Mortgage Title Policy and Document Retrieval Support Services

Outsource Mortgage Title Policy and Document Retrieval Support Services

Are you frustrated with the slow movement of documents? Are you unable to break down the cubicle walls to enhance business workflow? Give your mortgage business a boost in productivity with mortgage title policy and document retrieval support. This service takes care of fetching mortgage title policy and making it accessible to the right people, instantly. So hurry, outsource your needs to mortgage title policy specialists.

Flatworld Solutions can prevent information from getting siloed by securely bringing mortgage title policy and other documents to the right stakeholders in a quick TAT. Our services can lessen the dependency on resources to fetch non-centralized mortgage documents for faster processing of applications. We also provide periodic reports to track the performance.

Title Policy and Document Retrieval Support Services We Offer

The core concern of mortgage companies is to provide quick and safe document retrieval without taking a resource-intensive path. This is the reason why it is ideal to outsource mortgage title policy and document retrieval support to specialists like us. We can help you multiply benefits, cost and time wise. The mortgage title policy and document retrieval support services provided by FWS are as follows -

  1. Title Search services

    We are a world-class provider of mortgage document retrieval support services that can expedite title search without adding up your expenses. Be it insuring transactions or completing the paperwork on real estate conveyances, we will retrieve every piece of document to establish the occupant's interest in the property. We can search and obtain essential documents such as equitable servitudes, real covenants, easements, back taxes, mortgage, liens, etc.

  2. Recorded Document Retrieval Services

    We rely on advanced search feature in our document management system to obtain an assortment of real estate documents that are already cataloged for instant access and retrieval. We ensure that all documents stored in our electronic document management system are accurate. Documents we manage includes mortgage deed, deed of trust, POA, assignments, and much more. Our services will ease your back-office teams from legwork of processing document heaps.

  3. Title Insurance Retrieval and Verification

    Discrepancies in the title is a daunting task to resolve because it is resource intensive. Getting an insurance policy that cover lenders from defects, encumbrances, liens, and other risks is a standard way to address the challenge. Since title insurance has exclusions, terms, and condition, it warrants more documents to substantiate further action. We can close the gap in the preliminary report by gathering all essential closing documents in fleeting time.

  4. Mortgage Information Service

    If you are unable to find a starting point to initiate the mortgage process, fret not. We can help you get started by furnishing all key information tied to mortgage closure. By ordering reports, you can get a comprehensive list of must-have documents to complete the documentation loop. We can provide information on the collateral, market rate of comparable property in the vicinity, title insurance, and much more without frustrating your front-office professionals. Our efforts are aimed to help lenders stay focused on core concerns rather than scouring through heap of documents.

  5. Research and Tracking

    If you feel concerned about lacking resources to track non-performing loans, lower loan rejection rate, or other issues that constantly plague lending practices then we have you covered. We will bring you instant relief by finding missing assignments tied to mortgage transactions. We have experts who are specialized in filling the gap in mortgage assignments to help you achieve a higher rate of success in processing mortgage applications.

Steps We Follow for Title Policy and Document Retrieval Support

Partnering with FWS for title policy and document retrieval support is the right choice because our simplified strategy is easy-to-follow and client-friendly. At FWS, we back our committed efforts with routine reports that will give you a complete overview of how we implement each service.

The method we follow in mortgage title policy & document retrieval is as follows -

Identifying Requirements  

01. Identifying Requirements

We will closely work with your team to understand the number of mortgage documents that are already in possession versus documents that are yet to be obtained

Creation of Checklist  

02. Creation of Checklist

We will classify requested documents in a checklist and include details of the location where a document search must be conducted

Verification and Validation  

03. Verification and Validation

Our quality assurance teams will complete the assessment on the aggregated document to ensure the information is original and accurate

Document Submission  

04. Document Submission

Once the document is obtained we will compile a report and submit the same to lenders for further action

Why Choose FWS for Mortgage Title Policy & Document Retrieval Support Services?

When it comes to mortgage title policy & document retrieval support services, nobody else does it better than Flatworld Solutions. We have optimized our workflow to bring you the right documents in time for taking best decisions and to avoid legal complications.

The reason why our clients prefer our support for mortgage title policy and document retrieval support is because of the following reasons -

  • Certified Provider of Mortgage Title Policy and Document Retrieval Support

    Flatworld is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that follows diligent practices to ensure that our services can deliver what is expected of us by clients. We stop at nothing to deliver highly reliable mortgage title policy services that are ideal for lending institutions to stay in profitable business.

  • Data Security

    We prioritize the security of your sensitive data and take stringent measures to protect the confidentiality of mortgage data. Therefore, our dedicated approach to data security has earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Accuracy is a key element in mortgage title policy and document retrieval support services. We ensure that the retrieved documents are the correct ones sought-after by lenders. We also check if the furnished data is accurate.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    We take minimal time to complete the document retrieval support services because we have skilled people and technology that can speed up aggregation of documents essential for faster closing time.

  • Scalability

    The mortgage title policy and document retrieval support services are highly scalable. It gives you the complete freedom and flexibility to customize the service depending on the volume of applications you are left to deal with.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    Our services will specifically benefit price conscious lenders because the competitive pricing we offer is unmatched by other providers. Depending on your capacity we can customize the service without an upfront cost.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You can avail personalized attention from us because we will assign a dedicated agent to closely work and handhold you through the process. We will walk the extra mile to ensure that you will never have to worry about being placed in the queue to reach a concerned agent for project updates or service support.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Specialists, Underwriters, and Managers

    We have a vast team of mortgage loan document specialists and other subject matter professionals who come with 10+ years of experience and domain-level knowledge of functions and compliances in the mortgage industry.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We own state-of-the-art infrastructure (technology, physical, and security) that is leveraged by our experts on a day-to-day basis. Our infrastructure makes sure that the document retrieval can be completed in a reasonable time span.

  • Secure File Sharing

    Sharing files through our Secure FTP is easy. We use high-end VPN and SFTP that allows movement of data from your end to ours without facing risks from external elements.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our international contact centers are operational on a 24/7/365 basis to provide the best form of support without allowing the quality to suffer. You can connect with us irrespective of the time zone via phone call, email, or web chat.

Client Success Stories

FWS Helped Mortgage Lender Improve Business Conversions

FWS Helped Mortgage Lender Improve Business Conversions by Providing Underwriting Services

FWS enabled bumping the business volume for a mortgage lender by 15% thanks to our cost-efficient mortgage underwriting services.

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Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing Cost

Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing & 50% Reduction in Cost

FWS shrunk the closing time by 30-50% for a residential mortgage company. We streamlined the way they handled higher loan volume.

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Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Flatworld Solutions is backed by 20 years of experience in various mortgage support services. Over the years we have grown in capacity, staff, and technology adaptation to be the first one to reach customers with mortgage title policy and document retrieval support services. We have already served 250+ clients and handled over 1200 projects worldwide. Our veteran agents use advanced software and document management system to keep track of critical documents, as well as to speed up retrieval on demand. We also offer other services such as mortgage underwriting, mortgage closing support, mortgage post-closing support, and much more.

Connect with us and get customized mortgage title policy and document retrieval support to shorten the closing time.

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