Mortgage Origination Underwriting Support

Mortgage Origination Underwriting Support

The mortgage industry, which is finally seeing an uptick in the total amount of business generated ($395 billion in 2015 as compared to $297 billion in 2013) faces heavy challenges soon because of sweeping regulatory changes. CFBP regulations demand that mortgage lenders act more responsibly to avoid regulatory penalties and lawsuits. Combined with an ever-growing increase in the costs, a lot of lenders are therefore looking at outsourcing their entire mortgage process; from mortgage origination to mortgage servicing.

At Flatworld, our assistance services for mortgage origination underwriting are ideal for clients looking to process loan applications, while taking care of the underwriting and loan funding operations amongst other administrative tasks. Our licensed loan originators are available 24/7 to manage both inbound and outbound calls to prequalify customers looking for mortgage loans, and take loan applications. We empower global lenders to transform and streamline their loan manufacturing process while providing them with low-cost, complaint, and quality support solutions.

Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits

Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits - Flatworld Solutions

Assistance We Offer for Mortgage Origination Underwriting

Our mortgage underwriting and origination support services are aimed at easing the origination process for lenders with solutions that help to streamline their loan manufacturing. Our team is comprised of expert loan and credit professionals who possess a broad range of capabilities and leverage the latest technology and their industry expertise for both large and small-scale mortgage lenders. Our assistance services include -

  • Mortgage Origination Appraisal Services - We use an experienced panel consisting of seasoned professionals and appraisers who perform quick origination valuations.
  • Mortgage Origination Underwriting Services - Right from initial data and information upload to the final decision, our underwriters help to determine the exact risks associated with a loan application, while remaining fully compliant with US federal and state regulatory bodies.
  • Mortgage Origination Settlement Services - You can use our third-party services for everything from title, escrow, attorney coordination, document upload and preparation, to funding and scheduling.
  • Mortgage Origination QA - Quality control during the origination process is one of our hallmarks, and we conduct thorough pre-funding and post-funding audits for single and bulk loans to ensure security and compliance.

Flatworld's Mortgage Loan Origination Support Offerings

In-depth PoS Services

  • Key fact illustrations
  • Credit Scoring
  • Tax services
  • Flood determination
  • Application forms
  • 1st and 2nd charge loans

Pre-completion Services

  • Dedicated call center employees
  • Dedicated Underwriters
  • Admin team
  • Experienced Valuation Panel
  • FCA and CCA compliant systems

Post-completion Services

  • Primary servicing
  • Accurate financial reporting
  • Complete arrears management

How We Meet Growing Mortgage Underwriting and Origination Challenges

Presently, the mortgage lending industry is facing tough challenges owing to frequent consolidation by the big few, reduced incoming loan volumes and increased regulatory scrutiny. Thus, companies need to stay competitive and remain profitable if they want to stay afloat in such testing times. Our mortgage loan underwriting support help lenders meet some of the challenges prevalent in the industry, while providing their customers with high-quality services. Let us show you how we do it -


A complete lack of integrated loan origination offerings


We provide our clients with a robust loan origination platform, along with other related mortgage services under one roof for better costs savings. We have exceptional end-to-end mortgage operational management capabilities.


Loan volume fluctuation


We offer dynamic and intensely scalable workforce solutions with the ability to ramp up or ramp down in the space of a day. This coupled with our flexible pricing modules ensure enhanced client satisfaction


Aligning business volumes to cost structures


In certain cases, we also offer a "Pay-as-you-go" variable pricing model for better cost predictability


Stringent regulatory compliance


Our services offer robust regulatory compliance with the help of in-depth reporting features, thereby ensuring zero regulatory headache


Remaining profitable


Our processes are built around the tenets of process efficiency which help to reduce fixed costs while allowing you to observe radical productivity improvements

Benefits of Outsourcing Origination Underwriting Support to Flatworld

With more than a decade's experience behind our backs, we offer our clients several inherent benefits such as -

  • Mortgage Services Under One Roof - A streamlined loan origination system, right from PoS to closing
  • Compliance and Security - Exceptional data consistency and security measures ensure all processes are compliant with the stipulated regulations
  • Customizable Options - A lender-configurable process tree ensuring enhanced customization as per your existing preferences
  • In-depth Reporting - High-quality reporting features for on-spot loan metrics and productivity stats
  • Better Cost Benefits - Reduced process complexity leading to reduced costs, enabling you to build lasting customer relationships
  • Round-the-clock Support - Reliable, effective, and consistent underwriting services 364x24x7
  • Scale-up - On-demand scalability and flexibility allowing you to ramp up operations as and when required

Outsource Origination Underwriting Assistance to Flatworld Solutions

At Flatworld, we make it our business to offer robust, end-to-end assistance for mortgage origination underwriting services. We have worked with clients spanning the residential, leisure, commercial, retail, and business mortgage sector, and our expertise ensures quality delivery which our clients love!

Our detailed procedures and complete mortgage underwriting functions further allow you to make business critical decisions efficiently, while remaining compliant with all regulations. Contact us right away for reliable assistance with mortgage support services which would help you achieve your goals faster!

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