Outsource Mortgage Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Services

Mortgage Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Services

Get end-to-end transparent mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support from our experts completed using advanced tools with 98% accuracy at affordable rates

For lenders and investors, keeping their business accounts and financial data up to date is essential for efficient management. Disparity and unaccountability of any transactions can lead to erroneous balance sheets which can have a negative impact on a business's credibility and future operations. Also, making amendments and adjustments at the last minute can be time-consuming and highly expensive. If hiring an in-house team for account maintenance and bookkeeping turns out to challenging and costly then outsourcing mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support services comes as a smart and cost-effective option, especially, for small and medium enterprises.

Flatworld Solutions, with an experience of over 20 years in professional mortgage accounting and bookkeeping services, provides top-notch accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning services. ISO-certified and GAAP and GSE regulated, our accounting and bookkeeping services are fair, transparent, and accurate.

Specialized Mortgage Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions houses a team of accounting, auditing and bookkeeping experts with an inherent understanding of all tools and techniques for efficient accounts and bookkeeping management. Below is the comprehensive list of expert services we provide for mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support -

  1. Cash Flow Management and Cost Segregation

    Cash Flow Management and Cost Segregation

    Documenting and comparing the cash inflows and outflows help us in tracking the profitability of the client's mortgage approval process. Our experts also employ intelligent cost segregation techniques and extend insightful advice to lenders and investors regarding future financial planning and decision-making.

  2. Ledger Accounting and Management

    Ledger Accounting and Management

    We have highly experienced professionals in our team who can record, analyze, and manage all your yearly financial transactions, accurately, thus, eliminating any chances of errors. Our proficient team has the aid of future-driven accounting and bookkeeping tools to ensure that your accounts are up-to-date and are maintained flawlessly.

  3. Accounts Payable and Receivable

    Accounts Payable and Receivable

    Documenting, processing, and compiling all files and invoices on outstanding payments and receivables are all integral parts of our mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support services. Our accounts payable services extend concise and quick processing of outstanding payments to ensure that they do not incur losses or hefty bad debts at the end of the financial year. We offer the following services under accounts payable -

    • Keeping track of unpaid invoices.
    • Resolving valid deductions.
    • Recording customer payments via cash, cheques, credit/debit card, etc.
    • Spotting disparity in accounts or sales information, etc.
    • Management and verification of local deposit transactions.
    • Payment collection processing as per payment terms, plans, history, and credit options.
    • Matching of accounts payable and receivables to draw out comprehensive reports.
  4. Developing Tax Saving Strategies

    Developing Tax Saving Strategies

    Tax planning is one of the crucial parts of accounting. However, significant expertise is required in the field to correctly plan and employ tax saving schemes. Flatworld Solutions offers you the best of minds that can maximize your tax savings. It is important to understand that all our strategies regarding tax saving are within the federal norms and are GSE compliant.

  5. Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

    Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

    Ascertaining the differences between accounts and reconciling these records are must in mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support solutions. Reconciliation of credit cards as per the bank records, matching the cash book and passbook, reconciliation of invoices with journal and ledger entries, and other services are covered when you hire us as your mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support service provider.

  6. Analysis of Statements and Generating Predictive Reports

    Analysis of Statements and Generating Predictive Reports

    We are a leading mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support service providing company in the world and our well-versed financial reports and highly accurate financial trends predictions are our biggest USPs. In fact, our concise reports have paved the way to better manage the mortgage loan approval process for our clients.

  7. QuickBooks Accounting Support Services

    QuickBooks Accounting Support Services

    Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most vastly used software in accounting management. We have a separate team of professionals that has expertise in working with the software for all your mortgage processing needs. From cash flow management to documentation of financial data, QuickBooks can help in efficiently managing volume accounting work in record times.

Mortgage Accounting and Bookkeeping Process We Follow

We are the most trusted mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support service providing company when it comes to outsourcing. This is because we follow a systematic and transparent approach for all the projects. Our work procedure includes -

Understanding the scope of work and determining the parameters and KPIs
Employing a specialized team headed by a senior professional to carry out all the defined tasks and communicate with the client on a regular basis
Secured transfer of all files, receipts, cash and bank statements, gift cards, etc., by the client
The assigned team starts compilation, data analysis, and begins with journal and ledger entries
The bookkeeping and accounting entries are then sent for approval, first to the project head and later to the client for verification
Once we receive the client's approval, the team gets on with the preparation of balance sheet and PNC statement
The final accounts and books along with financial reports containing future financial predictions are sent to the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Services to Flatworld?

  • Experienced Team

    Take advantage of our strong team of 100+ accountants, auditors, and financial experts to provide you with high-quality accounting and bookkeeping management.

  • ISO Certified Services Provider

    As an ISO-certified and GSE-compliant company, Flatworld Solutions is one of the most reliable outsourcing companies with the assurance of complete transparency and confidentiality in all financial and business operations.

  • High Accuracy

    We have multiple level quality checks and verification processes to ensure that you get error-free and accurate account books.

  • Proper Reporting

    Our financial analysis and predictive reports are our biggest USPs making us the most favored outsourcing company for mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support services.

  • Advanced Software

    We leverage highly advanced and efficient accounting and bookkeeping software tools like QuickBooks, NET Suite, Peachtree, Quicken, Xero, among others, to offer faster turnaround times.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    State-of-the-art infrastructure like high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, conducive working environment, high-tech systems, etc., adds up to our overall value and appeal.

  • Round-the-Clock Support

    We have offices across the globe ensuring 24 hours x 7 days support available to our clients.

  • Affordable Services

    We are a clear favorite amongst independent mortgage lenders, small and medium-size businesses due to our highly affordable prices.

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Outsource Mortgage Accounting and Bookkeeping Support Services to Flatworld


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The aid of cutting-edge accounting systems, combined with professionals with years of hands-on knowledge, Flatworld Solutions is absolutely the right choice if you are looking to outsource mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support services. Our multi-location operating centers give us an edge over our competitors in the market and being ISO-certified is another value-addition to the goodwill of our mortgage loan processing support company. Our transparent, fair, and error-free accounting and bookkeeping support services take away all the stress from our clients and get us to repeat business and quality reference leads.

So, if you are in search to hire an offshore mortgage accounting and bookkeeping support service provider, look no further. Contact us now.

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