Accurate Audio Transcription for a Contemporary Theatre Company

Case Study on Audio Transcription for a Theatre Company

The Client

Flatworld Solutions was contacted by a New York-based contemporary theater company. The company needed audio transcription for their plays, hoping to prepare them for various productions and interviews. They were also in need of a company that could timestamp them, and one that could complete the work in accurate English for an affordable cost.

They found Flatworld Solutions through our website and were impressed by our experience and pricing. They elected to use us for their audio transcription needs.

The Problems Faced During the Project

The client needed the work completed with a fast turnaround, and deliveries were required to be sent right away and back to back so that the company could move forward with the product. All transcriptions needed to be of the utmost accuracy and ready for their use. This proved to be challenging as the audio recordings were not always of high quality, and some audio was unclear at times.

The Solution

The client was confident that we would be able to accurately handle the audio given our experience, so no trial project was needed.

Turnaround time was placed at 36 to 48 hours for every 9 hours of audio transcription, and to meet this deadline, Flatworld Solutions placed 4 resources as a team to work on this project. Although there were several instances of poor audio quality, the team, each of whom was fluent in English, could make out each word and determine the words to transcribe by context.

The Results

The theater company was very pleased with the accuracy and rapid turnaround time of our work, and they continued to send audio transcriptions to Flatworld Solutions on a regular basis, becoming an ongoing project. While the company came for just one project, they were pleased with our work and our mutually agreed upon costs, and have since become a long-term client of Flatworld Solutions.

For more information about our audio transcription services, please contact Flatworld Solutions, today.

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