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The Client

The clients is a Ph.D. student from Dublin, Ireland who needed a quick and efficient transcription of 9 hours of audio recordings for a project on anxiety.

Client's Requirement

The client was involved in a research project on anxiety, the situation in which it is triggered, and the negative thoughts in the interviewed subjects. The client's requirements were as follows -

  • Three mock counseling situation audio files had to be transcribed
  • The duration of each file was more than 3 hours long
  • The transcription had to be completed in 72 hours by fully meeting the primary requirements of the client's research
  • Needed a partner with prior experience in transcription of lengthy audio files

Project Challenges

The challenges faced by Flatworld Solutions during the course of the project were as follows -

  • The 3 hour mock counseling session between two participants were longer than usual
  • The interviewer's speech was crisp in the recorded clips. However, the interviewee was inaudible at certain durations. It proved to be a challenge to parse the recordings without misinterpretation
  • The speaker's accent varied constantly throughout the mock counseling session making it difficult for our team to transcribe without errors. It also cost us time to ensure there are no errors in the deliverables

Our Solution

The audio transcription specialists at Flatworld Solutions handled the client's challenging, yet doable requirements in the following way -

  • We assigned the project to a single resource until completion to ensure secure management of project while avoiding errors
  • We listened to the recordings multiple times to parse the speech without errors because we received audio from the client that was illegible
  • Multi-stage quality checks were conducted to ensure the output matched the client's expectations

The Results

We meticulously worked to ensure the project completion with the highest level of accuracy. The FWS' team completed the transcription with an accuracy rate of 95%. The client's primary needs were met in a cost-effective way and even surpassed their expectation. We completed the project within 72 hours giving the client the best experience by working with us. The client felt elated working with us and vowed to return for repeat business if the need arises again.

Outsource Multilingual Transcription Services to FWS - Leader in Transcription

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified transcription services outsourcing company with 20 years of experience in carrying out various transcription services. In this project we have meritoriously proved the efficiency of our specialization in audio transcription, considering the nature of the challenge that manifested in the client's recordings. With a team of 200 transcriptionists and efficient infrastructure, we have clocked more time on projects of similar requirements. We offer fast transcription of documents in the language and format of your choice. Get risk-free experience by working with us along with fast and reliable support.

Contact us today if you want quick and efficient results by outsourcing transcription services.

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