Short Sale Assistance

Short Sale Assistance

Frequent loan defaults can prove to be quite difficult for a lender, especially in these testing times. Although there are quite a few solutions to prevent against such issues, one solution which has grabbed the attention of mortgage lenders across the US is a short sale. A mortgage short sale refers to a negotiated agreement which allows the lender to accept an amount less than what is owed on the mortgage. In most cases where the defaulter is ready to declare bankruptcy, a mortgage short sale can help lenders recover a part of the amount which otherwise might have been lost altogether. At the same time, the stringent conditions and extensive paperwork involved in a short sale make it a seemingly unending process.

We, at Flatworld Solutions offer exceptional short sale processing assistance, and ensure that you do not have to go through any hassles pertaining to a short sale. With a privileged track record of closing pull-through percentage and more than 12 years of experience in the short sale process, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of mortgage short sale support services for both servicers and lender at highly-affordable prices.

Our Mortgage Short Sale Assistance Services

Right from offer management to property listings, from closing and title to valuation modeling, we offer a broad array of short sale support services to our clients.

Our mortgage short sale assistance services include -

  • Property Listing and Marketing
  • Outreach to the delinquent borrowers
  • Negotiation with borrowers
  • Consulting borrowers over proprietary and government short sale services
  • Closing coordination
  • Relocation assistance
  • Communication and timeline management

Why Choose Flatworld for Short Sale Support?

We, at Flatworld Solutions offer a wide selection of options for the management of the short sale process. We can create ideal solutions for filling the gaps in your short sale management process and for managing the entire process outreach.

Leveraging our borrower outreach services, we provide our clients with a variety of approaches, including call campaigns and direct mail for facilitating right party contract. After establishing the contact with the borrower, our seasoned FDPCA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) educated brokers explain the defaulters about the available options, such as proprietary and government loan modification, proprietary and government short sale options and short sale to leasing options for keeping borrowers in their homes. During every phase of the process, our professionals strive to consult the borrowers in the best possible manner and deliver the most apt solutions for both our clients (lenders) and the borrowers.

Once the borrower finalizes the short sale as the best option, we manage the complete process from end-to-end. We facilitate our clients with a panel of brokers with unmatched expertise in short sale transactions, including the listing and selling of the property. We manage both the timeline and the communication between the client and the broker to ensure that the property is sold as fast as possible.

Contact Us for Assistance with Mortgage Short Sale Services

At Flatworld Solutions, we offer the finest mortgage short sale support services which ideally satisfy the requirements of both the lender and the borrower. With vast experience in providing assistance for short sale services, we have gained immense expertise in communicating with the borrowers and maintaining adequate timelines. Our expert short sale professionals ensure that the short sale process is completed quickly and in an efficacious manner, so that both lender and borrower can benefit from it.

We always work in close coordination with our clients and provide them with real-time visibility during every phase of the short sale process along with complete transparency in the tasks being carried out and documents being developed. We leverage advanced technology and industry best practices to tailor our services as per the specific requirements of the clients.

For optimizing your loan defaults, modifying loans, and availing hassle-free short sale support services, contact us today. You can outsource all your short sale processing services and other mortgage services to Flatworld Solutions while reaping the benefits of our streamlined support and time-tested processes.

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