REO Reimbursement Services

Outsource REO Reimbursement Services

REO banks require REO agents and brokers to keep track bills and submit them in a timely manner to ensure that they are reimbursed by the banks. This vital task often takes a backseat in the rush that involves completing other more important work.

At Flatworld Solutions, we understand the importance of completing REO (Real Estate Owned) reimbursements on time. Our expert teams have all the capabilities needed to take over the routine tasks of bookkeeping, completion of reimbursement forms, and bill submission from your daily to-do list so you can concentrate on doing what you do best and focus your expertise on your real estate business.

REO Reimbursement Services from Flatworld Solutions

REO Reimbursement Services

Flatworld Solutions provides fast and efficient REO Bill Reimbursement Services to REO Brokers in the US. Our extensive range of services includes -

  • Entering transactions into QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro 2007, 2008, or 2011
  • Managing all vendor required information and keeping documents up-to-date
  • Preparing your accounts payable checks for signature
  • Preparing and mailing collection letters to past due clients
  • Maintaining accounts payables including the input of invoices and payment of bills
  • Maintaining accounts receivables including submitting and monitoring REO reimbursements for payments
  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements
  • Generating financial statements
  • Maintaining all vendor files

REO Bill Submission Process at Flatworld Solutions

REO Bill Submission Process

The Bill Submission Process at Flatworld Solutions is simplified and easy-to-use. We use the latest software including, Quick Books, QuickBase and iBridge - a workflow automation tool that was developed in-house to ensure that the entire REO Reimbursement Process is fast, easy and efficient.

The entire bill submission process can be completed in six easy steps. Here's what you have to do -

  1. Scan your bills into our secure server
  2. Wait for our Process Center to prepare the bills
  3. Print out the checks and scan the copies of checks to be processed
  4. Our Process Center matches the checks and bills and readies them for bank submission
  5. Our REO Processors then submit the bills directly to your clients
  6. After confirming the submission, the submitted files (bills with checks) are delivered back to the broker

Benefits of using Flatworld Solutions' REO Reimbursement Services

REO Reimbursement Services Benefits

With over 20 years of experience in providing various REO management solutions, Flatworld Solutions has the advantage of being a one-stop business process outsourcing solution for the REO Industry. When you choose us as your back office service provider the advantages you gain are many.

  • Savings of up to 50% on REO Billing and REO Reimbursement Processing in comparison to REO bills processed in-house
  • Quick processing of REO submissions enabling you to receive submissions in a timely manner
  • Stringent quality checks implemented to ensure that submissions are error-free which in turn speeds up the reimbursement process
  • Flexible billing plans offering provision of scale up operations when needed
  • State-of-the-art data security and confidentiality measures undertaken to ensure that your data remains secure
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