Mortgage Closing Support Services

Is your mortgage company spending a large amount of time and money on mortgage closing? Do you wish you could cut costs, save time and use your resources more productively? Now you can - by outsourcing mortgage closing support services to Flatworld Solutions. Our team of experts can efficiently provide back-office assistance to all the phases of the mortgage closing process, right from working with settlement companies to get the taxes and fees, preparing initial Closing Disclosures, and to preparing and sending closing documents to ensuring compliance.

Mortgage Closing Assistance We Provide

  1. Mortgage Closing Support For Lenders

    If you are lender facing bottleneck in back-office processing we can take away your concerns. Our mortgage closing team have the expertise to provide mortgage closing support. We offer both pre- and post-closing support to streamline your revenue.

  2. Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

    If checking documents and ensuring the fulfillment of preliminary criteria to mortgage closing is proving difficult, outsource your needs to us. Our mortgage closing team has the specialization in pre and post-closing process to ensure fuss-free mortgage closure for credit unions in short turnaround time.

  3. Mortgage Pre-closing Support

    The first stage in the mortgage loan closing process is referred to as pre-closing. This is the phase after the purchase offer has been accepted, the finances secured and the proposed home is approved after inspection. We can help your company with the required pre-closing formalities. Our support services include -

    • Obtaining the homeowner's insurance
    • Getting the down payment and closing costs from the bank after deducting the deposit
    • Reviewing the payoff statement, collecting initial taxes and fees from the settlement company
    • Prepare Initial Closing Disclosure and sending out to the Settlement Company
  4. Closing

    With closing, the transaction is completed and ownership of the property is transferred. All the parties involved will sign the final documents to close the deal. With Flatworld Solutions as your partner, your closing team can efficiently and effectively handle turn-times requirement while ensuring accuracy on every file. Our experienced professionals can help you with all the stages involved in mortgage loan closing, such as -

    • Assembling all the important documents, such as the flood certificate, appraisal reports, inspection reports, title search, mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, contracts and the LE
    • Data validation across multiple documents & reviewing closing conditions
    • Preparing and sending a closing instructions statement along with the required closing docs to settlement agent

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Mortgage Data Security

Mortgage Data Security - Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions protects your confidential Mortgage data by addressing all concerns related to data security across People, Processes, and Technology. Stringent hiring & background checks, biometric access, dual firewalls, and access to only whitelisted websites are just a few measures we undertake to prevent and capture data theft at all levels. Your Mortgage data is completely safe with us.
  • Our team of highly-qualified mortgage processing professionals can efficiently address any mortgage processing requirements from initial setup to post-closing
  • We have ample experience in meeting the mortgage processing requirements of mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers, credit unions and loan officers
  • We have implemented stringent security measures to ensure complete security, privacy and confidentiality to our customers
  • Our customized mortgage services are designed to suit your company's mortgage processing needs

FWS has been successfully providing mortgage closing support services to global lenders and brokers for over a decade.

Race ahead of your competitors, save on operational costs, cut down on effort and use your in-house resources more productively - all by outsourcing mortgage closing support services to Flatworld Solutions. Get in touch with us today!

Read our comprehensive guide to mortgage closing and post-closing process to know how you can stay compliant and see a marked increase in profits by streamlining the entire procedure.


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