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Market research is a cost-effective way to learn about potential customers, market size, competition and other parameters that can help you take strategic business decisions. Also sometimes used in connotation with marketing research reports, it is a must-do activity before starting any business endeavor.

Though conducting market research and preparing market research reports are relatively easy, it requires systematic and scientific application of techniques that can shed light into market conditions accurately. Finding the right company to undertake this exercise is expensive and time consuming.

Flatworld Solutions provides market research report services that can help you gain critical insights into how your business can strategize and plan to take advantage based on the market data. Using statistical analyses to measure various conditions we can develop custom reports for your business.

Market research report services by Flatworld Solutions

  1. Porter five force analysis: The Porter's five force analysis can help you determine forces and opportunities in a particular market. This analysis is useful particularly for businesses who are contemplating introducing a new product or service. It can also give you an edge over rival firms by understanding nuances in the market
  2. Marketing research reports: Marketing research reports focus more on the consumers and end users in a market. By assessing consumer buying behavior on various fronts, these reports can enable you to design your product or service tailored to a market
  3. SWOT analysis: SWOT analysis studies a business by looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as applied to an organization or for a product or service. Our SWOT Analysis can help you find opportunities that you might have overlooked or help you devise a plan for improving on weaknesses. Read our detailed article which explains how SWOT analysis can help your business.
  4. PEST analysis: Like Porter's Five Forces model, PEST is a study of political, economical, social and technological factors that influence a market. Information from these elements can give you a bird's eye view of the market as a whole and can help you create strategies for market entry or penetration
  5. Industry market research reports: Knowing industry verticals where your offering can solve problems is as important as studying the market itself. Our industry market research studies trends and consumer buying habits across various industries, helping you to decide on profitable verticals before entering the market
  6. Business market research reports and investment environment: Investment decisions cannot be made by gut instinct; they require numbers that show the health of the market. Our market research reports give you a holistic view of market influencers as well as customer size, demographic data, revenue trends and ROI numbers
  7. Sector-wise research: Unlike Industry research, sector analysis analyses all elements of a particular sector such as the size, purchasing behavior, historical performance data, competition and forecast. This helps you to accordingly plan your market strategy in a particular sector
  8. Country analysis: When your business goes global, it is important to understand market conditions operating in a country. What works in a particular geographic location might not apply in another. Our country analysis provides nuggets of market information of a particular country - from the socio-economic factors to market level data
  9. Risk assessment: Analyzing risks associated with a particular market is as important as market research itself. Our risk assessment report covers country level data to challenges associated with a particular market within a particular geography
  10. Market size analysis: If your target market is too small, all the effort that went into research and development of your product might go waste. Market size analysis accurately determines the size and potential of the market for your product / service
  11. Target screening: Use our market research abilities to reach the most promising, profitable and niche market that you need to target
  12. Company profiling: Studying how your company has fared over time can give you information about where you have been successful and where opportunity lies for improvement. We analyze and present research reports that cover financial as well as customer related data that you can structure into your decision making process
  13. Competitive analysis: Knowing in and out about rival companies can give you a competitive advantage into how you can better maximize your returns. Our company analysis provides insights into critical data about an organization that you can use to your business' benefit
  14. Feasibility study: Feasibility analysis studies the return on investment (ROI) as applied to a market that your business plans to enter. Knowing revenue forecasts and market potential can help you budget costs for marketing, sales and operations
  15. Sectional highlights: Sectional highlights present you with an overview across industry verticals and domains such as market size, potential, historical sales volume data and market influencers, at a high level

Read a case study on how FWS Provided a Detailed Porter Analysis and Web Research to a Leading US Technology Consulting Company.

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