FAQs - Mortgage Services

FAQs on Mortgage Services

Flatworld Solutions is a leading company providing quality mortgage services to clients around the world within a quick turnaround time. We have been serving the industry for over a decade now and have enough experience to handle any kind of mortgage requests from our clients. If you are planning to outsource mortgage services to a reliable service provider, but are not sure where to begin, then here are a few FAQs that answer most of the queries, which often bother our customers.

  1. How many delivery centers do you have and where are they located?

    We have over 10 delivery centers and they are located in Philippines (Davao), Kenya, Bolivia and Colombia and India (Pune and Bangalore), with our corporate office located in Princeton, NJ. Also, our global offices are located in India, UK, USA and Philippines.

  2. Mortgage Data Security

    Mortgage Data Security - Flatworld Solutions

    Is your team experienced enough to handle complex mortgage projects?

    We have a team of mortgage experts who are well-experienced in working with numerous lenders around the globe and are updated with the latest industry standards and guidelines of mortgage sector and have also worked closely with numerous clients to efficiently implement their tasks.

  3. What are the different services Flatworld offers in the mortgage domain?

    At Flatworld Solutions, we offer a variety of quick and efficient mortgage services at cost-effective rates, which include -

  4. Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits

    Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits - Flatworld Solutions

    What are the different software systems you leverage for providing mortgage services?

    Our team of mortgage experts is trained to work on different mortgage software systems. We use the software, which our customers are comfortable with or integrate with our clients' software to provide quick and accurate services.

  5. Is there any minimum volume requirement to avail mortgage services at Flatworld Solutions?

    Our minimum volume requirement is 20 loans and above. We normally set aside at least a single full-time staff to begin the project, as we do not work on a shared resource basis. Therefore, it would be ideal if there is sufficient volume to keep the staff occupied for the entire day.

  6. How do you assign resources after a project is outsourced?

    Depending on the client's requirements, we deploy full-time employees to each project who work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week and give their 100% for the project they are working on.

  7. Mortgage Transition Process

    Mortgage Transition Process - Flatworld Solutions

    Do you provide on-shore operations?

    Keeping in mind the major advantages of outsourcing, such as scalability, cost, speed, and quality, along with our commitment towards providing these benefits to our clients, we do not provide any on-shore operations. However, we send our staff on-shore regularly, as needed, for various purposes including constant process improvement, transition, gathering, and receiving performance feedback.

  8. Can we outsource only a part of the project?

    The decision of outsourcing the complete project or only a part of it is completely up to you. We will provide the required assistance based on your requirements.

  9. What are the different types of LOS systems your team has worked on?

    Our team has worked with different clients across the globe from different domains. Hence, we have the experience of working with different LOSs including Calyx, Encompass, Lending QB, PC Lender, etc.

  10. What are the different measures you take to ensure data security?

    Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we also take numerous precautions to ensure complete data security. Our professionals never download any of your confidential information or host your data locally and your data is always stored in your own server. Next, all our workstations are protected by maintaining biometric access machines, disabling external storage devices, and also access nothing other than white-listed Internet connections.

  11. What are the normal working hours at Flatworld Solutions?

    Our shift timings are flexible and can be modified to precisely cater to our client's requirements. Although we work for 8 hours, 5 days a week, clients have the privilege to expand the working hours up to 24/7, to reduce the closing time.

  12. How do we keep a track of the project progress?

    We make sure that we communicate with your internal team regularly and keep them updated with all the latest developments in the project. Any changes made to the project will be first sent to the client for approval before implementing it to provide you with complete control over your project at all times.

  13. What is your price structure?

    Flatworld Solutions is one most reasonably priced outsourcing partner in the mortgage domain. We provide you with a transparent pricing structure as soon as you put forward your requirements. As we do not provide per file based pricing, based on your project requirements you can avail our professional services on hourly basis or can also go for our Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) in case of long-term requirements.

  14. Why should I outsource mortgage back-office services to Flatworld Solutions?

    Outsourcing mortgage back-office services to us can help you take advantage of numerous benefits we offer -

    • Our services can be easily scaled as per your requirements
    • Our processes are easy to control, reliable and ensure measurable outcomes
    • All our operations are highly efficient and streamlined to provide best possible customer experience
    • Huge savings on operational costs that help you to cut down on your overall expenses
  15. How do we start?

    All that you have to do to partner with us is to fill our contact form with your details and project requirements and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also call us directly and talk to one of our representatives to discuss your project needs.

Hope these questions and answers addressed most of your queries on outsourcing your mortgage services to us. However, if you still have any queries that are unanswered, then please feel to get in touch with us anytime.

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