CD DVD Transcription Services

CD and DVD Transcription Services

Attain cutting-edge accuracy and world-class quality outputs with our secured CD/ DVD transcription services

With technology accelerating progressively, it has become more significant than ever for businesses to stay relevant to the latest state-of-the-art technologies. One such crucial field is saving data in audio and video formats. CD/ DVD transcription helps companies handle large amounts of data efficiently while ensuring its utmost protection. You can have all your essential business information at your fingertips by transcribing your latest seminars, interviews, webinars, lectures, videos, podcasts, or conferences. You must copy your audio/video files from your PC to a CD/DVD and send them to us. We will rip, digitize, and transcribe your audio both quickly and accurately. After the DVD transcription process, we will send you the completed file in the specific media format of your choice.

As a leading CD/ DVD transcription service provider in the industry, we understand how important it is for businesses to focus on their core operations and incorporate the expertise of professional transcribers to lead a sustainable business model. With over 20 years of experience in transcription services and the support of our professional transcriptionists, we have attained the technical know how to deliver quality services to our clients. Our team's assistance will help you reduce overheads, expenses, and capital investments, helping you to boost your business's savings and profitability in the long run.

CD / DVD Transcription Solutions We Offer

Our team of experts can address a wide array of transcription needs of companies across borders and are committed to quality and timeliness. Leverage our high-end equipment, tools, and technology to meet your client's requirements. Continue reading to get a better understanding of our transcription solutions.

  1. Audio CD/ DVD Transcription

    Audio CD/ DVD Transcription

    Get superior quality Mp3 transcription services with the assistance of our team of experts and top-notch tools and technologies.

  2. Video CD/ DVD Transcription

    Video CD/ DVD Transcription

    Employ our efficient and accurate video CD/ DVD transcription services to transcribe your client's video content into text transcripts.

  3. Seminar CD/ DVD Transcription

    Seminar CD/ DVD Transcription

    Partner with our comprehensive transcription services to swiftly transcribe your client's audio and video recordings into safe and easily accessible formats.

  4. Court Hearing CD/ DVD Transcription

    Court Hearing CD/ DVD Transcription

    Incorporate our professional and qualitative transcription solutions to deliver highly accurate solutions to your clients.

  5. Interview CD/ DVD Transcription

    Interview CD/ DVD Transcription

    From one-to-one interviews to round table discussions, leverage the expertise of our transcriptionists to meet your client's business requirements.

  6. Conference CD/ DVD Transcription

    Conference CD/ DVD Transcription

    Whether you need transcription services for your board meetings or research work presentations, our expert team can significantly help you.

Process We Follow

Listed below are a few basic steps that our experts undertake to ensure delivering quality services to your clients -


Our team collects all the files for your transcription projects once our samples get approved


The data is scrutinized to select the most appropriate tools for the project's format conversions


Transcription work starts at the third step, and our team of specialists aim towards delivering quality outcomes on time


The completed project files are sent for quality checks to get precise results


We send these files via secured servers and await your feedback for further corrections and finalizations

Why Choose Us as your CD/ DVD Transcription Service Provider?

Read on to understand how our assistance can help you deliver your clients with best-in-class CD/ DVD Transcription services -

  • Trained Transcriptionists

    Our digital audio transcriptions team is well-trained and has extensive experience in offering quality transcription solutions to our clients by understanding unique business requirements.

  • Stringent Review Process

    To ensure optimum accuracy in our transcript projects, we follow a strict review process before forwarding the completed files to our clients.

  • Multiple Formats

    Our transcribers are well-equipped and adequately trained to work with several file formats, including WMA, MP4, WAV, MP3, Windows Media, QuickTime, DSS, AIFF, WMV, and Real Audio, amongst others.

  • 98% Accuracy

    We follow stringent review processes to ensure the highest accuracy in our transcripts.

  • Data Security & Confidentiality

    Following the latest codes and guidelines ensures we deliver our transcription projects with secured data and network.

  • No Need to Hire & Train in-house Transcribes

    By outsourcing DVD transcription services and video transcribing to us, you can save yourself from the trouble of recruitment and training in-house video transcribers or DVD transcribers.

  • Fast & Accurate Transcriptions

    No matter the volume of your data, we can quickly complete your transcripts within a quick turnaround time.

  • Standardized Data

    You can standardize your important data into one text format with all your audio/video files transcribed into text.

  • Ease of Storage and Accessibility

    You can easily store and use all your information by getting your video/audio files transcribed into text. You will also have quick access to your data, as and when you need it.

  • Pricing

    We aim to offer our clients highly competitive prices to provide them with quality transcription solutions.

Additional Services

Transcription Services

Leverage our highly accurate and reliable services to transcribe your video files with our video transcription solutions.

Business Transcription Services

Incorporate our transcription solutions to convert speed into a written or electronic text format.

transcription Services

Employ our high-quality services to achieve ideal audio transcription solutions for your business requirements.

Media Transcription Services

Partner with us to comply with your business's SEO and online visibility requirements.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Video Transcription Services to a US Production House

We Provided Video Transcription Services to a US Production House

A US production house required video transcription services for hundreds of videos. The client wanted the project to be completed within a short timeframe so that it can be aired according to the schedule. We not only fulfilled their primary request but also delivered better values.

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FWS Provided Audio Translation and Transcription Services to a Healthcare Services Provider

We Provided Audio Translation and Transcription Services to a Healthcare Services Provider

The client, a top US healthcare services provider, approached us for transcription 7 Translation services, which needed to be implemented on focus group recordings in English and Spanish. Our team of transcribers and translators worked hard to meet the deliverables within the short timeline.

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Outsource CD/DVD Transcription Services to Us


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If you want to transcribe video/audio files, look no further than our CD/ DVD transcription solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in delivering quality transcription services to our clients, including companies beyond geographical boundaries. Whether you require many files to be transcribed or only a short-length audio file, our services will help you immensely. When you outsource DVD transcription services to us, you can be assured of -

  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Customized transcription solutions
  • Cost savings of over 60%
  • Minimum hassles
  • Immediate response to your needs

Ensure accurate transcription of your video/audio files and give your business a competitive edge with a CD/ DVD transcription company like ours.


Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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