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Outsource Forensic Transcription Services to Flatworld Solutions

Forensic transcription refers to a transcription used to transcribe barely audible or visible media segment. Not every digital media file you work with is of a superior quality; some of them might lack an acceptable quality audio, while some others might lack a clearly visible video. A criminal evidence tape is a perfect example; most of the times some hidden cameras or CCTV recordings are used as evidence in the court of law. Mere presence of this evidence does not serve the purpose; perceptibility to utilize this evidence is the key factor in making the most of the evidence.

Flatworld Solutions specializes in resolving such scenarios and providing the client with an unbelievable quality output from a barely usable input file. Majority of our esteemed clients are law firms experiencing difficulties in demonstrating the evidence in the courtroom due to inferior quality evidence. However at the end of day when Flatworld Solutions contributes their services they are more than just happy with the results.

Outsource forensic transcription services to Flatworld Solutions and get accurately transcribed files.

Why should you outsource forensic transcription services to Flatworld Solutions?

At Flatworld, a team of top-notch dedicated professionals methodically analyze the audio or video file to enhance the output quality of the affected file. These experts inclusively understand the importance of every minor detail associated with the media file which is to be transcribed. Additionally these forensic transcribers are highly trained; most of them having completed their accreditations in forensic transcription.

Over 11 years we have worked with numerous clients, especially related to legal matters and have been rightly branded by everyone as "quality masters". We thrive to make a positive contribution in the development of your organization's business.

The forensic transcription process at Flatworld Solutions

  1. The media which is to be transcribed is first studied carefully to understand the discrepancies hindering clear audibility and visibility
  2. It is then subjected to high-end audio-video software for further analysis. Complex waveform analysis illustrates the speech patterns and displays areas where speech needs enhancement. With a video file, several conversion and enhancement techniques are queued up to improve the quality
  3. Segments of media file which enter the third stage of enrichment are subjected to more advanced synthesis. Speech patterns are listened to at varying speeds and amplification levels to finalize the enhancements needed to improve the quality
  4. In the final stage of the forensic transcription process, the necessary enhancements are implemented and the final output file is checked for quality

Advantages of outsourcing forensic transcription services to Flatworld Solutions

  • State-of-the art media quality enhancement infrastructure
  • Highly skilled and trained workforce
  • Absolute confidentiality and security of data
  • Highly secure work environment which guarantees data integrity
  • Unmatched quality output in a wide variety of formats like PDF, PageMaker, HTML, FrameMaker, Word and QuarkXpress
  • Unbelievably short product delivery deadlines
  • Lucrative pricing schemes which provide complete forensic transcription solutions
  • Top-quality customer support services

Contact Flatworld Solutions to transcribe your imperfect media files. Just fill in our inquiry form, and our customer relationship managers will get in touch with you.



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