Forensic Transcription Services

Forensic Transcription Services

Forensic transcription involves transcribing barely audible or visible media segment into clearly comprehensible formats, which can be used for numerous purposes. Not every digital media file you work with will be of a superior quality; some of them might lack an acceptable quality audio, while the others might lack a clearly visible video. A criminal evidence tape is a perfect example of such media segments; most of the times footage captured in some hidden cameras or CCTV recordings are used as evidence in the court of law. Mere presence of this evidence does not serve the purpose; perceptibility is a key factor to utilize this evidence in making the most out of it.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have highly experienced and skilled transcriptionists who quickly transcribe poor quality, barely usable input files and provide the client with high-quality transcripts. Our team of forensic transcriptionists is well-trained to identify all the key facts present in poor quality media files and get clear transcripts by transcribing them. We have been working closely with various legal professionals and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Services We Offer

Our forensic audio transcription services are aimed to restore your media files to their optimum quality before transcribing them. Majority of our clients are law firms and agencies who are finding it difficult to present the existing evidence in the courtroom due to the media file's inferior quality. We have been helping such clients in making the most out of the available evidence by providing high-quality transcripts in extremely short time at affordable rates. Some of the key forensic transcription solutions we offer include -

  1. Forensic Data Analysis

    When we first receive the media file from the client, we do an initial check of the file and determine the factors affecting the audibility and/or visibility of the data present in that file. We then perform a series of tests to identify these factors, determine the level of corruption of the media file, and analyze what will be the required restoration procedure for the file.

  2. Data Enhancement

    After complete analysis of the media files you have sent us, our expert team will decide how to carry out the restoration and transcription process. We have the required industry experience and skilled resources to provide you with the best forensic transcription services.

  3. Accurate Transcription of Different Media Files

    Irrespective of the file format - audio or video, our team has the expertise to restore the file to its best possible quality. After this is accomplished, the transcription team will create a final transcript, which will be provided to the client in any desired format.

  4. Transcription of Carbon Dating Notes

    Carbon dating is a process of determining the age and date of any kind of organic material using the proportions of various carbon isotopes present in the material. Scientists use this method to determine the age of materials found during their research and prepare notes and results during the process. We can provide a complete and accurate transcripts of such carbon dating notes and results.

  5. Forensic Reports

    Our team has the required skills and resources to provide a detailed, accurate and timely transcription of audio or video files for any kind of forensic report. We can also provide detailed transcription and template filling services for different types of cyber forensics reporting.

  6. Forensic Testimonies

    Court proceedings need to be recorded and documented for future references. Therefore, we provide highly accurate transcripts of testimonies provided in a court hearing, which makes further forensic investigations easy and eliminate the scope for misinterpretation.

  7. Digital Filtering of Unclear Audio Files

    Sometimes, the audio file may not be clearly audible or might have a lot of disturbances, such as voices of indistinct people talking in the background or noise from traffic. In such cases, we filter out certain frequencies using an equalizer or any other kind of audio processing tools. By lowering the intensities of such interfering high and low frequencies in the audio file, the mid-range frequencies can be heard more clearly.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
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99% Accuracy
16 Years Experience
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Forensic Transcription Process at Flatworld Solutions

We understand the importance of providing accurate forensic transcription services and are one of the leading transcription companies in the world, known for our quality services. We follow a systematic process at Flatworld Solutions, which helps us deliver top-quality transcripts well within the stipulated time, without compromising on the quality. Our four-step streamlined process for carrying out efficient forensic transcription services includes -


01. Analysis

The media to be transcribed is first studied carefully to understand the discrepancies hindering clear audibility and/or visibility

Speech Pattern Recognition  

02. Speech Pattern Recognition

The file is then subjected to audio-video processing tools. Waveform analysis will clearly identify the speech patterns and then the enhancement techniques will be decided based on these patterns

Advanced Synthesis  

03. Advanced Synthesis

The media files are subjected to advanced synthesis in the next step. The speech patterns are listened to at different speeds and the appropriate amplification levels are used to enhance the quality of the media file

Final Output  

04. Final Output

After the enhancements are carried out the final transcript is generated, which will be presented to the client in the desired format

7 Reasons to Outsource Forensic Transcription Services to Us

Flatworld Solutions has been providing transcription services for over a decade now and has the experience of working with clients from different domains. Some of the key benefits of partnering with us are -

  1. Affordable Prices

    We have a talented pool of resources who will provide the best forensic transcripts at highly cost-effective prices

  2. Multiple Output Formats

    We understand that the transcription requirements vary from one client to another. Therefore, we provide top-quality outputs in a wide variety of file formats, including PDF, PageMaker, HTML, FrameMaker, Word, QuarkXpress, etc.

  3. Data Security

    We follow some strict workstation data security policies, which ensure that all the information and files you share with us will remain completely safe and confidential

  4. High Accuracy

    We are known to deliver top-quality forensic transcripts with a high level of accuracy, of almost 98%

  5. Best Infrastructure

    We have state-of-the-art infrastructure in place, which enables us to provide the best transcripts in extremely short time

  6. Use of Latest technologies

    Our team is well trained and has transcriptionists who are experts in using some of the latest audio and video transcription tools and technologies available today

  7. Quick Turnaround Time

    When you outsource your transcription services to us, you can expect accurate transcripts to be delivered within a quick turnaround time, as we ensure that your internal processes get executed as scheduled

Outsource Forensic Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions

Outsourcing transcription services to Flatworld Solutions offers a series of benefits. We have been providing the best-quality forensic transcription services and a host of other transcription services to global clients, across various industry sectors. With such a multi-domain experience we understand the advantages of accurate forensic transcription and its role in criminal investigations. With an industry experience of over 19 years, we can handle any kind of transcription requests. Our quick and cost-effective services help clients to save a considerable amount of money and time. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable, quick, accurate, and cost-effective transcription service provider, then you have come to the right place.

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