Outsource Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services

Whole loan Purchase Review Support Services

Whole loan purchase review from FWS will lower the risk for mortgage institutions by comprehensively evaluating the loans for discrepancies

Is your team lacking the necessary skills to handle the whole loan purchase review? Are you uncertain if the loan document is compliant with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines? If yes, outsource whole loan purchase review support services to Flatworld Solutions and we will ensure you the peace of mind by diligently checking if loan repurchase meets the eligibility and underwriting guidelines of the investor.

Flatworld's whole loan purchase review support services are aimed to improve transparency as well as consistency in loan production. To do so, we will use the technology that improves underwriting, compliance, and eligibility guidelines. We will also ensure to implement policy in a way that reflects the unique risk profile of investors.

Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions is a trusted whole loan purchase review support provider because our whole loan purchase review can prevent investors and lending institutions from processing bad loans. The whole loan purchase review support offered by us include -

Review of Regulatory Compliance

1. Review of Regulatory Compliance
We will vigilantly compare loan documents to ensure it meets the strict compliances as well as federal and state mortgage laws. We will use cutting-edge loan review technology to verify if underwriting rules are met without exception. With a high level of accuracy, we will complete the regulatory compliance checks.

Credit Check

2. Credit Checks
We will scrutinize the eligibility of borrowers by conducting an in-depth review of their credit history. If deferred payments and obligations are noted, we will flag our observation inviting further action from your end. Our team will provide comprehensive reports on borrower's creditworthiness to limit the exposure during loan repurchase.

Service History Review

3. Service History Review
Being a world-class whole loan purchase review support service providing company we offer robust back-office support to validate the borrower's loan service history. By tracking servicer comments, we will uncover unresolved issues such as liens, bankruptcy, litigation, and more that impact the repurchase in the fourth market.

Portfolio Analysis

4. Portfolio Analysis
Your borrower's loan portfolio will be thoroughly reviewed to determine the risk that is unseen in the preliminary investigation. We will proactively assess the portfolio so that repurchase risks will not impact your lending business.

Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Process We Follow

Flatworld Solutions' whole loan purchase review support is the service you need to ensure completeness of the documentation and fulfilling the legal compliance requirement. Our loan purchase review process is transparent and cost-efficient making it easier for you to consider us as your trusted partner. Our WLPR services are executed as follows -


01. Requirement Aggregation from Lenders

We will get in touch with you to understand the specifics of your requirement. This will enable us to plan our approach


02. Check Documentation

We will scrutinize loan documents by checking its presence, and adherence to guidelines and mandatory compliances


03. Report Submission

We will provide a concise report on our observation and you can consider taking the best decision accordingly


04. Finalizing the Whole Loan Purchase Review Report

We will prepare a comprehensive report that will include summarized lender information and comments for an underwriter. The report will be customized in multiple views for different members in a hierarchy

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Why Should You Outsource Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services to FWS?

Flatworld Solutions is a whole loan purchase review support company with 20 years of experience in mortgage services. From whole loan purchase review support to much more we have established our brand far and wide. Our clients consider us for outsourcing whole loan purchase review support services for the following reasons -

  • Certified Provider of Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services

    Flatworld Solutions is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited whole loan purchase review support company with extensive experience in mortgage services.

  • Data Security

    We have always garnered support for proactively preventing mismanagement of client's confidential data. Our active participation in preserving data integrity and confidentiality has earned us ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We provide solutions that are proven to deliver tangible results. Our whole loan purchase review support will yield authentic reports that can help you uncover facts in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    We are reputed for working with agility to deliver results sooner than most competitors. We have the resource and technology to speed up the process without impacting the outcome.

  • Scalability

    The whole loan purchase review support is a scalable service that can accommodate your evolving needs. Therefore, with shorter documentation formalities, you can scale up or down with no efforts.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing

    We offer whole loan purchase review support at unbelievable rates. Our services can be customized to match your budgetary plan.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We will provide a dedicated project manager who will work side-by-side with you by providing updates and insights to ensure that your service experience is on the positive side.

  • Experienced Team of Mortgage Processors, and Mortgage Specialists

    We have certified and skilled mortgage processing experts who possess experience working in demanding mortgage industry. Our experts have already fulfilled their roles in whole loan purchase review with 100% dedication.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have state-of-the-art delivery centers that are equipped with the best technology and hardware needed for whole loan purchase review support. With our ready-to-use infrastructure, you need not own assets for short-term projects.

  • Customs Assignment of Mortgage Software & Tools

    We use advanced loan review and processing tools that are set up robustly to speed up the process without exhausting your allowable budget.

  • Secure File Sharing

    Flatworld users high-end SFTP and VPN network that ensures sustained data sharing performance without risking data loss.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our team is happy to resolve any challenge you face during or after the project. Our channels ate open for support 24/7 so that you can stay in touch irrespective of the time zone.

Client Success Stories

FWS Helped A Mortgage Lender Improve Conversions by 15%

FWS Helped A Mortgage Lender Improve Conversions by 15%

We provided accurate underwriting services to a top mortgage lending client. Our solution helped the client to scale up the loan volume by 15%. The client was elated with the outcomes and approved our service.

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Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing

Residential Mortgage Lender Benefits from Quick Loan Processing & 50% Reduction in Cost

We shrunk the closing time for a residential mortgage company by 30 to 50%. This led to a sudden increase in the volume of loans and the client was delighted with the outcome.

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Outsource Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services to Flatworld Solutions - Mortgage Experts


Flatworld Solutions delivered what they promised; delays in loan processing & lengthy closing time are now a thing of past. Our loan officers and borrowers are happy.

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Flatworld is backed by 20 years of experience in mortgage support services and the reason behind our success is a team of motivated mortgage specialists who are highly-skilled in mortgage loan purchase review support, mortgage loan processing support, and much more. With a short TAT, we have streamlined and optimized the loan processing efficiency of mortgage clients who contacted us for our expertise in fixing problems in the mortgage industry. We have gained the client's approval for delivering mortgage services without stretching their expenses and time.

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