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If handling title search in-house is getting tiresome, then it's time to outsource. Ordering the title, examining the financial obligations of a property, getting the property title transferred from the seller to the buyer, and obtaining property insurance can be difficult for your mortgage company to manage, especially if you have few resources, little time and lots of other critical business work.

At Flatworld Solutions, we have the experience and the expertise to provide assistance for mortgage title search support to mortgage companies. We can help your company order the title report, analyze the financial implications of the loan, arrange for the transfer of property rights and even acquire mortgage policies if needed, all within a quick turnaround time and at affordable cost.

Mortgage Title Support Services We Offer

  1. Title Support for Companies

    Our title support services for companies includes mortgage title ordering, mortgage title review, mortgage title insurance, and closing services, among others.

  2. Title Support for Lenders

    Our title support services for lenders includes title ordering support, title examination support, title commitment support, policy production support, title insurance support, and settlement and closing support.

  3. Mortgage Title Commitment

    The title commitment is a report that is obtained from the title company after the completion of the title search. This report states the conditions for insurance of the property title. At Flatworld Solutions, we can help you to clear any defects uncovered by the title examination process. We will also ensure that the transaction is jointly closed by the seller, the lender and the buyer.

  4. Mortgage Title Ordering

    We can handle all the title ordering back-office processes for your company. Our expert mortgage professionals will obtain the specific details of the title company from the loan officer and order the title report for the property. We will also consistently follow-up with the title company until we obtain the report.

  5. Mortgage Title Examination

    Mortgage title search or title examination is a business-critical process that is used to protect the lender against property sale fraud. Performing the title search is the responsibility of the closing agent, while ordering the title search is the responsibility of the lender. Our expert professionals can support you by inspecting all the financial obligations associated with the property in question. We meticulously check for all issues that can impact the property transaction, such as, taxes, lawsuits, judgments, liens and legal claims. By conducting a thorough title examination, we can ensure that the lender is protected against property sale fraud.

  6. Mortgage Title Insurance

    Title insurance ensures that the property is protected even after it is sold. The lender and the buyer will require separate mortgage title insurance policies, as their interests are different, even though the property is common to them both. The lender needs title insurance to be assured that the property has a valid first mortgage lien. The buyer also requires a separate mortgage title insurance policy, as the lender's mortgage title insurance policy will not protect the buyer. Flatworld Solutions can order the title insurance on behalf of the lender.

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  • Complete protection of buyer's and lender's rights
  • Fast, easy, accurate, economical and streamlined mortgage title services
  • Over 16 years of experience in catering to the title support requirements of blue-chip financial institutions

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