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Legal drafting, analysis, and documentation are integral parts of any law firm's daily work. Whether you require in-depth legal analysis, legal articles, legal research, or drafts of memoranda, consider outsourcing some of these tasks to Flatworld Solutions at one-third of your current operating cost. Our expert legal team is made up of qualified lawyers who are skilled at handling any type of legal analysis, legal drafting, or legal documentation. They know how to get the job done within a short turnaround time. We can function as your back office legal process outsourcing partner and efficiently manage your legal drafting, legal documentation, or legal analysis requirements.

Legal documentation, drafting & analysis services offered at Flatworld Solutions

Outsource your non-core legal activities to us. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Drafting legal pleadings, discovery documents and other litigation documents
  • Preparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys
  • Analyzing, organizing legal information and maintaining files
  • Drafting complaints and summons
  • Drafting responsive pleadings and answers
  • Drafting correspondences
  • Shepardizing cases
  • Performing legal, non-legal and medical research
  • Performing investigations
  • Developing a computerized information retrieval system
  • Providing second opinions
  • Editing pre-drafted agreements
  • Proofreading agreements drafted by other parties

Gain an edge by outsourcing legal documentation, drafting & analysis to Flatworld Solutions

Get the outsource advantage at Flatworld Solutions. We:

  • Provide you with 24x7 legal process outsourcing always delivered ahead of schedule
  • Are well-versed in the laws of different jurisdictions
  • Have a thorough knowledge of legal drafting rules
  • Pay attention to detail and minimize errors
  • Assure complete security and privacy of your confidential data
  • Have access to legal libraries, resources and databases
  • Help you save on the cost of hiring and training new resources

With over 12 years of experience in the field of legal research and legal analysis, we have customers in the US, UK and in other European countries.

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Pricing is a critical factor to consider before outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

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