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Short Sale Assistance

Foreclosure can be stressful for both lenders and borrowers, but to focus on other mainstay tasks it is essential to unburden your teams from back-end mortgage functions such as a short sale. This is where a short sale outsourcing firm like ours come in. With extensive knowledge of mortgage process, we help you to justify a short sale by disclosing proof of income loss and financial hardship.

Being an ISO certified company, Flatworld Solutions is backed by 20 years of experience assisting lenders in various mortgage back-end functions. Our specialization in mortgage short sale support will save you the time and efforts needed to close the resource-intensive short sale process. This way your revenue generation system can be optimized to a profitable level in fleeting time.

Short Sale Support Services We Offer

With a team of certified mortgage professionals, we aspire to remain a top choice for lenders who need short sale assistance. Whether or not you are affiliated with home affordable foreclosure alternative program (HAFA) we work side by side with your administrative team and borrowers to aggregate financial statements, hardship letters, HUD-1 settlement statements, and sale deed to quickly complete the short sale formalities. We offer a gamut of short sale support services that include -

  1. Collecting Proof of Hardship

    Once you outsource mortgage short sale support services we collaborate with borrowers to collect short sale request by representing lenders. We analyze the nature of hardship to justify short sale services. We audit borrower's monthly bills, credit history, property tax statements, etc. to decide if they are amidst fiscal crisis. We also consider other documents such as proof of unemployment, medical bills, and divorce files while evaluating the borrower's hardship. By outsourcing mortgage short sale assistance services, we can help you with the following -

    • Prequalification letter from the borrower
    • Stub payments
    • Borrower information such as financial statements, contact details, social security, income proof, etc.
    • Guiding borrowers with short sale options
    • Collecting hardship letter from borrowers
    • Evaluation of tax and bank statements
    • Valuation modeling
    • HUD-1 draft settlement statements
    • Negotiating with borrowers
    • Closing assistance
  2. Mortgage Closing Support

    We compile and deliver finalized document under closing support so that loans can be finalized. With a thorough knowledge of closing instruction, we enable lenders to close the mortgage and begin releasing the fund against mortgaged collateral.

  3. Mortgage Post-closing Support

    A post-closing audit will be carried out by experts from our end to ensure that your transaction is flawless. With an aim to provide ultimate satisfaction to both lenders and borrowers we evaluate the integrity of the data to ensure it adheres to compliances and is error-free.

  4. Comparative Market Analysis of Collateral

    Comparative Market Analysis or CMA is a key component of back office services. This service will help you understand the property features in great depth as well as estimated current value by assessing other comparable listings in the vicinity. FWS provides a comprehensive report that will indicate estimated selling price and a detailed description of listings and their projected selling price in prevailing markets.

  5. Mortgage Appraisal Support

    We provide comprehensive back-office support for short sale audits. You can get broker price opinion support to accurately establish the property value. We have already assisted many clients with back-office support to quickly and efficiently evaluate the market value. If you want to order or review appraisal we can help you with a customized solution. Additionally, we provide the valuation of property condition, repair estimates, and information on other listings in the neighborhood.

  6. Deficiency Evaluation

    We evaluate the settle term between lenders and borrowers to ensure it is accurate and adhere to compliance.

  7. Short Sale Title Clearance

    When you outsource mortgage short sale assistance services we provide comprehensive assistance while negotiating a short sale. We look for liens and multiple names attached to the title. By ordering title search we keenly examine the title to look for discrepancies, defects, obligations, and burdens. Once the title is clear we issue a title commitment that will allow lenders to make their next move.

Short Sale Assistance Process We Follow

The short sale support services provided by Flatworld is perfected with intense research and understanding of the complex mortgage markets. Our short sale solutions are aimed to not just enhance the profitability of your business, but to eliminate risks that contribute to revenue loss. Our process flow is streamlined to give you the best visibility of the efforts we take to ensure clean transaction. Here is how we execute short sale service for lenders -

Listing and Paperwork  

01. Listing and Paperwork

Our certified agents will work with borrowers to collect documents that justify financial hardship and inability to pay

Marketing the Property  

02. Marketing the Property

We evaluate the property and complete accompanying paperwork that will clear the property for sale to suitable buyers where documentation needs are taken care of by us

Submission of Offers  

03. Submission of Offers

Once buyer and seller have come to a concord by agreeing to contract addendum, the title is ordered followed by the creation of HUD

Lender Valuation via Negotiators  

04. Lender Valuation via Negotiators

Lender valuation is executed by negotiators after ordering an appraisal. This will help in establishing the property FMV

Negotiation of Counteroffers  

05. Negotiation of Counteroffers

After collaborating with the lender and borrower, the lender's counter value, as well as closing costs are proposed. Buyers can negotiate for a better value if it is lesser than expected

Closing Assistance Post Approval  

06. Closing Assistance Post Approval

If necessary, approval from second mortgage company is obtained after getting approval from the first. Any difference in closing cost is duly negotiated and resolved under terms of HUD. After obtaining written approval mortgage closure is carried out

Why Choose FWS' Mortgage Short Sale Assistance Services?

When mortgage payments become a burden, borrowers can risk losing the property to foreclosure. To prevent an unprecedented fiscal crisis from taking over, borrowers turn towards a short sale. However, this process is not without its fair share of challenges. Mortgage lenders are often stretched between administrative challenges and compliances. This is where cost-effective and reliable short sale services come into play. To keep good relations with your clients you will need us to handle a short sale. But there are more reasons why it is important for you to choose us -

  • Certified Short Sale Support Company

    Bring an ISO certified company and a member of mortgage bankers association (MBA) we follow practices that are duly compliant with the mortgage laws of the US and UK. FWS adheres to laws that protect the interest of both lenders and borrowers alike.

  • Data Security

    Mortgage data is considered confidential and valuable. So, we take the best measures to ensure your data stays protected by our digital and physical security deterrents. At our end, we permit only authorized professionals to execute a short sale service to avoid complications and risks.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    With the best knowledge of the short sale support, we aim to mitigate risks faced by lenders especially if the collateral is tied up with liens, liabilities, and legal tangles. From title ordering to mortgage closing our high-quality services come with assurances to ensure a profitable outcome. We also automate less critical functions that will add to the overall efficiency.

  • Short Turnaround

    By partnering with us you will no longer have to worry about service and payment bottlenecks because we aim to streamline your efforts by taking over short sale back-end processes. This will allow you to achieve a 35% faster turnaround with no loss of performance.

  • Scalability

    You can scale up 83% faster during peak business hours because our short sale services are designed to cope up with a surge in queue size. You can cater to more borrowers by providing efficient services without compromising the revenue.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    You can save close to 50% of the cost by outsourcing short sale services to FWS because we have a flexible pricing structure that well-suited for small, medium, and large mortgage companies. If you are looking for niche services that do not require accompanying service facets we can customize the service so that you can spend only on what you need.

  • Single-point Contact

    Our affordable service is accompanied by a dedicated professional who is also a subject matter expert. If you need to get in touch with us skip formalities and hierarchies to get heard. Our single-point contact will save your time by swiftly responding and resolving your concerns.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, Negotiators, and Title Experts

    We take pride in having a comprehensive team of 200+ residential certified mortgage service professionals (RCMS), accredited mortgage professionals (AMP), negotiators, state-licensed appraisers, and certified mortgage bankers. With a team of experienced staff, we are never short of professionals who can resolve any challenge.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure comes loaded with the latest technology and tools that facilitate execution of short sale support in the quickest way. We use a plethora of mortgage automation software that lets us handle non-critical functions with ease.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We facilitate data and file sharing through VPN and secure FTP. We routinely run maintenance checks to ensure optimal functionality.

  • Round-the-Clock Availability

    Get 24/7 support at your local time zone by choosing us as your short sale service partner. We can be relied upon to support you when you need our assistance during and after the project.

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Outsource Short Sale Services to FWS - A Leader in Mortgage Support Outsourcing

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified mortgage support solutions provider with 20 years of experience in short sale support services. Our mortgage back-office support is designed to enhance your business endurance and client relationship by a great margin. Our solutions can help you (lenders) serve borrowers in the mutually benefitting ways. You can grow your revenue without facing risks that accompany short sale.

Our budget-friendly services can be customized as per your need so that your spending is translated into stable cash-flow and successful business growth. We also provide other top mortgage services such as foreclosure assistance, modification underwriting support, mortgage origination underwriting support, and more.

Get in touch with us to outsource short sale support services at affordable cost.

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