Mortgage Automation Software

Mortgage Automation Software

Our powerful mortgage processing automation solution indexes your documents in minutes, automates stare-and-compare tasks, and cuts your operational cost by 50%

Handling mortgage functions are a breeze by harnessing the processing power of MSuite - FWS's powerful automation solution for all functions

Are you finding that your mortgage processing function is becoming too tedious and resource-intensive to carry out in-house? Is your mortgage processing team relying on legacy technology that makes it difficult to spot and correct errors? Are you looking for ways to reduce turnaround time, drastically cut down on costs (saving $100,000+), and maintain accuracy at the highest levels? Do you want to partner with a team of experienced mortgage processing specialists who can provide you with world-class quality at economical rates by using the latest technology? If so, you can benefit from our specialist mortgage processing team and our state-of-the-art mortgage document processing tool, MSuite.

MSuite - Mortgage Automation, RPA Tool

MSuite - Mortgage Automation, RPA Tool

At Flatworld Solutions, we are in the business of future-proofing mortgage operations in the US with our premier mortgage automation services. We believe in a digital-first philosophy, and the disruptive potential of our mortgage automation tool can help you improve and streamline your processes, reduce costs substantially, and assist with the ever-stringent regulatory requirements without missing a beat. From document management to decision making, checking customer eligibility, credit scoring, and credit reports, and automatic validation and dashboarding tools, MSuite - FWS' mortgage automation tool - can help you achieve your targets, move towards profitability, and overcome margin compression. Our tool can also ensure compliance with CFPB and HMDA requirements, among others. Using MSuite, we have been able to significantly reduce the time to close loans and reduce repurchase rates.

What is MSuite?

Our mortgage automation tool, also known as MSuite, is a high-tech automated data and document classification as well as extraction tool created especially for mortgage lenders. This mortgage automation software tool can accurately identify printed or scanned text and convert the same into structured datasets without any manual intervention.

We designed MSuite from the ground-up to handle mortgage loan documents, and its base lies in one of the most advanced OCR engines that eliminates the necessity for any sort of manual work. Armed with state-of-art vision enhancement technology and statistical algorithms, MSuite allows our clients to scan, sort, and classify a wide range of documents.

Some of the highlight features of our mortgage automation tool include -

  • No major upfront investment is required
  • Fully customized to suit your specific requirement
  • Turn fixed operational cost into a variable cost
  • Ability to scale your operations up to 100% in a couple of weeks’ notice

What Sets Our Mortgage Automation Tool Apart?

For mortgage lenders, MSuite is a one-stop-shop for all their documentation requirements, allowing them to browse scanned images, split, organize them into folders and databases. Extraction of documentation records from anywhere is a breeze and finally, it is a cost-effective solution to process loan documents which are in accordance with federal regulations. Offered as part of our exemplary mortgage automation services, MSuite can automate most back-end mortgage processes using the following methods -

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • RPA (Robot Process Automation)
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • ML (Machine Learning)

Where our software excels is in automating the entire UDN process, ensuring consistent levels of customer engagement and better, faster, and more accurate loan processing. By simply implementing Flatworld Solutions' mortgage automation tool in the backend, you can cut down on unnecessary paperwork by more than 50%, while reducing overall turnaround times and expenditure in the process.

The Process of Using MSuite

The process we follow will help you understand the effort we take to ensure that the end-to-end mortgage process is efficient and uninterrupted. Here is the process behind loan processing with mortgage automation tool -

Requirement Discovery  

01. Requirement Discovery

We will collaborate and gather information on what processes you prefer to outsource and the expected turnaround

Checklist Approach  

02. Checklist Approach to Identify Tasks

We will identify tasks that can be automated, and the task will be queued for analysis


03. Automation using MSuite

Our team of mortgage professionals will use MSuite automation tool to process from loan origination to disbursal of funds


04. Reporting

After completion of the process, we will furnish comprehensive reports complete with measurable metrics

Mortgage Tasks We Handle Using MSuite

Mortgage processes which stand to gain from MSuite's world-class automation capabilities include -

  • Mortgage loans
  • Mortgage loan processing
  • Mortgage underwriting
  • Mortgage appraisals
  • Mortgage loan delivery

Benefits of MSuite for Your Mortgage Company

More than 60-70% of the day-to-day tasks in mortgage processes across your value chain are backend prep tasks. These tasks tend to be replicable, logical, and repetitive in nature, making them prime candidates for automation. The FWS mortgage automation tool is focused on future proofing your operational processes while embracing design thinking, digitization, and pervasive analytics to a total revamp of your existing mortgage lifecycle. By implementing MSuite, you can benefit from the following -

  • Better Information Management Accuracy

    Our MSuite software suite contains robust machine learning algorithms which lead to better accuracy levels while processing your loan documents. As the software keeps learning and growing its capabilities, it completely negates the need for manual intervention while performing high-load tasks regularly.

  • Eliminate Risks

    With M-Suite, our clients can confidently move ahead with their long-term goals while eliminating manual data entry errors, information mismatch, missed tasks, etc. As a result, you stand to gain from a fool-proof process minus any risks involved, leading to better operational efficiency.

  • Data Indexing and Validation

    Since the MSuite software can automatically capture all data from multiple scanned documents and index them properly, you save a lot of time and effort that would have gone into the same. The tool can automatically create and sort indexes, labeling the documents with keys allowing you to retrieve multiple documents in one search string.

  • Future-proof Automation

    M-Suite leverages both ICR and OCR character recognition engines to digitize data from your hard copies with more than 99% accuracy. We have optimized the entire software suite to work with all your requirements, and its very nature means it can be regularly updated to keep up with changing requirements.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Use Flatworld's Mortgage Automation Tool for Mortgage Document Processing?

At Flatworld, we believe that mortgage process automation can truly transform how modern mortgage companies conduct their business and focus on their customers. MSuite is a software tool which encompasses everything that we hope to achieve when providing our bespoke mortgage automation solutions to global clients, and can offer the following benefits such as -

  • Eliminate all manual intervention and validation of data through an automated stare-and-compare approach
  • Leverage technologies such as industry-best OCR, RPA, and ICR technologies while leveraging the power of machine learning
  • MSuite consists of a wide array of conventional and pro features all packaged in an easy to use and understand interface
  • MSuite can easily integrate into different loan origination systems without harming the existing processes, making it a versatile tool for all your needs
  • Custom algorithms and advanced mathematical models lie in the heart of MSuite, ensuring its computational prowess suits your requirements - whether you are a large multi-national company or a start-up
  • Receive access to a large, robust database with all-time access in the form of cloud access and data backup
  • MSuite is an easy-to-implement tool and has zero implementation costs, zero fixed costs, and no upfront costs at all

Client Success Stories

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Get Your Mortgage Processes Ready for the Future with Flatworld's MSuite


Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Over the past 20 years, Flatworld has provided end-to-end component-based and highly defined mortgage solutions to its clients across the globe. We result in swift and differentiated outcomes every single time, one of the main reasons why most of our clients give us repeat business, year after year.

To know more about how MSuite can make a defined impact on your business processes, get in touch with us today!

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