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Mortgage Post-Closing Services

Flatworld Solutions brings you efficient and professional audit and review services geared towards streamlining the entire post-closing process. Our accurate audits and timely reporting can slash your operating costs by reducing the need to hire and train internal resources.

The post-closing process, performed after the mortgage documents have been duly signed and sent back to fund the loan, involves rigorous auditing and reporting to ensure that all the documentation is complete and in compliance with the underwriting and loan processing rules.

We have a specialized post-closing team of mortgage underwriters and loan auditors working on your loan files before delivering them to the respective custodial service providers. Right from taking receipt of signed and funded loan documents from various origination points to reviewing legal, origination and HMDA documents for regulatory compliance, our team handles the entire post-closing process in the most efficient manner possible. We also conduct loan data integrity checks, retrieve missing documents and provide quality control reports stating any exceptions, if applicable.

We handle the following mortgage post-closing processes:

Trailing Document Retrieval/ Document Tracking

This critical aspect of mortgage post-closing starts immediately after loan closure and includes trailing important documents such as mortgage or trust deeds, tax records, assignments, modifications, mechanic's liens, assumption agreements, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) records, judgments, etc. It is only after the completion of this procedure that assignment, lien release and issuance of the final title policy are termed complete. We take on this tedious and time-consuming task and complete it well within the stipulated time frame.

Assembling the Post-closing Loan Package

The post-closing loan package inclusive of the Note, the Trust Deed with Riders and Final HUD1 with signatures and necessary addendums, etc., is completed after successful loan closure. We help in assembling the post-closing loan package by first compiling all documents submitted during the loan process and then working in tandem with brokers and title companies to review and put together the final post-closing package.

Post-Closing Data Integrity Audit

A post-closing data integrity audit is conducted to take into account any loan deficiencies that may have occurred in the loan process. We guarantee total data integrity by the meticulous verification of various tasks such as owner occupancy authentication, addressing underwriter red flags, etc. We work with brokers and title companies to ensure the efficient completion of this vital step.


MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) operates an electronic registry designed to track servicing rights and ownership of mortgage loans. We register all approved loans with MERS as part of the post-closing process.

  • MERS as Original Mortgagee (MOM): Registering as MOM inoculates loans against future assignments and allows MERS to remain as the mortgagee irrespective of servicing being traded multiple times. MOM is approved by most rating agencies on Wall Street including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, etc., and gives lenders a wide range of benefits including faster execution, reduced shipping time, zero documentation errors and simplified closing processes. It also helps in bringing down costs by reducing correction and tracking costs, document penalties, etc.
  • MERS by Assignment (Non-MOM Loans): Non-MOM loans can be registered by assigning loans that have already been closed in the lender's name. This allows all future transfers to be done electronically. Registering with non-MERS also enables lenders to become compliant with requirements of trading partners and further eliminates the need for additional assignments unless servicing rights are transferred to non-MERS members
  • MERS iRegistration: We also provide MERS iRegistration for companies interested in getting fraud and loan tracking services at a discounted price without recording MOM in county land records. MERS iRegistration prevents fraudulent activities through the verification of the borrower's declaration of property and by accurate completion of property preservation information

Mortgage Quality Control Audit

We provide Mortgage Quality Control Audit Services. We use third party tools and software to perform quality audits for all loan types including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHLB, FHA, VA and Lender-specific loans.

We provide quality control audits for Prefunding, Post-Closing, Compliance, Servicing, Cancel/ Reject, Foreclosure/ EPD Loans, QC Plan Preparation, Commercial Loan audit and Fraud Investigation and Repurchase Loans. We also specialize in providing standard audit processes such as Underwriting Evaluation, File Document Review, Third Party re-verification, Credit Risk Analysis etc.

We also provide customized audit processes and post-closing audit sampling tailored to meet any specific information that is provided by our client. This is inclusive of all types of mortgage loan files such as conforming and non-conforming loans, sub-prime, subordinate lien and reverse annuity loans, among others.

Choosing our Mortgage Quality Control Audit Services will benefit you with:

  • Easy-to-read customized reports
  • Interactive dashboards presenting vital information
  • Cost-effective third-party reviews
  • Fair and unbiased results
  • Accurate graphical and statistical analysis
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of loan files and information

Tax, Insurance and Reserve Audits

Tax, Insurance and Reserve Audits are completed upon closure of your mortgage loan. This process is accomplished by checking whether all tax obligations have been fulfilled and identifying problem areas, if any. All policy documents (including the title insurance policy) are reviewed for discrepancies or errors that may have crept in. We also check for inadequacies by reviewing the reserves.

Outsource mortgage post-closing services to Flatworld Solutions and maintain loan profitability throughout its lifecycle. Our experienced professionals are trained to handle all essential aspects of the post-closing process, thereby ensuring speedy processing and smooth, error-free closing.

Contact us for expert assistance for all your mortgage post-closing needs.

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