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Mortgage OutsourcingToday, as the mortgage market has become more competitive, your ability to stay well informed on the industry and its developments has become crucial to your business.

Your business begins with finding potential or prospective customers, which could easily be a frustrating task. Finding an interested and potential customer along with checking their eligibility-credit scoring, credit reports, credit re-scoring are all aspects that should be secondary to you. Outsourcing mortgage services will bring you results.

Outsourcing mortgage services present most firms with important challenges and gives rise to innumerable questions. Your priority is our top most priority. All the data and information that you provide us will be secure at all times. We will take on full responsibility of carrying out the entire range of activities involved in servicing a loan.

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1. Loan Acquisition

Call Center - Outbound

  • From a database either provided by you or created by us through our research, we will call potential customers
  • Find out their requirements
  • Conduct eligibility test (check credit scores)
  • If eligible, call them with a mortgage best suited to their needs
  • Close the loan

Call Center - Inbound

  • Providing customer service
  • Lead generation
  • Pitch for sale of a mortgage

Website Development

Your website is one of your main marketing tools.

  • We will design your website to project your 'top mortgage service provider image'
  • Display relevant content on your website, so that it generates qualified leads
  • Provide graphs showing past business and customer satisfaction
  • Display Information on how to go about a mortgage with you
  • Provide latest mortgage news and updates

Document Management

  • We will provide you with all the customer information required to apply for a mortgage
  • All supporting documentation will also be taken care of by us

Research & Analysis

We conduct research on

  • Reason for lost loan acquisitions
  • Why customers back out?
  • What is missing in your service?

2. Mortgage Verification Services

This is a crucial part of mortgage processing. This verification process is necessary to process mortgage applications

Call center- Outbound and Inbound

  • High levels of accuracy with verification by calling and confirming details with customers
  • Decreases the employers' risks involved with responding to inaccurate or subjective data

Document Management

  • Collecting and maintaining all relevant documents for verification, such as proof of existing house or property, proof of employment etc.

3. Loans and Mortgage Processing

We can help you focus on your customers more through this service.

Call Center - Inbound/Outbound

  • Providing customers with information on the status of their loan application
  • Following up on any pending documents for verification

Document Management

  • Keeping a tab on all paperwork required while processing the loan

Outsourcing mortgage services means the end of your paper work headaches and the beginning of business with a potential you had dreamed about. For business that ticks, outsource to us.

4. Payment Collection

Call Center - Outbound

  • Call customers for collecting principal and interest payments along with taxes and insurance
  • Calling customers regarding late or missed payments on a monthly basis
  • Follow up on payments to make sure they have been made at the stipulated intervals

Document Management

  • Maintaining reports about payment patterns.

5. Loan/Mortgage Servicing

Call Center/E-mail support

  • Full time customer service to make payments and answer customer queries via toll free telephone or e-mail.
  • Sending welcome letters to new borrowers
  • Writing and sending mailer reminders and late notices

Document Management

  • Review loan applications
  • Maintaining and safeguarding loan files
  • Reviewing loan files to ensure that all necessary documents are present in each
  • Producing daily, weekly or monthly trial balance for each customer
  • Producing monthly delinquency reports that will group loans by the time of delinquency (30 days, 60 days etc.)
  • Preparing loan payoff documents
  • Preparing, filing and sending the annual reports and providing customers with a copy of their reports
  • Reporting each customer's payment record and history to national credit bureaus

Services for Title Search Companies

At Flatworld Solutions, we handle the back office operations for title search companies.

Our Services for Title Search Companies include

  • Handling all the incoming faxes for Title Search firms and sorting them into the correct folders
  • Opening new orders and contract, such as, Purchase, 2nd Mortgage, HELOC and Refi
  • Opening files by using TSS software and then updating the company’s dashboard
  • Consulting the Loan Officer for missing information
  • Faxing the Seller Information Sheet to the Listing Agent
  • Ordering updated Payoff Statements
  • Ordering Title Searches. This includes, Full, Current, Bring-to-date, Surveys and Lien Certs
  • Receiving information on Property Tax from the County Tax Office
  • Preparing a Binder and Closing Protection Letter
  • Preparing a chain of title for 24 months
  • Scheduling the date of closing in the company calendar and informing the required people to be present at the closing

In addition to offering different types of mortgage outsourcing solutions, we also create customized mortgage dashboards.

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