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Transcription is a task that demands effort and attentiveness. It is time-consuming, so businesses prefer to outsource it to industry experts. In this way, they can get the best results without investing much time or money. Through this article, let's discuss what to expect while outsourcing transcription services to an overseas partner.

  1. Reduced Time, Effort, And Costs

    By outsourcing transcription services, you can save time, reduce effort, and cut down on costs. Just that, when you outsource you must make sure that your partner is competent enough to cater to your requirements.

  2. Quality and Accuracy

    A poor-quality transcription can turn out to be your worst nightmare. It can even taint your business image. Hence, the third-party transcription service provider you choose should have the skill and experience to deliver the quality and accuracy you are looking for.

  3. Turnaround Times

    There is more to transcription services than just quality and accuracy. The project completion time is equally important. The quick and timely deliveries help keep pace with your growing business needs. So, when you hire a service provider make sure they can deliver quality services with quick turnarounds.

  4. Global Expertise

    For effective and accurate transcription services, you need access to experienced, qualified, and capable experts with working knowledge in the subject matter. Please ensure that your project will be assigned to reliable experts with the required qualification before you seal the deal with an overseas service provider.

  5. Scalability

    If you are into the medical business, your transcription requirement will be heavy. And the volume of work may wax and wane. Your outsourcing partner should be able to absorb the sudden changes in work inflow and yet provide reliable and accurate services.

  6. Flexibility

    Your transcriptions requirements may change anytime, and you may require the services with new formats, edits, and so on. Your partner should be flexible enough to help cope with sudden changes to your transcription needs.

  7. Sample Transcription

    One cannot judge the competency of a service provider only through verbal assurances. The best way to ascertain their capability is through a sample assignment or a free trial. Choose a service provider willing to provide a trial run.

  8. Data Security

    Your business data is critical to you, and you would want to safeguard it at all costs. Remove the possibilities of any unauthorized data access while outsourcing by choosing an ISO-certified service provider. Also, make sure that your vendor has access to up-to-the-minute data security systems.

  9. Advanced Transcription Tools

    A good transcription provider will always rely on the best transcription tools and software for providing outstanding services. Therefore, you must choose a partner with access to a robust infrastructure.

  10. Well-Developed Process

    Your outsourcing partner must have a proper transcription process. Every assigned work should go through a proper workflow, including multiple quality checks. This will ensure that the work delivered to you is consistent in terms of quality.

  11. 24/7 Services

    Not all transcription providers provide round-the-clock services. But while working with an overseas outsourcing partner, make sure you choose one that provides 24/7 services. In this way, you can benefit from the time zone difference, and rest assured that the work will get done faster.

  12. Single Point of Contact

    A worthwhile transcription provider will assign you a dedicated project manager for all your projects. This manager should serve as a point of contact for all your service needs. In this way, you will be able to communicate easily and get work finalized faster.

  13. Regulatory Compliant

    If you are in a domain like healthcare, which is marked by heavy regulatory control, you need a partner who adheres to regulatory compliance. It should be the primary requirement for a partner to qualify for the partnership.

  14. Employee Friendly

    You may want to take a keen interest in your offshore service providers' HR policy. It can tell you how good the company is at drawing and retaining talent. And it is a significant indicator of the reliability of their service.

  15. Employee Training

    Your transcription provider must have proper training methods rolled into their process flow. This will help them train new hires more effectively. Besides, a good training program will also help them upskill their current employees.

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The Conclusion

Setting the right expectations from your transcription provider can spare you many a heartache. However, it is important to set the expectations and terms with your provider at the onset. It results in sustainable and long-term partnerships.

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