hardware that enables completion of transcriptions without errors.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We use the most advanced SFTP and VPN to ensure the transmission of your data in the most secure manner. Our data sharing platforms are monitored round-the-clock to ensure it is safe from external intrusions.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We have a team on standby to assist you through your preferred channel. Whether it is a phone call, email, or web chat we can personally assist you to provide fulfilling support.

  • Reasonable Pricing Options

    Our price for minutes of meeting transcription is reasonable. You can get the service customized to your budgetary preference so that you can avail the best quotes without overspending.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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We provide highly accurate and reliable transcription of video files. Some of the videos we transcribe include CD / DVD, post-production, and advertisements.

Business Transcription Services

Our professionals can provide accurate and error-free transcripts of critical business meetings, interviews, minutes of meetings, and conferences.

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Get reliable transcripts of your audio files. Our experts can transcribe multiple types of audio and dialogues, including voicemails, podcasts, interviews, and more.

Media Transcription Services

We can handle audio-visual media content transcription requirements, including interview recordings, feature reports, documentary features, and more.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Audio Transcription Services to a Leading US Marketing Agency

Provided Audio Transcription Services to a Leading US Marketing Agency

We delivered top-notch audio transcription services to a US-based marketing client. The transcriptions, ranging from a few minutes to an hour, was processed within 24 hours.

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FWS Performed Audio Transcription of Lecture Given on Lean Management

Performed Audio Transcription of Lecture Given on Lean Management

Audio recordings with a play time of 4 hours were transcribed by us for a top US-based client. The project was completed in just 48 hours with 98% accuracy.

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After a tremendous amount of research and negotiations with potential transcription vendors in the U.S., we were delighted to find Flatworld Solutions. Although our initial interest was mainly based on cost (Flatworld was less than half the price of U.S. vendors) we have found the company to be highly competent and flexible.

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Our consolidated meeting minutes transcription services have helped organizations of every size maintain accurate and complete records of their meetings. Our experts have helped them save time, reduce errors, and focus on other critical tasks during meetings. Other advantages we offer include -

  • Streamlined processes
  • Effective communication
  • SLA compliant deliverables

Leverage the expertise of skilled transcriptionists to boost your productivity! Reach out to us.


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