Mortgage Appraisal Services for Companies

Outsource Mortgage Appraisal Services for Companies

Do you feel your lender's loan-to-value requirements are unmet? Are you daunted by the exorbitant cost of appraisal review? You could face more scrutiny by lenders if there are errors in the report. Regardless of the challenge, facing up to it is the key. Outsourcing mortgage appraisal to an appraisal review company like ours is one way to end your woes.

Being familiar with the mortgage landscape for over 20 years, we, at Flatworld Solutions, have a compendium of resources whose objective is to carry out desk review and field review of your appraisal report to ensure it is technically sound and consistent with the comparable. Our mortgage appraisal services will let you hop over complicated compliances and fast-track financing.

Mortgage Appraisal Services We offer

FWS offers a range of commercial, residential, and specialized mortgage appraisal services for companies. With the right knowledge and expertise in the automated valuation model, mortgage compliances such as Appraiser Independence Requirements, Dodd-Frank Act, Evaluation Guidelines and much more, we leave no stone unturned to provide a one-stop solution for your needs. The mortgage appraisal services we offer are as follows -

  1. Broker Price Opinions

    We can provide property evaluation through broker price opinions (BPO). Under this service, we inspect your property to establish its market worth. We carry out the following measures under BPO -

    • Take pictures of the collateral property
    • Source geography and satellite maps
    • 360-degree exterior evaluation of the property to match the reported values
    • Prepare repair estimates based on structural problems for determining a fair market value
    • Comments on fixtures, plumbing, and interior renovations
    • We use past comparable to estimate property at 30,90, and 120-day values
    • Footnote on positive and negative features of surrounding area
  2. Appraiser Selection and Task Allocation

    We have a team of state-licensed appraisers and certified local partners aware of the federal, state, and GSE guidelines. We can perform onsite inspection and prepare accurate appraisal reports. We also undertake routine follow-up to ensure a smooth and fast turnaround.

  3. Appraiser Enrollment

    We understand that it isn't easy to stay abreast of all mortgage appraisal guidelines and policies. With this concern in focus, our experts provide key information that will help you stay on top of industry standards. We can also assemble a skilled team of local appraisers for the task. We handpick appraisers on the premise of market awareness, state licensing, experience in property valuation, and work experience.

  4. Appraisal Panel Review

    When you outsource mortgage appraisal review services to us, we audit your report to check if it is compliant with the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines. We thoroughly evaluate appraiser's reporting practices and conduct fact checks to see if the reported value aligns with the actual measurement. If there is a mismatch, we securitize and rectify reports to ensure they are accurate and valid.

  5. Appraiser Supervision

    We constantly benchmark the performance of appraisers and appraisal reviewers. We stringently monitor practices followed by each appraiser to provide scores based on turn time, quality, and service. If required, we conduct a second appraisal. Under this service, once an appraiser readies an appraisal report, we conduct a technical review. Our quality assurance reviewer audits appraisals for readability, quality, compliance with USPAP, and reasonability. We consider these factors and recommend corrections.

  6. Comparative Market Analysis

    We offer comparative market analysis (CMA) to pull data on recently sold properties which share similar attributes with yours. We leverage information such as the listed price, selling features, the duration for which the property stood in the market, etc. We obtain such information through onsite inspection, analysis of exterior & interior photographs, street view, active listings, and homeowner association records. With a handful information, you can get a competitive edge in securing finance.

Benefits of Choosing Mortgage Appraisal Services from FWS

A string of benefits awaits you when you outsource mortgage appraisal services to Flatworld. By partnering with us, you can get -

  • Appraisal reports independently evaluated
  • Reports which are USPAP compliant
  • Reduced fixed cost
  • Faster cycle time with high-quality reports in under 48 hours
  • Accurate and cost-friendly estimate
  • Robust quality assurance for higher accuracy
  • Reduced risk of mortgage buy-back

Mortgage Appraisal Process We Follow

We want you to know how we handle your requirements from the moment you outsource mortgage appraisal services to our team. After the execution of the service level agreement (SLA), we handle your project from inception to completion in the following way -

Requirement Analysis  

01. Requirement Analysis

We gather requirements and perform thorough analysis without missing the minutest detail. This helps us understand the project scope and what approach can be taken in this regard

Mortgage Appraisal Review  

02. Mortgage Appraisal Review

We follow managed service model (MSO) to carry out desk and field review for verifying and validating your mortgage appraisal reports

Report Creation  

03. Report Creation

After making a through and through assessment we create high quality customized reports that are legible and each to comprehend. We also include data on how the appraiser calculated the value of your real estate

Project Delivery  

04. Project Delivery

We complete the assessment as per the schedule and furnish the reports within a short TAT

Post-delivery Support  

05. Post-delivery Support

We keep relevant paper trails that you can avail on demand. We also provide compliance audit and quality control audit after project handover

Why Choose Mortgage Appraisal Services from Flatworld Solutions?

Lenders are sticklers when it comes to compliances. It becomes a burden for companies when they must keep track of all compliances and when complexity arises, it puts more appraisal companies at risk of being non-compliant. This is where we come in. Flatworld Solutions' experience and expertise in appraisal services are regarded as most dependable by many clients. Here are more reasons why our mortgage appraisal outsourcing services could be the best choice for you -

  • Certifications

    We are a team of state-licensed outsourcing mortgage appraisal services company which is certified to offer appraisals to lenders and appraisal companies. We possess knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations to deliver niche services that strongly comply with regulations

  • Data Security

    We care for the safety of your confidential data. We take measures to hold your mortgage data in our secure repository which is access controlled

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Our appraisal services are rendered with client concerns in focus. Which means we understand the specific challenges you face and provide appraisal review services that are not just relevant, but also accurate

  • Short Turnaround

    We deliver on promises at quick turnaround truncating the time you spend waiting for reports. Our services are synonymous with speed and quality

  • Scalability

    We create reports that are derived from high-quality appraisals and we ensure it is scalable for future purpose

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    If you are in need of cost-effective appraisal services look no further, we offer customized services where you can avail maximum benefits without spending on what you don't need

  • Single-point Contact

    We know you want to engage with representatives who are aware of the entire project phase from the outset. It allows you to get consultations without shuffling through the project documentation. Our single-window consultation enables you to get the information you are looking for from our experts

  • Mortgage Appraisal Services

    We perform the appraisal as well as review appraisal reports to ensure that you get access to detailed reports that are compliant to the local, and state appraisal regulations. By availing our customized services we can fast-track mortgage financing with over 75% fewer errors

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, and Appraisal Experts

    We have a team of 100+ certified general real property appraisers and residential real property appraisers who are certified by appraiser qualifications board (AQB). With over 100 years of combined professional experience, our teams strive to stay on top of trending appraisal practices. This gives you the confidence in us because we have professionals you need for the job

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure is simply the best because we are well-equipped with automation tools and appraisal software for speedier delivery of your project and with 40% improvement in efficiency. With the latest technology and secure data repository, our service capability is unmatched

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We treat your confidential data with care because we see it as a valuable asset. We have a secure FTP and VPN network through which you can send us relevant project files. This cuts all concerns surrounding the security of your data and its integrity

  • Round the Clock Availability

    Our services are incomplete without 24/7 accessibility to subject matter experts. This is part of our services because we work with clients from different time zone and we want you to feel comfortable reaching us anytime, anywhere

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We just wrapped up our monthly scorecard call with our biggest client. We continue to be their top performing AMC by volume, and their top-rated AMC. So THANK YOU all for all the hard work on this and all of our lenders. You at Flatworld all are doing a great job for us and the hard work is truly appreciated.

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Flatworld Solutions is a leading mortgage appraisal services in India with offices across major global destinations. We are a 12-year-old ISO certified organization which is highly experienced in mortgage support services. Our cost-effective mortgage appraisal services are lauded by many of our existing clients which makes us feel appreciated. It encourages us to reach out to more companies in need of mortgage appraisal around the world. With the help of 100+ certified appraisers, we have already delivered over 30+ projects under short TAT to global clients.

We also provide a range of other mortgage services that include broker price opinion support services, mortgage underwriting services, reverse mortgage support and more.

Get in touch with us if you want reliable mortgage appraisal services to speed up financing.

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