Mortgage Lien Release Support Services

Mortgage Lien Release Support Services

Hire qualified mortgage professionals with vast experience in providing mortgage lien release support and prevent the lien release process from turning sour!

Loans are paid, and milestones are met, so what's next? If you are understaffed or not abreast with the release formalities, it is best to outsource mortgage lien release support to professionals who are aware of the checklist of processes involved in releasing the lien placed on borrower's title. To complete the mortgage lien release in a quick and safe manner, the release must be filed as a subsequent in the public record, and payoff verification letter must be obtained and officially recorded.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have qualified agents with a decade of experience in mortgage lien release support and can prevent the lien release process from turning sour. Our expertise will help your clients secure the complete documents and an official payoff verification letter after full repayment of the loaned fund.

Mortgage Lien Release Support Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions works towards the objective of fully satisfying the mortgage lien release support by completely managing the end-to-end release process. We make it safer for borrowers to celebrate their payoff without frustration. Everything from title documents, notes, deed of trust to countersigned payoff verification letter is obtained and furnished to make title transfer risk-free and simple. Our Mortgage lien release support services include -

Mortgage Lien Release Processing

1. Mortgage Lien Release Processing
Once you receive the request for statements, we will check the balance sheet to communicate the statement to borrowers via fax, mail, other preferred channels. In the case of early mortgage loan pay off, we will provide instructions such as generation fee, prepayment penalties, and accompanying process fee. Once the pay off is complete and the letter is obtained, we will assist in recording release with the county within 30-90 days.

Mortgage Assignment Services

2. Mortgage Assignment Services
If borrowers hold assumable mortgage, we will ensure that the transaction is recognized with documentation of relevant details. When lenders sell the mortgage to another lender or third-party, the sale will be documented via an instrument called as the mortgage assignment. Using our expertise, we will round up documents that clearly recognizes the transfer of loan obligation and other details such as the validity of mortgage assignment, documents with contact information of the lender, borrower, etc.

Tracking and Reporting Support

3. Tracking and Reporting Support
We document all transactions in a CRM system that will provide real-time updates on the document movement as well as the estimated turnaround time for the process to complete. A clear paper and process trail will help you stay informed about the mortgage lien release process without agent support. Our high-quality tracking and reporting support will ensure that no documents are lost or omitted in the mortgage lien release process because we use document tracking technology and skilled professionals to prevent human latency.

Document Recording Solution

4. Document Recording Solution
We store the digitized documents in the Cloud to eliminate process redundancy and lag in the lien release timeline. We ensure that once the borrower initiates mortgage lien release request, the process is documented from start to finish so that the progress can be reported with ease and the availability of documents (requested and present) can be tracked with just a few clicks. It simply enhances the efficiency of the mortgage lien release support and fast tracks the effort to complete the formalities.

Document Retrieval Solution

5. Document Retrieval Solution
With a ton of nested process, availability of documents is critical to determine the success of mortgage lien release support. We ensure that title information, assignment reports, and ownership details are available in an instant so that verification and validation can be completed within reasonable time. Our document retrieval solutions can efficiently manage the document trail and so that only error-free documents can reach the county.

Steps We Follow in the Mortgage Lien Release Support Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we prioritize making the service transparent end-to-end without grey areas. This would enable you to experience the quality of efforts we take to maintain compliance and bring you the satisfaction through a clean mortgage lien release support. The process involves is as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

We will assess your requirement and make a checklist of documents and resources present and the ones that must be obtained


02. Verification and Validation

The documents obtained by our agents will be verified to ensure completeness and accuracy. If there is a shortfall, concerned parties will be notified


03. Fill and Sign

Once we receive payoff validation we will obtain documents countersigned at the state department to record the transaction


04. File and Record

We will digitally store verified and signed documents in the online document repository for seamless access and management


05. Document Surrender

The lien is completely transferred to the borrower and documents that include the ownership details will be surrendered to the owner

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose FWS for Mortgage Lien Release Support Services?

Mortgage lien release support services can be hassling to deal without professional help because the process involves many moving pieces of documents and it is often a challenge to keep track of document trails and its movement while ensuring mortgage release is duly satisfied. We have excelled in this process thanks to our 20 years of consecutive experience. Here are some reasons why outsourcing mortgage lien release support is the right choice for you -

  • Certified Provider of Mortgage Lien Release Support Services

    Flatworld Solutions is ISO 9001:2015 certified mortgage lien release support services provider with 20 years of market exposure in the mortgage industry.

  • Data Security

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company that has invested in top-tier security systems to protect your client's digital data that includes mortgage and loan documents.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    At Flatworld Solutions, accuracy and quality of services are two things that we value the most because it brings us immense satisfaction in delivering reliable services. Our quality assurance team takes care to maintain accuracy in document trail and the data.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    Flatworld's mortgage lien release support services are rendered in short turnaround time so that you can focus on other important functions in mortgage loan process.

  • Scalability

    Flatworld is a top mortgage lien release support company that offers scalable services for lenders with dynamic requirements. Whether you want to upscale or downscale we have just the solution for you.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    Price-conscious customers can take advantage of our mortgage lien release support services because Our mortgage solutions are flexibly priced so that you can customize the service based on your needs.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Flatworld Solutions can provide a dedicated project manager who can collaborate with you and our mortgage agents to bring you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports that include information such as a number of files moved between departments and challenges faced by the team in the process.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Specialists, Underwriters, and Managers

    Once you outsource mortgage lien release support services, you can be relieved from the frustration of multiple processes in mortgage lien release support because we have a team of 500+ mortgage specialists who handle a wide variety of tasks to ensure a smooth lien release.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    At Flatworld We have the best infrastructure to speed up the lien release support process. This will enable mortgage agents to carry out document sourcing, verification, and processing in an efficient and organized manner.

  • Secure File Sharing

    We use SFTP and VPN that makes data and file sharing fast and secure. Our data sharing channels can be counted upon to transmit and receive data because we use security software that automatically scans for vulnerabilities.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We are highly available to service requests on a 24/7/365 basis. This will enable you to get in touch with our agents by phone call, email, or web chat support.

Client Success Stories

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Flatworld's mortgage solution cut the operation cost by 50% for a mortgage valuation company. Our solution scaled up the operation by 25% and reduced the TAT.

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Mortgage Lender Benefits from Short Closing Cycle and Zero Backlogs

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Flatworld Solutions is a trusted ISO certified mortgage support services provider with 20 years of exposure to some of the complex mortgage industry challenges. Our mortgage lien release support services are sought by many satisfied and returning clients who strongly stand by our service levels. We have the most qualified team that takes the best efforts to put your business in the right direction so that you spend less and get more ROI. We also offer other services such as mortgage underwriting, mortgage closing support, mortgage post-closing support, and more.

Connect with us and get customized mortgage lien release support services to provide hassle-free lien release services.

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