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Mortgage underwriters rely on accurate and timely property appraisals to determine the fair market value of the collateral properties involved in every mortgage. Flatworld Solutions has years of experience liaising with professional appraisers and providing the right kind of appraisal support required for the loan amount and loan-to-value ratio. We save mortgage lenders and brokers much time and effort by directly dealing with the appraiser, quality control on appraisal for accuracy and following up in any way required.

Appraisal Assistance We Offer

Ordering Appraisals

Every underwriting department must deal with a large roster of appraisal companies and independent appraisers as a part of the mortgage process. Appointments need to be scheduled with the homeowner to let the appraiser examine and photograph the property as required. It takes a well-coordinated support system to ensure that the appraisals are being ordered and reports are being sent back on time by the appraisers. All these tasks can take up valuable time and resources, which could be better utilized to focus on core business activities.

Mortgage Outsourcing Benefits

Flatworld Solutions helps mortgage lenders and brokers with every appraisal back-office task, however mundane or complex it may be. Our experienced team of underwriting and mortgage processing specialists eliminates delays and minimizes appraisal turnaround time by ordering appraisals as soon as we receive the request. We ensure frequent follow-ups with appraisers to expedite the process and make sure that the appraiser has all the required information.

Quality Control of Appraisals

Appraisal quality control is one of the most resource-intensive tasks performed during the mortgage process. The experienced quality control team at Flatworld Solutions closely monitors every appraisal to ensure that the collateral is adequate for the mortgage and that there are no critical issues with the property that would affect its value. We work with appraisers in making sure that the property value is as accurate as it can be, and ask for revisions to the appraisal if any discrepancies are found.

When you outsource appraisal quality control support to us, you are assured of the best appraisals delivered in the quickest time possible. Moreover, you can free up your internal resources to focus on your core business activities and grow your business.

Contact us and see how Flatworld can offer you support for appraisal ordering and quality control processes.

Our Process

Our Process

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