Foreclosure Assistance Services

Foreclosure Assistance Services

Foreclosure is a legal process in which the rights of a homeowner to the mortgaged property are fortified owing to the failure in paying the mortgage monthly payments. Foreclosures are often not profitable for the lender and prove to be time consuming and complex. They not only impact the profitability of the lenders, but also act as barriers for lenders to lend new funds.

Owing to a significantly large number of defaulters in recent years, it has become quite difficult for a lender to manage the entire foreclosure process. But, on the flip side, if the lender outsources the foreclosure process to an experienced loss mitigation company, lenders can efficaciously manage the timeline for every foreclosure they have undertaken while ensuring that the foreclosure sale occurs within the stipulated statutory timeline.

Flatworld Solutions' mortgage foreclosure assistance services include the complete spectrum of the foreclosure processing; ranging from quantifying initial defaulters to the eventual foreclosure and REO auction (required for the final sale of the property). We have a team of mortgage experts and asset managers who assist our clients throughout the foreclosure process. We also help our clients with customized strategies for foreclosing each individual asset for the optimum gain.

Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance We Offer

Flatworld Solutions offers is clients an exhaustive one-stop solution for all their mortgage foreclosure support needs. Right from the foreclosure valuation to the sale, we always deploy the best course of action for aiding our clients with optimum proceeds-to-value while mitigating the possibilities of extended days on the market.

We offer a broad array of foreclosure and REO support services, including -

  • Pre-foreclosure valuation
  • Property evaluation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Contract negotiation
  • Attorney management
  • Facilitation closing
  • Remediation management

Why Outsource Mortgage Foreclosure Support to Flatworld Solutions?

We, at Flatworld Solutions have been offering our clients the best assistance for foreclosure services for more than 20 years now. Being a reliable and leading foreclosure services management firm, we proffer several significant advantages which make us stand out from our competitors. The salient features of our services include -

  • Innovative bankruptcy solutions by customizing the approach towards each individual foreclosure case and evaluating every case differently
  • We develop tailored foreclosure strategies for each case, ideally matching its need to get the maximum output from the sale
  • Our foreclosure managers monitor every foreclosure case to ensure that the stipulated filing deadlines are met and thus guarantee timely outcomes
  • By generating the periodic reports through a robust and advanced tracking system, we help in minimizing delays
  • We use a standard set of template and the industry best practices for troubleshooting any potential issues before they impact or stall the foreclosure process
  • With our robust review process leveraging a layered review approach for carrying out detailed evaluation
  • We perform and complete all the internal audits before the foreclosure sale for ensuring thorough compliance with all the aspects of the statutes
  • Our customer service is available round the clock through a wide array of communication channels to assist our clients with any query or question that they may have regarding foreclosure or other mortgage related aspects

Choose Flatworld Solutions for Assistance with Foreclosure

For optimizing your loan defaults, foreclosing mortgages, and availing hassle free loss mitigation services, Contact us today! You can outsource all your mortgage loan services to Flatworld Solutions and we assure the best quality support within shorter turnaround times.

We also provide short sale support, modification underwriting support, mortgage origination underwriting support, and more.

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