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When you outsource a function of your business to an offshore vendor, there is always the fear of your confidential data being misused or misplaced. Flatworld Solutions conforms to vigilant in-house data security measures while delivering high-quality transcription services to its customers. The company's transcription team treats "transcription data" very cautiously, keeping in mind the privacy, security and confidentiality concerns of its customers.

Privacy, Security & Confidentiality Measures Employed at Flatworld Solutions

  • Flatworld Solutions' transcription team undergoes professional training on security, privacy and confidentiality
  • All the systems in the Flatworld's office have been installed with antivirus software and firewalls
  • Technical evaluation is conducted on a regular basis to ensure that all the systems adhere to the necessary security agreements. Moreover, the external drives in all the systems have been disabled
  • Data Security

    Data Security at Flatworld Solutions

    Security of confidential client data is our topmost priority at Flatworld Solutions, therefore we have established frameworks across people, process, and technology to address all kinds of concerns our clients may have. View this video to learn how we achieve stringent data security.
  • Members of the transcription team are not allowed to carry laptops, PDAs or any other electronic gadgets such as thumb drives into the office. Besides, they are asked to sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements before they start working on a project that contains confidential information
  • Stringent administrative procedures that guard document availability, data integrity and confidentiality are in place
  • Restricted printing permission at the office ensures that customer-sensitive data is not leaked
  • All the transcribed files bear a 128 bit encryption. Encrypted data ensures that crucial information is not deciphered easily by unauthorized people. Besides, all critical data is stored at a data center, which has limited access
  • Employees are assigned unique passwords to logon to their computers, which ensure that one employee cannot access another employee's computer to access customer-sensitive data. In addition, random checks of systems and employees are conducted so as to make sure that there is no case of data theft
  • Flatworld Solutions' office is guarded by professional security personnel round the clock. Besides, the Flatworld office is equipped with smoke alarms and multiple fire extinguishers
  • Every transcription professional at Flatworld Solutions has a unique user ID and password to access critical transcripts and voice files. This mechanism prevents unauthorized access to data
  • The company has rigid processes that can monitor and detect any breach of security. Moreover, regular audits are also conducted to identify a breach of security, if any
  • All the employees of the transcription team at Flatworld Solutions are screened at the time of entering and leaving the company's premises

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