Outsource Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation

Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation

Get high-end signing support assistance for loss mitigation from our team of experienced underwriters to avoid recurring losses from forgeries at affordable rates

Investors may find themselves in difficult situations of recurring losses due to various reasons like stringent standards of underwriting, complicated borrower options, increased mortgage forgeries, restricted cash flows, etc. The elementary need for mitigating these recurring losses is a focused strategy and plan of action that takes into account all the facets of mortgage processing and develops innovative solutions to resolve the issues at hand.

From notary to attorney, signing and documenting process, to borrower outreach options, our loss mitigation specialists are highly experienced in reducing losses arising due to any gaps between parties, missing information, or underwriting signatures, etc. Flatworld Solutions has over two decades of experience in signing support for loss mitigation and we have all the necessary human skills, technological skills, and infrastructural support to provide leading-edge solutions to mitigate losses of lenders and investors.

Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation We Offer

We are a recognized company with rich experience in mortgage processing and loss mitigation services. We offer the following specialized solutions for signing support for loss mitigation to our global lender and investor clients -

  1. Mobile Notary Assistance

    Mobile Notary Assistance

    A strong team of SignTrack-certified closing professionals with nation-wide coverage gives our clients time and place convenience, for notary signings. Notification alerts for every confirmed appointment, overnight courier services, and speedy signing services ensure enhanced customer experience and improved signing support assistance for loss mitigation.

  2. Mail-to-Borrower Services

    Mail-to-Borrower Services

    A pan-nation direct mailing service, our mail-to-borrower service not only provides one-day courier service but also gives your clients enclosed prepaid envelopes for returning the signed documents.

  3. Wide Network Coverage

    Wide Network Coverage

    Mobile notary services are available nationwide and we also have a vast attorney database to provide you with the best support team to handle all your residential loan modification and document signing processes.

  4. Web Signing Services

    Web Signing Services

    With everything going digital nowadays, we also offer an e-platform for assessing and signing loan modification documents on a secured website. It requires electronic signatures by third-parties which are as valid as pen and paper signings. Along with this, we also attach an optional notary coupon, which can be redeemed by your clients after loan modification notarization at any local FedEx office location.

Loss Mitigation Signing Support Services - Our Process

We conform to a specific set of functional process that enables us to provide swift services of signing support for loss mitigation. The typical process that we follow for every project is as follows -


01. Project initiation

Once we get the project order, we understand the client's signing support expectations from us and assign a team for the project. The team always has a project manager to oversee their work and keep them updated on the client's needs.


02. Document Sharing

The necessary mortgage documents are mailed by clients either through courier or shared through a secured server.


03. Document Assessment

First, we asses all the notary and loan documents and spot the issues before actually filling the gaps of signing.


04. Initiate Signing by Your Clients

After a thorough examination of all mortgage documents, we resolve the issues by initiating the signing process, notarizations, attorney assistance, etc., through various tools and borrower outreach.


05. Proper Compilation of Received Documents

Ensuring secured return couriers and stacking all the received documents is necessary before we proceed with the final processing.


06. Document Processing and Transfer

All the loss mitigation signing support services processes are taken into consideration before we directly mail the modified, signed, and updated documents to our clients.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Flatworld As Your Signing Support Service Provider For Loss Mitigation?

We give you not one or two but many valid reasons for choosing Flatworld Solutions as your signing support service providing company. Here are reasons why you should outsource signing support services for loss mitigation -

  • Experienced Team

    Most of the professionals in our team have experience of over 10 years in signing support for loss mitigation. Therefore, when you are looking for high-end services in the field, you ought to pick the best people for the job.

  • High Accuracy

    With our nationwide coverage and SignTrack professionals' network, be assured of faster turnaround times and accuracy of our services.

  • Scalable Services

    We have a solid database and network of attorneys spread across the country that can provide you with highly specialized advisory and documentation services for all types of signing support for loss mitigation issues. Therefore, our connectivity with the best in the business makes us the first choice for lenders and investors looking for end-to-end signing support for loss mitigation services.

  • Superb Infrastructure and Technology

    We use the most advanced document management mechanisms to facilitate document tracking and e-signatures.

  • ISO Certified Services Provider

    We operate within the norms of federal laws and GSE standards, thus, making us a reliable company to work with. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • Quick TAT

    We understand your time limitations and make sure that we duly complete all your signing requirements within the stipulated time frames.

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    Due to our global service centers, we offer 24/7 support service to our clients.

  • Complete Data Confidentiality

    We have a transparent communication policy and we ensure that we employ a single point of contact, wherein, the team leader is the only one responsible and accountable for all your project needs. It eliminates any chance of ambiguity.

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Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Outsource Signing Support Services for Loss Mitigation to Flatworld Solutions

With an experience 20 years in all types of mortgage underwriting services including signing support solutions, Flatworld is ranked amongst the top players in offshore mortgage processing services. In signing support services for loss mitigation, we provide end-to-end mobile signing, web signing, or in-home signing services, ensuring a seamless documentation process for our clients. Our professionals are fully adept at effectively reducing your loan losses through efficient documentation and signing processes. For all your requirements pertaining to signing support for loss mitigation, get in touch with us, today.

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