Title Support Services for Companies

Title Support Services for Companies

Do you lack the time and resources to investigate property records? Do you suspect property shenanigans in the title? Making impromptu decisions on the fly can push you to the brink of financial losses. If you are chronic worrier of these concerns, what you need is an expert assistance of a title support services outsourcing company like ours.

When you consider outsourcing title support services for companies to Flatworld Solutions, you can get end-to-end services which include ordering title report, a perusal of financial implication of loan, transferring property rights, as well as support for acquiring mortgage title insurance. Our team of neoteric mortgage title support service professionals is industry's best codebreakers with the knowledge of title practices and local laws.

What is Included in the Title Support Services for Companies Offered by Flatworld Solutions?

How do you pick a title company? Do you look for cost-friendly rates? Or maybe it's the turnaround time? Be it understanding what title insurance is or knowing the best way to address your specific challenges within this domain, we are professionals who understand the nuances of title support services for companies. We offer the following sub-services which includes everything that you will need-

  1. Mortgage Title Ordering

    With 19 years of experience, we have sharpened our skills to fetch title reports for real estate. We work side-by-side with title companies to place the order for property reports. We also engage with loan processors to capture and record title data in a customer-specific profile. The sourced files are compiled in a format that is usable in decision-making.

  2. Mortgage Title Review

    The risk posed by double-dealing in property sales is the reason why prospective buyers turn to title support services company like us. At Flatworld, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the title to ensure there are no grey areas. We conduct detailed background checks and flag properties with financial obligations. We perform top-down analysis of ownership records, the duration for which the property has stood in the market, and other reports to ensure the accuracy of reported values. We scrutinize the title history to see if there were undisclosed liens and claims. Through comprehensive analysis, we aim to mitigate risks tied with title transfer.

  3. Title Commitment

    When title companies send commitment report, we perform analysis to see if there are discrepancies. Our stringent evaluation methods will leave clients with reports that are remarkably accurate. The data integrity of title commitment is evaluated by using the latest CRM system. This eliminates the scope of errors in title information. The unparalleled measures we take as part of risk management to ensure optimum quality level will free mortgage companies to stay focused on other essential functions.

  4. Mortgage Title Insurance

    If you lack the know-how of fetching title insurance for your clients, we got you covered. We offer an array of title services which includes the title insurance. With broader knowledge of policy terms and compliances, we offer back-office support where data is extracted and indexed from documents using automated tools. In this way, we ensure that your insurance requirements are met within a minimum timeframe.

  5. Closing Services

    We maintain customer profiles that are routinely populated with title company charges, commission charges, title commitment reports and much more on a real-time basis. We compile the data and add volume to customer records to fast-forward underwriting. This, in turn, speeds up the mortgage closing process.

What does Title Support Services for Companies from FWS Offer?

We rigorously work to eliminate errors in the mortgage title that leads to financial risks because we want our clients to see a measurable difference by outsourcing title services to us. When you outsource title support services for companies, we also take good efforts to ensure compliance with mortgage industry standards as well as conformity to client requirement. Here is what you can avail by outsourcing title services for companies to FWS -

  • Get instant access to 100+ skilled title support service experts with rich experience in title services
  • Experience 30% drop in operational expense along with 70% reduction in turnaround time
  • We customize services to match your business purpose with speed
  • Experience higher efficiency of mortgage functions powered by process automation

What is the Process Followed for Title Support Services?

Transparency in business is an important tradition we follow and preach. So, to provide an in-depth perspective of what happens beneath the surface have a look at our workflow sequence which demonstrates the method we follow to carry out the project -

  1. Document Collection

    We receipt seller information sheet and commitment letter you obtain from banks and provide a written acknowledgment indicating the same

  2. Evaluation of Tax Records

    We prorate the latest tax by consulting taxing authorities and collecting tax payment history for the property. This way we verify if there are taxes obligated on the property

  3. Creating Paper Trails

    Our abstractors create a strong paper trail from the initial owner to the current one by comprehensively analyzing public records

  4. Evaluation of Title History

    FWS' examiners analyze the ownership history to establish the clear exchange of the property without legal contention. This will let the new buyer to firmly stake a claim on the property

  5. Issuing Commitment for Title Insurance

    Our examiners scrutinize the ownership records to look for underlying issues. Once the property is deemed worthy of title transfer, we create, sign, and issue a commitment for title insurance to the prospective buyer

  6. Execution of Sale and Closing Transaction

    We supervise the execution of sale documents to facilitate the closing of a transaction. The money owed to the seller is quickly disbursed

Why Choose Title Support Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Working with us is easy, you can provide massive extra value to your business by outsourcing title support services for companies to us. Being a seasoned title support services company, we expect our inquisitive clients to want answers to the following questions - "what does a title company do?", "what does a title company charge?", "When do you meet with title company and how often?", and "How does title company determine that title is valid?" Here is the answer to why you should choose our title support services -

  • Certified Company

    We are a state-licensed company as well as a member of the mortgage bankers association (MBA) offering title support services that you can depend for ensuring clear paper trails

  • Data Security

    We value your confidential mortgage documents the same way you do. With strict adherence to security compliances, we preserve the integrity of your documents by handling with exceptional care by preventing mismanagement

  • High Accuracy and Quality Services

    It is our mission to deliver services as per the SLA by avoiding errors that lead to rework. We have checkpoints within project timeline where the progress is routinely evaluated to ensure their alignment with your needs

  • Short Turnaround

    With a plethora of compliances and policies, it is hard for you to keep up with the pace especially when you are time crunched. When you choose us for the project, our efficient project roadmap lets us stick to the agreed-upon timeframe

  • Scalability

    We want to ensure that your project is completed with an eye on the future needs. This gives you the scope to upscale when required

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The sky-high cost of keeping the operations in-house is one of the reasons why people turn to outsourcing. We understand your needs better than any because our experience in the industry spans many years. We offer cost-effective services that can be mapped to successful transactions

  • Single-point of Contact

    The people you engage throughout the project are the ones who are familiar with every development from the initial stage. We ensure that you are comfortable engaging with our single-point of contact to get your concerns addressed

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, Developers, and Title Experts

    We have a team of qualified professionals which include accredited mortgage professionals (AMP), certified mortgage compliance professionals (CMCP), certified mortgage bankers (CMB), residential certified mortgage servicers (RCMS), and certified residential underwriters (CRU). Our professionals have over 10 years of experience in a range of mortgage functions

  • Modern Infrastructure

    To provide end-to-end support at blazing speed, we have the infrastructure that is designed to service your needs with speed and accuracy. Our infrastructure is housed with the latest technologies and security deterrents that will give you the peace of mind

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We employ a secure data exchange system where you can send project files without concerns. We have a VPN as well as secure FTP to push and pull files when needed

  • Round the Clock Availability

    Long waiting time can frustrate customers, and we don't want you to feel burdened with a tentative wait to hear from us. You can reach us by phone, or email anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 through all channels to provide fast support

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Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified outsourcing company backed by 20 years of competitive experience in the global markets. We offer a range of mortgage support services that cover every challenge faced by mortgage companies. Our title services offer custom solutions to ease the process of title transfer. The 100+ problem-solving experts have many years of experience handling challenges which include state and legal compliances. With the latest infrastructure and automated title service software, we handle problems with grace and precision.

Get in touch with us if you want reliable title support services to speedily transfer titles without legal complications.

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