Mortgage Underwriting Support for Credit Unions

Outsource Mortgage Underwriting Support for Credit Unions

Incorporating smarter technology into financial institutions is a necessity for outstanding customer service and easy-to-navigate banking. Servicing a loan prevails as a major resource drain due to the required attention-to-detail and compliance with strict regulations. The elaborate process of mortgage loan underwriting that meets customer demand while minimizing costs creates an extra challenge. Credit unions must utilize creative partnerships and innovative technology to distinguish themselves from the competition. Outsourcing your mortgage underwriting to Flatworld Solutions (FWS) is positioning your company for a better future.

Flatworld Solutions readily provides expertise, technology and solutions. Our outsourcing mortgage underwriting support focuses on personalized loan underwriting, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance. We specialize in automation, tried-and-true methods and trained professionals to underwrite more than five thousand loans for our clients every month.

Exhaustive Mortgage Underwriting Support for Credit Unions

With the mortgage market becoming increasingly more competitive, credit unions must look for speed and innovative means of growing profits while maintaining quality. In order to remain profitable, it is necessary to expedite processing new loan accounts for closing. As an outstanding mortgage loan underwriting company, we are well prepared to serve you and your clients. Outsourcing mortgage underwriting to Flatworld Solutions will allow you to redirect your time and resources toward future strategic priorities.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we hold unique insights into the market and its fluctuations. Key services we specialize include -

  • Automated Underwriting Systems

    Our experience gives us a deep and holistic understanding of the mortgage underwriting process. Flatworld Solutions applies advanced underwriting tools (Automated Underwriting System) to streamline the data validation process. We offer professional and technological expertise through specialization in Fannie Mae's Automated Underwriting System (Desktop Underwriter) and Freddie Mac's Automated Underwriting System (Loan Prospector).

  • Fulfilling Loan Requirements

    Once you outsource mortgage underwriting support for credit unions to a specialized firm like Flatworld, our team handles every detail comprised in the validation of loan conditions. We ensure that all elements of loan requirements are satisfied through our automated and manual checks. When there is missing information or additional requirements, we initiate timely requests to acquire information directly from the client regarding late payments, employment verification, gaps in employment, etc. Loan requirements create time-consuming delays in the underwriting process, yet FWS addresses every loan requirement immediately and efficiently.

  • Final Review: Title, Appraisal, and Fraud Review

    Outsourcing mortgage loan underwriting process to FWS saves your business from additional costs in running mandatory checks throughout the underwriting process. Our full-time trained team of expert underwriters, appraisers, and mortgage processors enforce detailed reviews against title, appraisal and fraud discrepancies. While such independently run reviews can be costly and time-consuming, Flatworld Solutions view these elements as crucial to the loan underwriting process. Our smooth and systematic incorporation of such reviews allow us to remain attentive to market trends and current regulations that ensures cost-efficiency and the highest accuracy for all loan applications.

  • Risk Management

    As your partner, we recognize your priorities to reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction. It becomes our responsibility to concentrate our expert underwriter teams and underwriting process toward your goals and expectations. We safeguard against risk by educating and following-up with clients as we service the loan.

Mortgage Underwriting Process We Follow

Our underwriters follow the below-mentioned process for mortgage underwriting -

Automated Processing  

01. Automated Processing

We conduct a primary analysis of character and credit worthiness through the information provided by the client

Periodic Manual Processing  

02. Periodic Manual Processing

We manually process high-risk applications that are flagged by our systems

Sourcing Support Documents  

03. Sourcing Support Documents

When there is additional required information to decide on the loan, we contact the borrower to receive all necessary information

Quality Check  

04. Quality Check

Experienced underwriters at FWS ensure accuracy and initiate final check for inconsistencies or missing information

Issue Clear-to-close  

05. Issue Clear-to-close

When all documentation has been reviewed and loan conditions have been fulfilled, our underwriters issue the loan "clear-to-close"

Why Should Credit Unions Choose Flatworld for Mortgage Underwriting?

We pride ourselves in over 20 years of outsourcing mortgage underwriting support experience and ensure the following benefits for your company -

  • Personalized Service - Allow us to do the heavy lifting while you prioritize other aspects of your business. Our expertise results in carefully curated loan underwriting for your clients
  • Streamlined Processes - We leverage the best mortgage technology in the industry to yield airtight analysis and consistent loan closings
  • Multi-layered Quality Check - Quality is expected in every layer of our work. Through multi-layered quality checks, we achieve accuracy and minimize risk
  • Reduced Costs - We secure up to 40% reductions in operational costs for your company that impacts salary, benefits and overhead costs
  • Reduced Turnaround Time - Our efficient use of technology and automated underwriting systems (AUS) culminate to up to 30% reductions in turnaround time

Other Services You Can Benefit From

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We care about quality. Leveraging the most advanced technology and creativity to support your company's mortgage underwriting allows us to provide quality in every dimension. Choose Flatworld Solutions, a leading fintech, to help strategize your future and strengths to broader market opportunities. Flatworld Solutions excels in offsite mortgage underwriting support for credit unions and is ready to take your business toward new opportunities.

Do you need help to be positioned competitively as an innovative financial institution? Outsource mortgage loan process and technical needs to Flatworld Solutions to achieve efficiency and excellence in meeting market demands!

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