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Loan Modification Services

Loan Modification Services

Often, home buyers who purchase their homes with the help of mortgage loans face difficulties in paying the monthly mortgage payments. The primary reasons for this include negative equity and rising unemployment rates, especially in the USA. These factors are greatly contributing to rising delinquency. Therefore, home owners who stand a chance to default on their payments and lose their home forever look towards loan modification as a suitable solution. Owing to the benefits of loan modification, many home buyers choose this option over other extreme measures such as REO or foreclosure.

We, at Flatworld Solutions offer high-quality mortgage loan modification services to our clients and ensure streamlined workflows that help you in meeting the increasing amount of the loan modification demands. We help you overcome any problems pertaining to the loan modification by introducing standardized processes and project-suited resources that can help you reap exceptional benefits.

Our Loan Modification Services

We offer our clients a broad spectrum of mortgage loan modification services aimed at streamlining the entire process and efficaciously discharging end-to-end loan modification functions. Our wide set of loan modification services subsume -

  • Reviewing the documents
  • Carrying out income underwriting
  • Soliciting financial information of the borrower in order to qualify for the mortgage home loan modification
  • Completing the entire modification fulfillment process, including subordinations, title endorsements etc.
  • Dedicated consulting services for the borrowers to help them comprehend and complete the financial packages
  • Mailing the final modification packages

How Do We Help Lenders with Loan Modification?

More often than not, lenders face the problem of dealing with a large number of home owners trying to modify their loans. In such circumstances, our services can help you with the following -

  • Checking payments made by a home owner and adding missed payments to the loan balance so as to move the loan figures to current
  • Helping reduce interest rate by checking various background details and other home owner history
  • Helping you lengthen the loan term
  • Identifying factors which can lead to a permanent cancellation of a portion of the mortgage debt

Some of the differentiating factors which make us stand apart from our counterparts include -

  • Advanced technology support for execution of loan modification process
  • Best in class reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Cost efficiency leading to enhanced savings without any compromise in quality of the services
  • High-end technology tools for accelerating the loan modification processing time and real-time access to the vital information
  • Compliance with existing performance standards, stated guidelines and service level agreements

Outsource Mortgage Loan Modification Services to Flatworld Solutions

Loan modification is a process where speed, accuracy and efficiency are among the most significant factors that impact your performance and help you gain an edge over your competitors. We, at Flatworld Solutions offer the best mortgage services delivered in the finest manner when you outsource loan modification services to us.

With a seasoned team of loan modification professionals and access to advanced technology oriented tools, we deploy and execute strategically planned loan modification processes for powering your existing system.

For optimizing your loan defaults, modifying loans and to avail hassle free loss mitigation services, contact us today! You can outsource all your mortgage modification services to Flatworld Solutions and we assure the best results within shorter turnaround times.

Our Process

Our Process

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