FHA Loan Support Services

Outsource FHA Loan Support Services

Since FHA loan help homeowners with less than perfect FICO scores to qualify for a loan, inexperienced lenders risk losing principal in the event of continuous loan defaults. If this is your concern now is the time to outsource FHA loan support services to experienced professionals like us. By collaborating with providers of FHA loan support, fiscal losses can be averted while successfully negotiating compliances and taking lending profitability to great heights.

Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified company whose practices meet regulatory standards of federal housing administration loans. We provide a suite of mortgage insurance services to lenders who offer FHA insured loans to homeowners and new buyers. Backed by our assistance you can speed up loan underwriting process to give your back-office handlers and borrowers a peace of mind.

FHA Loan Support Services We Offer

Be it back office support for FHA loan, loan processing support, or property appraisal services for FHA loan we offer a one-stop solution to end your woes with discrepancies in borrower information. This will not only help you sustain a good business practice in the long run but also boosting revenue. The services we offer as part of FHA loan support is as follows -

  1. Home Loan Pre-Approval

    One way to determine the borrower's ability to repay the FHA loan is to comprehensively review their financial situation. Our home loan pre-approval services will help you (lenders) decide the loan value that can be lent by taking stock of borrower's repayment capacity. We diligently run eligibility checks, screen borrower portfolio, and gather pre-approval letters to streamline the underwriting process. Being a leader among FHA loan servicers we offer a spectrum of back-office support that leads to smooth approval of a loan.

  2. Mortgage Appraisal Support

    We collaborate with state licensed appraisers to evaluate the collateral. This helps in understanding the prevailing value of the property in markets. The property appraisal for FHA loans serves other purposes such as assessing property reports to ensure the accuracy of ownership records, title deed, mortgage insurance on loans, property resale value, etc. Our footprint in all these specializations will enable you to get the best FHA loan support without facing administrative hurdles.

  3. Mortgage Loan Processing Support

    Handling uniform residential loan application forms are essential in FHA loan support to get approval. We perform checks to know credit records, outstanding debts, personal information, housing costs, employment records, and the source of income. Our in-depth analysis is aimed to curb menacing discrepancies in application forms that can come in the way of efficient loan processing. By leaving no stone unturned we thoroughly ensure that only a complete and error-free application reaches the underwriter.

  4. Mortgage Underwriting Support Services

    We understand the importance of effective collaboration between a loan processor and an underwriter. FWS executes a parallel review of the borrower's portfolio to ensure a match between reported and assessed values. Our inputs will assist underwriters to justify decisions in the FHA loan approval process. We coordinate with borrowers to rectify or complete the partial information furnished in the loan application. This will drastically reduce the time for completing the underwriting process.

  5. Mortgage Closing

    Our team of FHA loan services experts have exceptional skills and knowledge in mortgage closing support services. You will be provided summarized reports of the estimated loan amount, lenders terms for repayment, and the FHA loan interest rate. A copy of the same will be sent to borrowers. We also educate borrowers about legal mortgage compliances that are mandatory along with disclaimers. Our FHA loan closing instrument includes documents that must be duly signed by borrowers before we prepare closing instruction.

FHA Loan Process We Follow

We offer one of the largest suites of mortgage back-office support that includes FHA loan solutions. This process is carried out with diligence so that your team can focus on other areas that require critical decisions. Here is a simple flowchart to give you a complete picture of the process behind FHA loan solution -

Loan Origination  

01. Loan Origination

We issue pre-qualification letter and gather documents to complete application and include collateral under the contract

Loan Processing  

02. Loan Processing

We move your application forms to appraisers to thoroughly review the reported data before underwriting

Mortgage Underwriting  

03. Mortgage Underwriting

A certified underwriter will assess the file to approve or disapprove formally. Any shortfall in applications can be resolved by furnishing relevant documents and meeting the prerequisite

Mortgage Closing  

04. Mortgage Closing

After successful underwriting, the application is cleared for mortgage closing and once closed you can focus on loan repayment

Why Choose FWS for FHA Loan Support Services?

FHA loan process is aimed at homeowners who want to avail loans at lower down payment without stringent credit requirement. This can leave lenders exposed to a plethora of risks if they do not follow standard practices to secure their process with FHA mortgage insurance. Being a successful FHA loan services provider FWS has a dedicated team which understands the nuances of mortgage back-office operations. With our expertise, you can rake big profits in quick TAT. Here are the host of benefits you can avail by choosing our FHA loan solution -

  • Certified Short Sale Support Company

    We are an ISO certified mortgage back-office services company that follow FHA guidelines in the loan process. We are also a member of the mortgage bankers association (MBA). Our practices are fully compliant with the prevailing mortgage regulations to give best results to lenders and borrowers.

  • Data Security

    We prioritize the security of your confidential mortgage records, statements, reports, etc. Being vigilant of risks that accompany negligent data and file management, we have in place a robust network that is maintained routinely to prevent data loss or misuse. As part of our security guidelines, we allow only authorized members of loan process teams to push and pull sensitive data that involves personal information.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We validate borrower information by running a sequence of quality checks. Since data is the pillar of our business we ensure only error-free and accurate data gets processed. To this end, we use technology and human agents to perform verification so that the loans can be processed in a minimum timeframe.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    The short turnaround has always been a premium benefit by working with us because we can help you save 30% of the time in closing mortgage loans because we work fast and ensure risk-free outcome without payment bottlenecks.

  • Scalability

    You can scale up by 50% during peak business hours because our FHA loan solutions can cope up with an unanticipated increase in demand. By choosing us you can efficiently move up the ladder in the competitive mortgage industry.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Up to 40% of the cost can be saved because the FHA loan solutions we offer are customized to meet lenders' specific needs. This will enable you to handpick back-office service component rather than using up your spending on comprehensive service.

  • Single Point of Contact

    Working with us is easy. All you need to do is skip the queue and reach our dedicated subject matter expert assigned to your project from inception to completion. Instead of waiting to reach professionals in the upper hierarchy you can get heard faster through a fixed member so that any requests from your end will be handed at blazing speed.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Analysts, Negotiators, Loan Officers, and Title Experts

    We understand the plight of lenders who often get taken for a ride by working with inexperienced mortgage professionals. This problem is taken care of by us because we have a team of professionals including negotiators, residential certified mortgage service professionals (RCMS), state-licensed appraisers, accredited mortgage professionals (AMP), and other members with over a decade of experience in FHA loan process.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We are locked and loaded with the latest technology infrastructure that helps to speedily resolve loan process challenges. With a better understanding of loan process nitty gritty, you will have worry-free experience by trusting our services. We are readily equipped to handle all areas in FHA loan service.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Sharing data is made easier with our secure FTP and VPN. This channel allows us to track your loan documents from source to destination without hassles.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can reach us by phone, email, or even online chat without trouble because we are readily available 24/7/365 to be by your side when you need us.

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I cannot thank you all enough and the whole team for all your hard work and all your help!! We are so blessed and thankful for all of you and the amazing work you do! Seriously I am so impressed right now with how flexible you all are and how much you helped us through ALL these system issues today. Thank you a million times!! Our team lead and staff thank you so much as well. We are so grateful!

Assist. VP, Disclosure Manager,
Mortgage Company, Norfolk, VA
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Flatworld Solutions is an ISO certified mortgage support solutions provider with 20 years of experience in FHA loan services. Our broad range of mortgage back-office support is tailored to enhance the endurance and client relationship of your mortgage lending business by a great margin.

Our solutions can help you (lenders) serve borrowers in a mutually benefitting method that brings quicker and higher revenue. You can grow your lending business without running into compliance risks. Our budget-friendly FHA loan services can be customized as per your need so that it sustains your business performance in the long-run.

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