Forensic Transcription Services

Forensic Transcription Services

Eliminate ambiguity and get an accurate scientific observation of words with our world-class forensic transcription services

Forensic findings work as significant evidence in impacting the outcomes of lawsuits. Forensic evidence in today's world includes samples from conventional sources and information from CCTV footage, laptops, and smartphones. Forensic transcription services in the legal world play a critical role in assisting lawyers in analyzing court proceedings data to determine the crime's essential details. It involves transcribing barely audible or visible media segments into clearly comprehensible formats, which can be used for numerous purposes. Not every digital media file you work with will be of superior quality. In fact, some of them might lack acceptable quality audio, while others might lack a clearly visible video. A criminal evidence tape is a perfect example of such media segment. Most of the time, footage captured in hidden cameras or CCTV recordings is used as evidence in a court of law. The mere presence of this evidence does not serve the purpose. Hence, perceptibility is crucial in utilizing this evidence to make the most out of it.

We have highly experienced and skilled transcriptionists with extensive experience in delivering the best quality transcription services to clients. Our team of forensic transcriptionists are well-trained to identify all the key facts present in poor-quality media files and get clear transcripts by transcribing them.

Forensic Transcription Solutions We Offer

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique transcription requirements for lawsuits and are well-equipped to cater to the needs of our clients. Thus, by collaborating with a forensic transcription company like ours, you can restore your media files to their optimum quality before transcribing them. Some of our key forensic transcription solutions include -

  1. Audio Enhancement

    Audio Enhancement

    Leverage our audio enhancement transcription solutions to upgrade the quality of audio recordings and ensure accurate transcription to your clients for both criminal and civil proceedings.

  2. Verbatim Transcription

    Verbatim Transcription Services

    Partner with our services to get high-quality verbatim transcripts that meet your business's special requests and requirements and comply with industry standards.

  3. Time-stamped Transcription

    Time stamped Transcription

    Ensure accurate aligning of the transcript's texts with the recording by inserting time-stamps with our time-stamped transcription services.

  4. Expert Testimony Preparation

    Expert Testimony Preparation

    Collaborate with our expert testimony transcription services to deliver clear, accurate, and well-presented reports to your clients.

  5. Speaker Identification

    Speaker Identification

    If you want to ensure the accurate identification of speakers in the recorded audio files, then our speaker identification services will help you greatly.

  6. Audio Authentication

    Audio Authentication

    Strengthen your audio authentication processes by leveraging our team's expertise to check whether the audio is authentic or tampered and deliver accurate results.

  7. Transcription of Video Recordings

    Transcription of Video Recordings

    Incorporate our reliable video transcription services to ensure accurate transcription of video to text formats to offer quality assistance to your clients.

  8. Transcription of 911 Calls

    Transcription of 911 Calls

    Accurate transcription of 911 calls cannot be emphasized enough in law and legal proceedings. To ensure hassle-free, fool-proof outcomes, take the assistance of our end-to-end transcription solutions.

  9. Transcription of Police Interviews and Interrogations

    Transcription of Police Interviews and Interrogations

    Support police interrogations and help investigators and prosecutors make informed decisions with our quality transcription services.

Process We Follow

We understand the importance of providing accurate forensic transcription solutions and are one of the leading transcription companies in the world, known for our quality services. We follow a systematic process that equips us to deliver top-quality transcript solutions within the stipulated time. Here's our four-step streamlined process for carrying out efficient forensic transcription services. It includes -


01. Analysis

As the first step, our team analyses the project's media files to understand the discrepancies that hinder clear audibility or visibility.


02. Speech Pattern Recognition

The file is then subject to audio-video processing tools. Our team of qualified experts identifies the speech patterns and decides the enhancement techniques based on the discovered patterns.


03. Advanced Synthesis

The media files are then put to advanced synthesis. Here, the speech patterns are heard at different speeds, and the appropriate amplification levels are used to enhance the quality of the media file.


04. Final Output

After the enhancements are carried out, the final transcript is generated and presented to the client in the desired format.

Why Choose Us as Your Forensic Transcription Service Provider?

Our extensive industry experience supports us with the right knowledge and expertise to understand our client's unique requirements. Here's what you can expect by partnering with our services -

  • Multiple Output Formats

    We understand that the transcription requirements vary from one client to another. Therefore, we provide top-quality outputs in a wide variety of file formats, including PDF, PageMaker, HTML, FrameMaker, Word, QuarkXpress, etc.

  • Data Security

    We follow strict workstation data security policies, ensuring that all the information and files you share with us will remain completely safe and confidential.

  • High Accuracy

    We aim at delivering top-quality forensic transcripts with optimum accuracy to our clients.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have state-of-the-art infrastructure in place, which enables us to provide the best transcripts in a concise time.

  • Use of the Latest technologies

    Our team is well-trained and has transcriptionists who are experts in using some of the latest audio and video transcription tools and technologies to offer timely and reliable outcomes.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    When you outsource your transcription services to us, you can expect accurate transcripts to be delivered quickly.

  • Affordable Prices

    Our transcription experts aim to provide best-in-class forensic transcript solutions at competitive prices to ensure effective solutions to clients.

Additional Services We Offer

Legal Transcription Services

Be it testimonies, hearings, interviews, or any legal activity, outsource forensic transcription services to an experienced service provider like ours to ensure quality outcomes.

Video Transcription Services

Strengthen your process of translating video audio into accurate text by leveraging our video transcription services.

Medical Transcription Service

Upgrade the quality and accessibility of medical transcripts, effectively manage seasonal staffing fluctuations, and improve patient care with our professional medical transcription services.

Business Transcription Services

If you are looking for a fast and accurate transcription service that offers an easy-to-use interface, our business transcription services can significantly help you.

Client Success Stories

FWS Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Leading Telecommunications Company

We Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Leading Telecommunications Company

A leading telecommunications provider was looking for high-quality voice transcription services. Our team provided accurate services and exceeded the client's expectations.

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FWS Provided Transcription Services to a London-based Production House

We Provided Transcription Services to a London-based Production House

A leading production house based in London was looking for a reliable and cost-effective transcription service provider. Our team provided them with highly cost-effective services.

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Not only are the transcriptions I've ordered very accurate, but the prices are extremely reasonable, the turnaround time is quick and the customer service is excellent!

Patricia F, Los Angeles More Testimonials »

Outsource Forensic Transcription Services to Us

Forensic transcription is vital in working as objective evidence for criminal cases. This is one of the significant reasons why it is recommended to take the assistance of a professional forensic transcription solution provider to obtain a series of benefits besides accuracy and professional outcomes.

Since 20 years, we have been providing the best-quality transcription services and a host of other transcription services to global clients across various industry sectors. With such a multi-domain experience, we understand the advantages of accurate forensic transcription and its role in criminal investigations. Listed below are a few benefits that you can derive by partnering with a forensic transcription company like ours -

  • High-end technology
  • Greater flexibility
  • Total security, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Cost-effective legal transcription solutions
  • Stringent quality control processes

Hence, if you are looking for a reliable, quick, accurate, and cost-effective transcription service provider, you have come to the right place.


Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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